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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

"Jersey Rushing Ahead With N.W.O Agenda" Part 1

Bread prices set to rise

A loaf of bread will soon cost you at least £2 in Jersey.

From the end of the month, on average bread prices will rise by about 5%.

Cimandis, who are the island's biggest suppliers of bakery goods have announced these changes due to poor harvest and a global shortage of wheat.

They say poor weather conditions delayed harvest and pushed up the price.

The company provide baking goods to all of the island's main grocery stores such as Marks and Spencer, Co-Op and Waitrose.

Cimandis Managing Director, Dave Chalk says, "We reduced the prices in Jan 2012 and absorbed further increases throughout 2012 however the latest increases cannot be absorbed."

"Controlling The Food Supply"

Controlling the supply of food is the top most concern for the New World Order. Control the food and you control the masses. This is all being done through the world trade organisation and the countries signed up to Codex Alimentarius, which is almost every country. Please take the time and watch the videos on the links in the labels section at the foot of this posting, ignorance will eventually cost you dearly!

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