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Saturday, 12 January 2013

"Gorst Becoming As Mad As Bailhache With The Aid Of The Police"

Jersey chief minister suggests joint

pan-island police force

Jersey's chief minister, Ian Gorst, has said a joint Channel Island police force would be part of his "personal vision" for future co-operation.
"[The two forces] are already working closely together," he said. "They're doing joint training... so they've already made fantastic progress."
Speaking to BBC Radio Jersey, Senator Gorst also suggested a joint external affairs committee.
He said: "We should be... working towards more confederated bodies."
The annual passing out ceremony for both islands' new police recruits was held jointly for the first time in 2011.
Jonathan Le Tocq, Guernsey's Home Department minister, was unavailable for comment.
"Joint Police Force?"
A fantastic idea I think! I could just imagine that when Guernsey has a serious crime committed, like the Guernsey police battering children for no reason, or even perverting the course of justice by committing perjury in court, or perhaps the Guernsey judiciary doctoring the trial tapes of one of their Guernsey justice system victims, the SoJP could rush over there at a minutes notice and give them every advice on how to cover it up.
Perhaps 'Dim' Tim Le Cocq could pass on his vast knowledge of how not to prosecute criminals within the system for their benefit, this would indeed save Guernsey vast sums of money.
And again, Guernsey could also benefit from the SoJP and Sir Michael Birt on how to keep damning reports on corrupt police officers from ever entering into the public domain via none disclosure, and by the simple use of water!
In truth, the Jersey police couldn't detect an elephant in an inch of snow, so the only benefit for Guernsey would be a crash course in corruption. Perhaps the Chief of Police in Guernsey might like a nice new shiny set of blinkers, just like Mike Bowron's?


  1. "Jonathan Le Tocq, Guernsey's Home Department minister, was unavailable for comment." More than likely thinking I don't want anything to do with those pedo protectors in Jersey so will lay low for a while!!!

  2. VfC
    I fail to understand a lot of your comments, please explain, are they in code?

  3. The comment is in red, therefore it is a link!