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Monday, 21 January 2013

"Child Protection Is Pointless If States Refuse To Prosecute Child Abusers"

Jersey child protection service launched

Child Abuser Mario Lundy - Still Employed By Government!

Having an overview of child protection work in Jersey should benefit every child, according to the manager of a new service.
Linda Dodds, head of the Independent Safeguarding and Standards Service, said it was important the various agencies were co-ordinated.
She said together they hoped to achieve "better outcomes for each child".
There are currently 68 children on the Child Protection Register, and 84 in care including 12 placed in the UK.
The group was set up in response to the Williamson Report, published in 2008, into child protection services, which recommended a better resourced independent service should be set up to look after children on the Child Protection Register.
The island's previous review service had just one part-time member of staff. The new service has four full-time members of staff and access to UK-based experts.
Ms Dodds said: "We are very pleased that as a team, we are now able to offer what we hope will become a flagship independent service for children and young people in Jersey.
"The nature of our work is confidential, sensitive and complex and for this reason, it is crucial to have a dedicated team and stand-alone office space."


  1. How can you say Lundy is a child abuser if no one has come forward with this allegation?

    1. "How can you say Lundy is a child abuser if no one has come forward with this allegation?"


      As I am "SURE" you are already aware, many have come forward, giving evidence in another case and naming him, but you know that anyway don't you :)

      Why don't you go to the Attorney Generals office and ask why they refuse to prosecute him instead of coming on here trying to defend him?

  2. Ian.

    "How can you say Lundy is a child abuser if no one has come forward with this allegation?"

    I was in court (at the Jordan Trial) where at least two of the Jordan's victims alleged that Mario Lundy abused them. One of the victims said (words to the effect) that "when it came to dishing out violence Mario Lundy took the biscuit."

  3. I think Mario Lundy's violent history has been very thoroughly substantiated over the years. It is quite surprising to see anyone defending him.