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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

"Corruption and Cover Up - The Triangle Is Complete"

"Snap!!! The Jersey Way"

All this talk about cover ups and conspiracy that I drool on about all the time, is it evidenced fact, or just my paranoia and imagination getting the better of me?

Below, I invite you to make your own minds up.

I am going to recap quickly on the two cases to hand, the link to these two stories is directly below.

I have had previous dealings with Deputy Chief Officer Barry Taylor, the Attorney Generals office, and the Jersey Police Complaints Authority in connection with complaints I have made. I have found all three departments to be, at best, vague and reluctant, at worst, totally corrupt.

In light of my previous experiences, one year ago I made a little prediction on my blog posting which can be read below. This is followed by the recap of these two stories.

What I predicted a year ago is written below in red
Besides these assurances, there are still three fundamental problems in my view.

1/ The complaint will be overseen by the Police Complaints Authority Commission, who, when dealing with one of my complaints, were the most corrupt bunch of lying cheating scumbags I had ever encountered in Jersey. They were furnished with the most damning evidence and completely ignored it.

2/ The complaint cannot be actioned until the two boys have faced a parish hall enquiry. Why not? Could it be that the plan is to get the two boys to plead guilty at that enquiry and find against them therefore giving the rogue policemen the appearance of "just cause" for their actions!!!

3/ The author of the letter below (Barry Taylor) has ongoing complaints against himself for perverting the course of justice and dereliction of duty!!!


As I told both complainants at the outset of these complaints, they would both receive, word for bloody word, the letters that I said they would receive from Tim Le Cocq, as readers know, this transpired as I had predicted. I also said the exact same about any disciplinary proceedings by the Complaints Authority or the Jersey Police, this prediction has also now come to pass!

Case 1

Was a complaint of Grave & Criminal assault against two police officers who needlessly battered two young teenagers for absolutely no reason. There were (at least) eight witnesses to these assaults, three of which were totally independent. The main potential (and independent) prosecution witness was never even interviewed? And we have no information who, if any, of the other witnesses were interviewed? The police have so far refused to give Maria (independent witness) a copy of her statement?

One of the victims blood stained clothes were bagged up by the mother, yet the police refused to take these items for forensic examination? The police refused to investigate the complaints against the assaulting officers before the two teenagers were subjected to criminal charges and a Parish Hall inquiry themselves? Maria was also told by a police sergeant that she could not make a formal complaint about the assaults as she was not the victim? Maria described the assaults over the police station telephone as they were actually happening, and said phone call would have undoubtedly been recorded. All we get back from the Attorney General & the police is that there is insufficient evidence to charge any of the officers with any offence!!!

Case 2

Was the complaint Cyril made against two officers for perverting the course of justice, and perjury. The police wrote down in a police pocket notebook, exactly what Cyril had said when the officers spoke to Cyril at his home. When giving evidence in court, the two officers said the complete opposite to what they had wrote down in the police pocket notebook, which Cyril, at the time of writing, had verified as correct. I put it to Mr Tim Le Cocq and Mr Barry Taylor that you both have to be completely corrupt, or complete and utter morons to not understand that all that is required to substantiate these complaints, is to look at, and read, the bloody police pocket notebook at the relevant dated page!!!

"The Triangle Is Complete"

We have now heard from the Jersey Police Complaints Authority regarding these two cases.

Below I have reproduced the letters from the Attorney General and the letters from the Jersey Police, their response to these complaints which you can read simultaneously to compare.

I have also now added the two letters from the Jersey Police Complaints Authority for our readers to compare. I wonder what you will make of them?

Below the letters is the case summary.

Responses from the A.G

Responses from the Jersey Police

Responses from the Jersey Police Complaints Authority

"Case Summary"

After the initial instigation of these complaints, neither complainant was afforded the opportunity to have any further input into these inquiries.

Neither complainant was invited to give any evidence at any of the subsequent hearings (if there actually were any hearings) to determine the innocence or guilt of the officers concerned.

And....I can confirm that neither complainant shall be letting these matters drop :)

It would appear that the Jersey Police Complaints Authority
is still little more than a rubber stamp
for police and judicial corruption.

The Saga Continues....


  1. standard response template letters, seems they use nothing else

  2. The States of Jersey Police, the Office of the Attorney General, the Police Complaints Authority and the Island's judicial apparatus is an absolute disgrace. Template letters are used to mask actual work on the cases and to limit each authority's exposure to risk of further investigation.

  3. Are 8 witnesses no enough, how fucking many do you need, will they only accept CCTV evidence, even then I doubt it!
    How can these people possibly get away with this?

  4. Those that witnessed the assaults were 2 cops who committed them, taxi driver Boschat who instigated the incident, the two victims of the assaults, at least two other teenagers who were shoved about and bullied, and the three independent witnesses who watched from a bedroom window.

    They would not have been convicted even with CCTV footage, that would have no doubt been lost in one of their biblical floods!!!