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Thursday, 24 January 2013

"Jersey Courts Doctoring Trial Tapes - They Just Can't Help Themselves!!!"

"To Dumb To Stop Doctoring Trial Tapes"

Deputy Trevor Pitman

Deputy Mike Higgins

This week, the honourable Deputy Trevor Pitman took on another two cases to add to his ever growing workload of corruption issues regarding the States of Jersey. His cases, coupled with the excellent work Deputy Mike Higgins is doing would keep the English Crown Prosecution Service going for months.

This week Trevor received another two cases to deal with, one, that the Jersey Police refused to take a complaint, and two, that another mans trial tapes had been doctored!

The last two weeks especially, we have heard and read from all branches of the State Media that the Jersey police will investigate any criminal complaints, but yet again they fail miserably to do so. Is it any wonder that we are constantly reminded by the filthy rag (JEP), that crime figures are plummeting? Of course they are, how could they not be if you don't investigate them?

The other case was that a man believes that his trial tapes have been doctored, nothing new there then. I have also spoken to another man this week who also believes his trial tapes have been doctored in a recent case, I have yet to tell Trevor about this as he has had a family funeral to deal with. Trevor makes reference to these matters when interviewed by the BBC this morning in relation to the deportation of renowned International Journalist, Leah McGrath Goodman.

This interview can be listened to by visiting the excellent blog, The Jersey Way.
The interview is the first audio recording on this page, and the part about the refusal to take a complaint, and the doctored trial tapes begins at exactly five minutes into the recording.

The link is below

Another recent case of doctoring trial tapes involved my friend Cyril, who's case is at the link below. In this link the whole sordid saga is revealed, including the perjury at trial by two policemen which was subsequently covered up by the Attorney General Tim Le Cocq, by the Jersey Police, and by the Independent Police Complaints Authority, which is anything but Independent.

Then there is my case, which is extremely well evidenced to the point where the transcribers in England sent me a fax whilst in prison stating that they had not received the original trial tapes for transcription, but C-90 cassettes instead! The fax, and a letter to the Lord Chief Justice of England is below.

And Jersey protest that they are not corrupt? Whatever....

"Letter To The Lord Chief Justice"

This story can be read on my other blog at the link below


  1. Ian, what was the response if any from Lord Bingham? Also, the calligraphy - something you picked up at Her Majesty's convenience or before? It's unusual to see calligraphy used in correspondence but strangely pleasing in this age of typed letters.

    1. Hi anon,

      Lord Bingham sent me a polite letter back accompanied by all the documents I had sent to him stating that because of jurisdictional matters, he was not able to assist me.

      As for the calligraphy, I thought 'screw these corrupt scum' through their corruption I will use the time to learn. Calligraphy was one of the skills I learned, along with the skill of how to deconstruct a criminal case :)

      Calligraphy creates a good impression in the mind of the recipient and shows they are not dealing with an idiot. A very handy attribute to possess.

  2. I also think the calligraphy is a powerful little enhancement because it lends some serious weight to your presentation. Nice work.