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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

"Curtis Warren Back On The Menu!"

"Some Things Just Won't Go Away"

Hopefully the audio of today's questions will appear on
"The Jersey Way"
blog site later today, when they do, we will link them here for you :)

The Link

Apparently the Attorney General & Ian Le Marquand were in a bit of a flap today
so it should be entertaining listening.


  1. Ian.

    We know the Attorney General and Ian Le Marquand struggled to come up with coherent answers today (what's new).

    Will have a Blog up later that will help explain more about the car bugging, "Operation Invicta" and the Jersey Law Officers.

  2. Questions "with" answers! Now that will be novel :)

  3. Hi Ian.

    Just put up the Audio of the Questions without Answers From the States Sitting today, you & your readers can listen HERE

    Hope it helps,