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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

"Jersey Child Abuse - Surviving The Horror"

"Brave Survivor Tells His Story"

Will the many other Jersey victims get to tell theirs?

As we are painfully aware, the Jersey government has been doing it's very best to cover up child abuse atrocities in the island for a long time.

In fact, the utter criminality they have lowered themselves to is nothing short of breathtaking.

Even now, Ian Gorst and the other Chief Minister are pulling out all the stops in trying to divert from a full and robust Committee Of Inquiry. Will they get away with it?

Minister Francis Le Gresley says he will resign if the C.O.I is not conducted properly, other States Deputies have committed to seeing a full independent inquiry, as have the J.C.L.A. (Jersey care leavers association). Yet many others have sought to water down the Terms of Reference (TOR's) for the C.O.I so as not to instigate any investigation of the Law Officers department or the office of Attorney General.

Jersey still employs at least two prolific child abusers, Mario Lundy C.E.O in charge of the Children's Education department, and Danny Wherry (who makes Lundy look like a pussy cat) at Overdale Hospital.

What does that say about Jersey Justice & Governance???

Just click on the pics to read them

You can view more of Jersey's scum at the link below


  1. Ian.

    The JEP telling a survivors story after all they have done to discredit the investigation? #Priceless


  2. Yes it is world wide sad to say and it permeates all walks of life. That said there is no room for tolerance where consent is not given, a minor is not in a position to give consent. The abuse of position/public office needs special status as these are positions of trust granted by the people so sentencing/remedy needs to be equal and opposite. This by no means diminishes the remedy all abusers owe there subjects, as the man says his life has been stolen!

  3. Ben Queree is on his way out, and could be striving for redemption?

  4. Redemption will not be visiting Queree, retribution, maybe!

  5. There is little to deter a child rapist with this mild sentencing. The pervert will rape children again when he is released, and will bob back and forth between freedom to rape and brief jail stints. IMO, Jersey is responsible for his nasty destruction of those kids in Bulgaria. Bulgaria will be responsible for his future destruction of children, which should be viewed as inevitable.

    There may not be a way to prevent a first act of child abuse, but there is no excuse for permitting a convicted abuser to have an opportunity to abuse again. They simply can't stop. Either we protect children or we don't. We should call it what it is when we knowingly allow these monsters to walk free. It is state complicity in child rape.

  6. Credit where credit is due for Ben Queree. A very sensitive article.

    As for Richard, what a brave man. I take my hat off to you mate, you should be very proud of yourself for leading the life you have and for speaking out in this way. Words can't express my admiration for you.

    As for BQ, I think his words from some time ago that seemed to criticise the compensation to victims did not come out as he intended them to. My reaction to his words at the time was that he was trying to criticise your average oligarch (to whom image is everything) by saying "oh, and by the way, you are going to be paying out for compensation for child abuse". I think that what he was trying to say was "States of Jersey, stop trying to gloss over things, some very bad things happened" but it all came out very wrong. That's my take on it anyway.

  7. My hat off to Richard, as well. He is a brave survivor who is using personal tragedy to bring needed enlightenment on the topic of child abuse.

    Ben Queree did a good job on his story and many of his fellow JEP workers are much worse. I still have a problem with Ben Queree's complaint of continued boredom with the issue of Graham Power's suspension. It was, and remains, anything but boring to those concerned with upholding the rule of law. It is a vital issue for the understanding of the breakdown in institutional accountability and the integrity of the political structure, and it speaks directly to vital citizen interests in governmental transparency. It is highly connected to the ongoing unravelling of the attempt to cover-up horrible abuse at HDLG, and of the subsequent corruption of the police, judiciary and political system. Ben may have missed the importance of one of the single most imperative Jersey news stories of the post war era. In many respects, the uncovering of that backstory and other related investigative work has bolstered the journalistic integrity of bloggers far above Jersey's mainstream media reporters.

  8. A psychopathic rapist who subjected a woman and her 10-year-old daughter to a “horrific” sexual assault was yesterday given three life sentences.
    Andrew Le Feuve, 28, originally from Jersey, pretended to be a policeman to get into the woman’s south London flat in September last year.
    The Old Bailey judge, Mr Justice Blofeld, said Le Feuve was a “danger to women” and directed that he should be transferred to Broadmoor special hospital without limit of time, within 28 days.
    Le Feuve had pleaded guilty to raping the mother twice and attempting to rape the child. He also admitted five charges of indecent assault on them and was given a concurrent sentence of eight years on each.
    The judge told Le Feuve: “You have pleaded guilty to a number of the most horrific sexual offences which, without exaggeration, if not the most serious, certainly fall into the worst one or two I have heard.”
    Jeremy Donne, prosecuting, told the court: “These offences can only be described as a savage attack of the utmost depravity committed on a mother and her daughter in what should have been the safety of their own home.”
    The woman, 35, had submitted, fearing for her daughter’s life after Le Feuve said he had a knife and would kill them. But when it became clear the attack was being diverted to the child, who had been held down on a settee as her mother was raped next to her, the naked woman grabbed the scissors, said Mr Donne.
    She struggled with Le Feuve while trying unsuccessfully to free her daughter, before running to a neighbour’s flat.
    Mr Donne said Le Feuve fled to Israel. He was traced by police, but took an overdose. He was transferred to King’s College hospital, south London, for a liver transplant but was arrested after he made an unexpected recovery without one.
    Nadine Radford QC, defending, said Le Feuve had been drinking heavily when he attacked the family. Medical reports showed he had a psychopathic disorder. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    this guy was responsible in 1995 for assaulting a 5year old in the lift at the royal hotel david place on mothers day .
    he got i think 18 or 20 months at le moye .i allways thought he would offend again and i was right .
    he was creepy and had a cold look in his eyes .
    this man should never be free as he is evil .

    1. Yes, I remember the case well as I was in jail at the time and he got less than I did!!! He got 18 months.

  9. LESS THAN YOU GOT???!!! I am not amused.

    1. hahaha, I see what you mean, don't read very well does it?

      I was given 2 yrs and 3 months for punching someone twice in the face who had 'glassed' a friend of mine and caused him many stitches.