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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

"Another Needless Waste Of Tax Payers Money"

Jersey spends £750,000 on Curtis Warren trial security

The extra security used during the trial of drugs smuggler Curtis Warren has cost Jersey Police £750,000.
Senator Ian Le Marquand, Jersey's Home Affairs minister, told States members earlier the cost had come about due to the high security risk.
Armed officers were on duty during the trial and a prison van was used to take Warren to and from court.
Warren was jailed for 13 years in 2009, for plotting to smuggle cannabis with a street value of £1m into Jersey.

Car bugging

Senator Le Marquand also told the States £10,000 had been spent providing legal representation to three police officers who went through a disciplinary process, following criticism of how evidence was gathered in the case.
The inquiry, which was completed by Hampshire Police on Thursday, was triggered by Warren's unsuccessful appeal, in which he argued key evidence was obtained by the illegal bugging of a car.
Chief Insp David Minty, Sgt Lawrence Courtness and Det Insp Louis Beghin were cleared of any wrongdoing.
Senator Le Marquand said the allowance of the extra funding was exceptional and was "not a direction I want to go down in the future".


  1. Ever think about how much public money is spent on strange things having little or no overall public benefit?

  2. Gangster Squad is on at the cinema at the moment. The film is reasonable, nowhere near as good as the LA Confidential or The Untouchables but what it does show is the rate at which society can be corrupted by powerful crime lords. Arguably, Curtis Warren is such a crime lord, so the Island's authorities may have been justified to spend the monies they did on ensuring that a criminal enterprise did not take a foothold.

    Depending on your point of view, however, Jersey's government is already severely corrupted. So, arguably, the Curtis Warren affair was just a turf war.

  3. One thing that most of the people of the island understand, is that the government don't give a rats ass about them. We must also take into account that no one has ever died of smoking cannabis, so what was the motive in all of this? The motive was quite simply the States of Jersey getting their hands on Curtis Warren's stash, nothing else, just utter plain and simple greed.

    1. Easy money that could be siphoned off through the Criminal Confiscation Fund, never to be seen again :)

      These clowns are so predictable....

    2. I don't think it has anything to do with Curtis Warren's stash. It was a power play with an alleged crime lord. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I strongly suspect that the UK government (Police, MI5) were involved in the underlying intelligence operations.

    3. That may well explain the secrecy of the disciplinary hearing but remember also, that Curtis Warren was reputed to be worth some £500,000,000 at one stage. No pittance to those who might capture it!

    4. What I don't understand is what interest Curtis Warren had in "serving" such a small jurisdiction with his merchandise. Why bother? Whatever you say, the market is just too small to be profitable in the conventional sense.

    5. For a kick off the profit margins are vastly more lucrative over here, as you said earlier, could have been a power play on 'his' part, who knows?

  4. Police disciplinary hearing have always been held in private so no conspiracy theory there!, I would have loved to have been there, if only to see Beghin crying his eyes out!
    As Warren's millions? I think he didn't have a pot to piss in otherwise why risk his liberty mucking around for a few quid with some Jersey mugs? I'm sure the Feds are keeping a close eye on anyone that has contact with Mr W whilst he is at her majesty's pleasure...