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Monday, 14 January 2013

"Jersey Child Abuse Inquiry - No Stone Should Be Left Unturned!"

Historic abuse Inquiry not 'robust'

Victims of historic abuse in Jersey are raising concerns that the remit of the proposed Committee of Inquiry isn't robust enough. 

The Jersey Careleavers' Association, along with a group of current and former backbench politicians, have written to the Chief Minister asking why certain aspects have been left out of the Council of Ministers' (CoM) proposition.

The CoM have laid out the Terms of Reference for the Committee of Inquiry, which they are asking the States to approve. The debate was due to take place on Tuesday 15th, but has been postponed until 19th February. 

Recommendations for the Inquiry's remit were originally put forward by Verita. But the CoM have ommitted what abuse victims say are important points, such as addressing concerns relating to the police investigation and exploring political handling of the investigation. 

The group lobbying the Chief Minister say the Committee of Inquiry should be comprehensive, open and transparent.

Above: Charity NSPCC launched a TV campaign with the message 'Don't wait until you're certain'

If you have been affected by the abuse mentioned in the above story you can call the NSPCC 24 hour hotline on freefone - 0808 800 5000 or click here for their website.

You can view the proposition, including the Terms of Reference and Verita's report, here:


  1. Ian.

    Credit to Leah Ferguson for a "fair" piece, not sure it will go down well with her superiors.

    In the meantime

  2. I must agree VFC, she is the only one who constantly reports with clarity and fairness.

  3. Is any one really surprised, again the idiot Gorst is leaving the door open to critics from around the world, what is wrong with this guy. Jersey has a terrible child abuse reputation and it was thought that he would be wise enough to use a big bottle of bleach to clean the mess up, but no he still lives in his pathetic bubble surrounded by short sighted morons.

  4. He is thoroughly indoctrinated, and spineless, the two most predominant traits of almost all politicians!

  5. Hi Ian.

    Just put up the Audio from this mornings States meeting, you know Questions without Answers.

    Question 13 was quite interesting if you know what I mean, some people who should of Known said they didn't put said I think a little more then they wanted, If you Know what I'm talking about of course.

    Have a Listen HERE