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Friday, 18 January 2013

"Christmas Finally Quits Defrauding The People Of Jersey"

Jersey's jailed Magistrate Designate Ian Christmas resigns

A Jersey magistrate has resigned four months after he was jailed for fraud.
Ian Christmas was convicted last year of defrauding an investor and was sentenced to 15 months in prison by Jersey's Royal Court.
Jersey's Bailiff, Sir Michael Birt, said he received the letter from Christmas which said his resignation was with immediate effect.
The Bailiff said Christmas's salary was stopped on 16 October following his sentencing.
Christmas was found guilty of defrauding an investor of £100,000 as part of a property investment scheme.
He has remained in office as a magistrate throughout his court case but has not carried out the role since June 2008.
Currently a magistrate can only be dismissed by order of the Queen, and after a disciplinary investigation by a UK judge.
The Bailiff said he was beginning the process of appointing a new magistrate.
Following Christmas's sentencing, Chief Minister, Senator Ian Gorst, said it was unlikely Jersey could claim back the £500,000 Christmas had been paid since his arrest four years ago.
Christmas's appeal against his conviction will be heard by the island's Court of Appeal next week.


  1. And he's going to pay back all of the salary that he's received from you and me??????

  2. he will be out next week off to bahamas to meet matey walker never to be seen again

  3. Ian,

    Read the final paragraph (postscript) of this one.

    So, there you have it. Poor Marie Cotrel died before she saw a penny of compensation from Ian Christmas. In documents submitted to the court, Christmas is nevertheless happy to spend £146 a month on his pets.

    The benefit of the £100,000 compensation order passes to her estate.

    Meanwhile, his lawyers are still circling for their £550,000 defence costs. Five hundred and fifty grand!!!

    What a sickening, sickening legal system. And they wonder why only 50% of the people (that many?) have confidence in the Jersey legal system.


    27. After we had announced our decision, but before this judgment could be delivered, Mrs Cotrel sadly died. We have not received any submissions in relation to the effect of this event, but in our view it makes no difference to our order. In Holt v DPP [1996] 2 Cr App R (S) 314 the English Divisional Court held that it was no obstacle to the making of a compensation order that the victim had died before the order was made. The rationale was that the compensation order was a substitute for the victim's civil right of action, which would itself have survived the death. That rationale seems to us to apply equally in the present case, with the result that the benefit of the compensation order we have made passes to Mrs Cotrel's estate."

    I hope Ian Christmas' pets are sleeping comfortably tonight.

    Totally disgusted of St Helier

    1. What have Christmas's pets ever done to afford such hatred toward them from yourself? If you are wanting to apportion blame, seek out the means with which your hatred is filled? It comes not from dumb animals, of hat I can assure you :)

  4. Dude, I saw her heart attack thingmajig in the paper the other week in the obituary column.... So, who in Jersey will hold any of the scum involved, accountable or attributable to her death?

    The silence is deafening!!!

    To be honest anon, in the old days they just used to shoot those responsible for such atrocities, nowadays, they make a million bucks deliberating off of it....I say, bring back the old days....BLAM!!!

    1. Problem solved for eternity!!! :)