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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

"Jersey Rushing Ahead With N.W.O Agenda" Part 4

Fears new food supplement laws

are rushed

There are just ten days left to have your say about plans to introduce strict new laws about health supplements in Jersey and Guernsey.

But the industry, which has suffered a difficult year in the Channel Islands, says the public consultation is being rushed.

Health supplements are being used by thousands of islanders daily.

But the question is, does the label actually say what is in the tablets.

The new laws are set to be introduced in Guernsey and Jersey to ensure things like vitamins and minerals are exactly what they say they are.

The idea is to protect consumers, to make sure claims about various health products don't make misleading claims about how they will reduce the risk of disease, or perhaps how much weight you will lose.

They also cover labels such as 'low fat' and 'high fibre'.

Phil Balderson runs Healthspark, one of the Channel Islands' health supplement mail order firms.

He's worried the consultation, of just over a month, isn't enough time for those with an interest to fully have their say.

He said, "We would welcome the opportunity to respond more fully. The consultation period is too brief for such an important matter."

He'd like a further three months to do so.

When the proposed changes were originally flagged up in 2011, that led to public protests and petitions in Guernsey - in the end, the government decided changes should be made.

The current consultation is the final stage before the laws are brought in.

"Codex Alimentarius Criminalizing
Health Supplements"

Again Codex Alimentarius, the parents of which are the World Health Organisation and the World Trade Organisation, are trying to make illegal most health supplements and herbs labeling them as poisons, whilst they have brought back extremely toxic banned substances to spray on our fruit and vegetables!!!

All of you should at least watch the Codex Alimentarius video in the link below.

In it, Dr Rima Laibow MD lays down the consequences of Codex to our health and well being in this extremely accurate and frightening video presentation. She also addresses the fact that exogenous growth hormones and sub-clinical antibiotics are a regular part of our staple diet without our knowledge or consent. Not to terrify you, but so you know, the law to add these secret ingredients to the human food chain were passed in late 2009!!!

Many Asian health foods, herbs and supplements were banned last year in the furtherance of human depopulation, and banning Vitamin C (one of the worlds greatest healers) is also on the agenda! Couple all these facts with Chem-trails and GMO foods and you will see the bigger picture as corn is in virtually every foodstuff that comes in a bottle, tin, packet, or box.

Please see the two videos for Chem-trails & GMO food at the link below.

Do the research, and be safe
from government

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