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Sunday, 27 January 2013

"Jersey Advocacy - Will Anyone Take Responsibility?"

"P*ssing In The Wind"

The full story can be read at the link below.

So....After the second rebuttal from two Presidents of the Jersey Law Society to my complaints against Jersey lawyers, Bale & Thacker, I now find myself lodging a formal complaint against yet another Jersey Advocate, Timothy Hanson. I have also lodged a formal complaint against one of his partners, Advocate Barbara Corbett, for her actions, or rather, lack of actions, in a separate case which is also evidenced below.

I have made this complaint in conjunction with my other complaints which are evidenced at the link above. This latest complaint is not vindictive or vexatious, I am simply trying to get someone within the law system to take some responsibility and leadership, to stop covering matters up, and to right the wrongs when they occur.

As I have said many times in the past, as have many others, the standard of advocacy in Jersey is utterly deplorable and wholly inconsistent with any established rules of practice in the UK.

These complaints were again dismissed, this time by advocate Hanson. In fact, the only small concession I received was a copy of the letter that advocate Bale purportedly sent to me by Email.

Again, of course, there was no sign whatsoever of the 'alleged' independent I.T Experts report that these two Presidents of the Jersey Law Society's findings rested upon, I wonder why that is?

Below, is a copy of the letter I received from advocate Tim Hanson dismissing my complaint, this is accompanied by the letter advocate Bale is supposed to have sent, and is filled with the most ridiculous garbage I think I have 'never' received from a lawyer anywhere!

After receiving this excuse of a response to my valid complaints, I took it upon myself today to write, yet again, to the C.E.O of the Jersey Law Society, Jane Martin, who I must say has been fantastic in dealing hastily with the complaints process in this case.

My complaints to Ms Jane Martin, and an additional request for information, are below.

Subject: Complaint against Tim Hanson & Barbara Corbett
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2013 13:42:39 +0000
Dear Ms Martin

I have received a ruling from Adv Tim Hanson, President of the Jersey Law Society (see attachments) with regard to my complaint against Adv Thacker which is wholly unsatisfactory, and in my opinion, inconclusive. He has declined, as Adv Thacker did with my complaint against Adv Bale, to provide me with the 'alleged' evidence that he cleared Adv Thacker of any wrongdoing with, namely, the independent I.T Experts report on the data 'allegedly' collected from Adv Bales computer.

This is completely unacceptable considering the gravity of the complaint, and I now notify you that I wish to lodge a complaint of gross negligence against the President of the Law Society, Adv Tim Hanson. I also wish to lodge a complaint of gross negligence against his practice partner, Adv Barbara Corbett, who has on many occasions, refused to carry out my instructions regarding the attainment of evidence in one of the cases she is alleged to have looked into. In the other five cases she was supposed to have considered, I have heard virtually nothing. There were six cases in all that needed addressing, yet she has only considered one of the six cases in any real detail, and has failed to follow my instructions in that case. The cases are listed below.

1. The police assault on the 9th April 1993
2. The police assault on the 10th April 1993
3. Lisa's disappearance 1994
4. The Buchannon Affair 16th April 1995
5. The O'bar incident 18th December 1995
6. The police assault 21st June 2006

I would also take this opportunity to question the integrity and/or competence of the legal aid system which has proved to be somewhat shambolic to say the least. Legal aid is supposed to be allocated so as to enable the poor to have some sort of access to justice here in Jersey, I have to ask two questions in this regard.

1. Why was I not allowed to select an Advocate of my own choosing, and who I would have some degree of confidence in? And which is also in accordance with ECHR International law Article 6. 3(c) "To defend himself in person or through legal assistance of his own choosing or, if he has not sufficient means to pay for legal assistance, to be given it free when the interests of justice so require;" Is it that the ECHR International Law is not applicable to Jersey?

2. Why was I allocated a child/family lawyer to oversee six criminal cases? Advocate Corbett, by her own admission, stated to me that she did not know much about this subject and had to do a lot of work to get up to any kind of speed. A situation that I find quite reprehensible considering we live in the year 2013.

On a different note, I would be pleased if you would also kindly furnish me with a list of the members of the Jersey Police Complaints Authority and any Email address for each of them, or as a whole , i.e Those who sit in judgement of the cases that the board hears against the police. I wish to get in touch with them on a separate issue.

I thank you for your time and consideration of the matters that I have raised, and look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Kindest regards

Yours sincerely


Additional request for information is below.

Sent:27 January 2013 13:57:03
To:Jane Martin (
Dear Ms Martin

Further to my email of a few minutes ago Ref: Complaints, could you please confirm to me when it was that the last time a complaint against a Jersey lawyer/advocate was upheld.

Many thanks

Yours sincerely


The answer to this will be fascinating me thinks!

I will keep readers informed as matters progress, wish me luck....


  1. There is an old joke that about lawyers that goes: "Isn't it a shame how it's the 99% a bad lawyers that give the other 1% a bad name."


  2. Good for you Ian, the truth cannot be beaten, changed or lost it can only be hidden, and you are dragging it out into the open.

  3. The truth is often hidden, like a shadow in darkness....

  4. I am not sure that Advocate Bale was entirely against you on his review of your papers. In paragraph 3 he states "... whilst I can fully understand that you may feel aggrieved ...", "... I do not see that there is a case to be made, supported by sufficiently independent evidence, that, on the balance of probabilities ...". As I read it, your papers may have disclosed something but that something could not be corroborated.

    Also, he himself admitted to not being an expert in criminal, police procedural or administrative law matters.

  5. He ignored me for a month until I rang him myself, he then said he was not qualified to do legal aid work. After more time had passed I complained that there was no contact, then months later he says he sent this email that I never received, probably because he never sent it. I then asked for his computer to be checked to see if the document was created at that time, yet still, no one will furnish me with the report....Why not?

    Graham Power went through this process and it was proved he was cheated.

    1. No advocate wants to do legal aid work - unlike in the UK where they are paid to do undertake legal aid work, in Jersey it is unpaid unless they can show that the volume of work represented a considerable burden upon the advocate. Add to this the prospect of being played "by the system" I doubt whether any person wants to become ensnared in the local "justice" system.

      Out of interest, who were the Chief Officers of the Police at the time? At least one of the Police Assaults seems to have taken place at a time when both Graham Power and Lenny Harper were the Chief Officer and Deputy Chief Officer.

  6. Yes, the 2006 assault was. I had to drop the charges as the cops were picking on my son who had a clean record, he was due to go and live in Australia at some stage so I left the complaint till after he was safely away from the island.

    1. A sensible lad. Jersey is no place to settle. The relative anonymity of a larger social environment is far safer. The Professional Standards group at the States of Jersey Police Force tries to avoid any "complaint" being formally made, presumably to keep them off the complaints register.

    2. Then matters were finally covered up after 3 investigations, this was done by Weirdcop and Taylor.

  7. you have to love old frederic