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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

"Illegal Police Raids - No Answers Forthcoming"

"The Complaints Begin"

Having been denied any explanation as to why I was kidnapped and why my home was raided a year ago by the Jersey Policy Men, I have now had to institute a complaint against Mike Bowron, Jersey's Chief of Police.

Will I get any answers from our Bailiff, let alone a response?

Below is my letter requesting information from the police that I am entitled to, and below that, my complaint to Sir Michael Birt, Bailiff of Jersey.

"Questions Without Answers"

"Letter Of Complaint"


Birt, M. C. St. J.,
Bailiff’s Chambers
Royal Court House
Royal Square, St Helier

Dear Sir Michael,

I hereby notify you that I wish to lodge a formal complaint against the Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police, Mike Bowron.

This complaint arises out of an incident during which I was kidnapped by a number of Jersey’s policemen, then subsequently unlawfully detained against my will for six hours.

During the six hours of this unlawful detention, my house keys were taken and my home was ransacked and my private property stolen. All this was done without a lawful search warrant, an independent witness, and without my consent.

These unlawful actions were a large contributory factor to the heart attack that I suffered just one short week later.

On the 16/09/2012 I wrote to the duty Inspector, Insp Le Hegerat, asking a number of pertinent questions about the unlawful process I had been subjected to, and to which questions I have received the usual silence.

On the 01/11/2012 I received a telephone call from a police officer at Rouge Bouillon Police HQ informing me that I was not going to be charged with any offence in connection with the incident for which I was kidnapped.

A short time later (two minutes) this same officer called me back stating that I was not going to receive a response to my letter to Inspector Le Hegerat in connection with my unlawful detention, and the illegal police raid on my home.

As I understand the law, I am fully entitled to know who has made a complaint against me, and what that complaints process entails. As Mike Bowron is the head of the police force, and wholly responsible for the actions of those under his authority and command, he must be held accountable for his officers’ actions.

It is my intention to sue the police for their gross misconduct and I shall therefore require full disclosure of all the facts and evidence relative to this case. It is clear to me from the phone call I received that Chief Officer Bowron has no intention whatsoever of divulging any information to myself in this regard. This cannot be lawful, and I ask you to look into the matters that I have raised insofar as the conduct of all the officers concerned in this case is concerned.

Please find enclosed my letter to Inspector Le Hegerat for your perusal.

Yours sincerely


cc. Lieutenant Governor General Sir John McColl


  1. Bowron is here to take the money.
    Then run. When the going get tuff.

  2. We have seen in the recent past what happens to Chief Officers who investigate States corruption with enthusiasm and integrity, considering Mike Bowron'e refusal to investigate States corruption in any capacity, you could well be right anon.

  3. No charge, what after all that upset. The police were looking for something, did not find it therefore should apologies, and repair or pay for any damage. For Gods sake have they become a lawless mob ?

    1. What they were looking for was on my dining table, right under their noses, but in true jersey police fashion, they were too stupid to realise that it may just be in paper form :)

    2. And anon, the heart attack 'to me' was just part of the price we must pay for our honour and valour in doing the right thing by our sisters and brothers in the bigger picture of humanity.

      My stance against government tyranny is my choice, and so I must suffer for the choices that I chose to make, I do not have any problem with that, it is my choosing.

      What I have a problem with is the bloody sheeple who sit by whilst the likes of myself, Stuart, VFC, Rico, Trevor, Cyril, and countless others world wide get trampled upon, and the sheeple benefit from our labours and suffering without showing an ounce of courage or resistance to benefit the cause, that really sicks me out.... :(

    3. Next time you watch THIS VIDEO, at least take the time to try and understand it!!!

      It is your destiny in the very limited time available to you....Wakey Wakey Sheeple....

  4. "For Gods sake have they become a lawless mob ?"

    NO!!! They have always been a lawless mob. The days of joining a police force to be an honourable decent protector of the community died in the sixties and early seventies. The reasons for joining up now are purely for money and protection, and family security, the price for which is their souls....

    Only the naive join up these days simply to earn a wage, and to do the right thing with a sense of communal prosperity. Every cop on the planet is corrupt excepting alone the naive, because every cop on the planet who isn't naive, will know that corruption is a mandatory part of the job.

    Once engaged in their first bout of corruption, they are then owned for life, they are as enslaved as their hapless victims, the only difference is that they don't see it, and we do....

    They are simply doing the bidding of the corrupt government, who incidentally, are powerless without their mindless enforcers, but that is changing world wide. the people are saying no, no more, and are taking back their sovereignty and rights at an alarming rate for our governments. The third world war will be the people against the crooked governments.

  5. What were they looking for that was so important Ian ? You say it was on a piece of paper on your dining table, the plans and names of some criminal scheme with names and diagrams that would have been used in evidence against you ?

    This is interesting.

    1. What they were looking for will appear on this blog, along with the whole story, but at a later date :)

    2. Oh, just corruption @ jersey ?

      When you said evidence on your dining table I automatically assumed you had obtained some of those dodgy horse meat containing burgers.

      Police are however delighted to have a new lead on IRA kidnap victim Shergar !

  6. "sheeple" Ian ??? You really do need a spellchecker !

    And all this nonsense about governments not acting in a trustworthy manner and for the benefit of their citizens can't be true on our island or the JEP would have told us so I know I am doing the right thing putting all my trust in Sir Philip Baaaailhache