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Friday, 11 January 2013

"Fruitcake Le Marquand Squanders Public Money On Bent Cops Who Should Be In Jail!!!"

Warren car bug police: Part of legal costs funded by taxpayer

THREE police officers who have been cleared of any wrongdoing for their part in the bugging of drugs baron Curtis Warren’s car had part of their legal costs funded by the taxpayer.
Chief Inspector David Minty, Inspector Louis Beghin and Detective Sergeant Lawrence Courtness have been exonerated in a secret disciplinary hearing into the bugging of a car when it was being driven across France, Belgium and Holland by one of Warren’s gang in 2007.
That bug – planted without permission by the authorities of the foreign countries – provided a substantial part of the evidence on which a jury convicted Warren and five co-accused of a plot to smuggle £1 million worth of cannabis into Jersey.
Following yesterday’s verdict, the JEP can now reveal that the officers’ defence was partly funded by the taxpayer. Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand has confirmed that he agreed to pay £10,000 towards the officers’ legal expenses after their bills went over the limit that the Police Association’s insurance would cover.
The lawyer acting for the three policemen, Advocate Philip Sinel,
reveals the decision to exonerate them


  1. A better question might be how much taxpayers money was spent on the doomed prosecution ie what was paid to the AGs lawyers?

  2. That tells me no matter the rights or wrongs in the police actions the States of Jersey wanted them cleared.

    Why else would the States contribute to the defence?

  3. Think again-say £200k for the prosecution and £10k for the defence.
    What does that tell you?

  4. 'Teflon' Beghin is the most corrupt cop in Jersey, he was blubbering like a baby before the result was given (big man!) and then went to Hospital with a suspected cardiac arrest, he will be off sick now and retire early ££££

  5. Replies
    1. 10,000 towards the defence from taxpayers on top of the police insurance per officer.

      The insurance provided per officers defence has not been announced. I fail to see why the taxpayer are footing any bill in this instance.

    2. The SoJP are a private government company operating under limited commercial liability unlike us (the people) who operate under full commercial liability.

  6. An English supreme court judge called these officers actions "sustained and deliberate law breaking."

    Back home did they face a trial in front of a judge in court?

    No,they had an internal employment tribunal in front of one of there own.



  7. Anon at 7.50, if you knew how many people's lives he had fucked up you may be 1% closer to understanding :)

  8. Graham Power also had legal defence costs in case he wanted to appeal against actions taken against him. This was all versed in a new upgraded contract kept in his office safe.

    After he was suspended, his safe was opened without him or his lawyer being present.

    So maybe these three policeman now they are free to work again, and thankful for the protection of insurance could investigate how why and where this contract and the copy held by states human resources have vanished to as both have " been lost" or should that be shredded.