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Saturday, 19 January 2013

"Curtis Warren - Another £2,000,000 Down The Pan - Lawyers Laughing All The Way To The Bank"

£2 million – what Jersey paid to bring drugs crook to justice

THE prosecution of drugs baron Curtis Warren and his associates has cost the taxpayer almost £2 million, the Attorney General has revealed.
Warren was convicted in 2009 after being accused of a plot to smuggle £1 million worth of cannabis into the Island. The 49-year-old is still fighting to clear his name.
Shortly before he was sentenced it was revealed that prosecution costs had led to the States paying just over £1 million.
But in the States this week, Attorney General Tim Le Cocq said that since July 2007 the amount of money spent on prosecuting the group was £1,963,619.

I wonder who is paying for his imprisonment?


  1. this is why tax is 35% 2 mill to catch 1 mill that never existed

  2. Maybe the Bailhache Bros knew they needed more criminal confiscation money and the Law Offices knew the Island lawyers needed more money from fees, so they hatched the perfect scheme. Everyone wins, except the rest of the people.