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Friday, 4 January 2013

"Islanders Should Reward Corrupt Cops With Praise & A Commendation!!!"

Officers who bugged drugs car

‘deserve commendations’

Adv Sinel thinks bent cops are just great!

THREE police officers facing disciplinary charges over the investigation that brought down drugs baron Curtis Warren deserve a commendation, not criticism, says their lawyer.
With a disciplinary hearing due to resume today, the lawyer for Chief Inspector David Minty, Inspector Louis Beghin and Detective Sergeant Lawrence Courtness, says that the men have done nothing wrong, and that they deserve the Island’s praise.
Advocate Philip Sinel’s comment is the first public statement on behalf of the three officers, who face misconduct charges for the police operation in 2007.
They bugged a car being driven by one of Warren’s accomplices through France, Belgium and Holland without permission from the foreign authorities.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse!


  1. I just wonder if that is the first shot from Advocate Sinel in stating that the focus should be towards the Law Office who gave the police permission?

    The Law Office

    Remember what went on in court?


  2. he should not be allowed to own a fierarm

  3. the thing is there were no drugs ever found it was all talk

  4. You cannot give anyone 'permission' to do something illegal can you?
    Ian, you wrote above 'ignorance of the law is no excuse'.....I don't think that the Police were ignorant of the law, more that they new what they were doing was illegal and chose to do it anyway!

    Its a shame that it has come to this and it is wonderful that the dealers were convicted...but at what cost to justice..

  5. Whos side is Sinel on?

    Was he not against the Syvret/Labey Police raid?

    But now he is supporting those same "Bent Cops"!?

  6. Sinel is a very very expensive lawyer.

    Me thinks it will be the tax payer picking up the bill, no pun intended.

    Maybe the JEP, BBC or CTV could do some reporting and find out, there again why should they change there normal dismal standards just because its 2013.

  7. sinel also has a large collection of fierarms .i personaly dont think he is suitable

  8. the footballer had more than warren and got community service is becouse his tart was a laywer

  9. anonymous says, sinel also has a large collection of fire arms,I personaly don,t think he is suitable.//If you have any good reasons to make this statement, it is your duty to make it known to your constable, and Mr Derek Upton of the States firearms licencing unit, without delay.but I guess this is a wild statement from you and will come to nothing.

  10. utube .godfathers curtis warren 2

  11. Wasn't Sinel offering Stuart free legal advice a number of years ago ?

  12. Sinel`s comments must rank as one of the dumbest ever made from an Advocate.
    To congratulate the SoJP for breaking the Law in order to secure a conviction flies in the face of the whole Justice system, he should be taken to task for that statement!

    1. Yup, that statement so clearly sums up Jersey justice!