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Thursday, 31 January 2013

"States Mugging The Common Law People Again" Part 3

More parking proposed for St Helier

Above: The proposed plans to rip you off.

A multi million pound project could see 90 new parking spaces in St Helier.

Transport and Technical Services want to build a single storey on top of the current car park at Snow Hill, with access from Regent Road.

It's likely to cost almost £5m. The department say they've got half of the money, but the States would have to provide the rest.

If approved it could be built within two years.

Deputy Kevin Lewis, Minister for TTS said: "Now that the study has been completed and the report published, I would like to set up a high level working group, in conjunction with the Treasury Minister, to find the additional resources needed and progress this concept and allow additional shopper parking to be provided at this central site, in a short timescale."

"The Parking Scam Continued"

This is priceless, the people turned over 'twice' with the 'same' scam!

We read above that a new £5,000,000 car park is proposed. 

"Scam One"

Transport & Technical Services have half of the £5m required, the rest will have to come from the States of Jersey, i.e the tax payer.

OK, what's the problem?

The problem for me is "Where did Transport & Technical Services get their half of the £5m from?"

It wasn't from the tax payer by any chance? Was it?

"Scam Two"

OK, so now, just for arguments sake, the monstrosity has been built, solely funded by the tax payer to the tune of £5 Million, and is ready for use.

What then?

This is brilliant, they want to charge the tax payer to park on the monstrosity the tax payer paid for on the very ground that the tax payer already owns!!!

Are you guys getting the jist yet?

For those who aren't....below we have Robert Menard's
"Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception"

You want to learn? This guy will teach you :)

"States Mugging The Common Law People Again" Part 2

Parking costs to rise

Car owners in Jersey will have to take another hit tomorrow as parking charges rise.

The cost of parking will go up from tomorrow with a regular single unit paycard increasing to 73p from 71p.

The Transport and Technical Services minister says it is in line with inflation.

Deputy Kevin Lewis says, "Jersey parking charges still remain some of the least expensive in the British Isles. Of course, a price increase is never welcomed."

Here's the full list of parking charges: (inclusive of GST)

1 unit Paycard: 71p to 73p
2 unit Paycard: £1.42 to £1.46
4 unit Paycard: £2.84 to £2.92

Monthly Season Ticket : £116.09 £119.69
Monthly Half Permit: £58.04 to £59.84

5 unit Uniticket: £3.55 to £3.65
10 unit Uniticket: £7.10 to £7.30

*Eco 1 unit Paycard: 36p to 37p
*Eco 2 Unit Paycard: 71p to 73p
*Eco 4 Unit Paycard: £1.42 to £1.46
*Eco Monthly Season Ticket: £58.04 to £59.84
*Eco Monthly Half Permit: £29.02 to £29.92
*Reduced price parking available for qualifying low emission vehicles

"Who Owns The Roads?"

Well, after reading our last posting, have you guessed yet?

Yes....that's right...."YOU" the "PEOPLE" own the roads.

Exactly the same set up as the electric, gas, and water companies, it's ours, all of it, and again held in trust for us by the States of Jersey.

So why are most of us paying to park on our own property?

The answer is simple, it's called Government Deception.

It's About Time We All Woke Up!

"States Mugging The Common Law People Again" Part 1

Jersey Water to put prices up

ISLANDERS are facing more financial strain after Jersey Water became the latest utility company to announce a price increase.
The firm today revealed that annual standing charges, which have remained static for more than a decade, are to be replaced by a tiered system for those with the biggest meters.
And tariffs for metered and unmetered water charges will also rise.
Full report, including the new price breakdown, in today’s JEP.

"Who Owns The Water?"
Another price hike on water, but just who's is the water?
Do the States of Jersey, or even the New World Order have a franchise on water? Or even a legal claim to it? The simple answer is no, even the mad hatter, Ian Le Marquand will tell you that.
We the people own the water, all of us, excepting no one.
That established, who owns the Jersey Water Company? Who else but the States of Jersey you might think. Well, actually, no, we the people own the Jersey Water Company.
The people paid for everything that is Jersey Water, it is simply held in trust for the people of Jersey.
So the question now becomes....what right have they to charge us for water, or even for piping it to us? The answer is none!
It is ours, all of it, the only charges we should be paying is for the maintenance of the infrastructure already in place, and the wages for those manning the operation, nothing else.
In fact, come to think of it, the maintenance of the pipework and the infrastructure, and the wages of the good people who man the operation for us, should be paid for by the Corporations who use "our water" and not by us, the people who own it!!!
Incidentally, the same goes for Jersey Gas and Jersey Electric.
Now you know the truth, who among us will write to their Deputy or Senator demanding redress for this blatant theft against the people?

There is a hierarchy to law, this is as follows;

1) God (whatever that means to you, God is not defined).
2) People.
3) Governments.
4) Corporations and other legal fiction persons.

The rule of the hierarchy of law is that the created cannot have a claim(make laws) on the creator.

a) This is also expressed in the maxim of law that states;

“The law gives rise to fictions, not fictions the law.”

Legally speaking, governments are fictions.

b) Everyone is equal under the law. So how can politicians make laws for us, absent our consent?

c) Politicians and government employees are public servants, since when do servants make laws for the Masters?

Again, we don’t have to be Einstein to see how the relationship between the people and government is being turned on its head and rapidly deteriorating.

"Homosexuals Create New Market For Jersey Lawyers"

New rights for civil partners

The law has been changed for civil partners

This week the States approved amendments to laws such as the Control of Housing and Work Law, which is due to come into force later this year, the gambling law, the gender recognition law, the long-term care law and the law relating to Jersey trusts.
Outlining the amendments to the House, Senator Bailhache said that the law that allowed gay couples to enter into civil partnerships in Jersey had been in place since last year but some legal changes had been delayed.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

"Corruption and Cover Up - The Triangle Is Complete"

"Snap!!! The Jersey Way"

All this talk about cover ups and conspiracy that I drool on about all the time, is it evidenced fact, or just my paranoia and imagination getting the better of me?

Below, I invite you to make your own minds up.

I am going to recap quickly on the two cases to hand, the link to these two stories is directly below.

I have had previous dealings with Deputy Chief Officer Barry Taylor, the Attorney Generals office, and the Jersey Police Complaints Authority in connection with complaints I have made. I have found all three departments to be, at best, vague and reluctant, at worst, totally corrupt.

In light of my previous experiences, one year ago I made a little prediction on my blog posting which can be read below. This is followed by the recap of these two stories.

What I predicted a year ago is written below in red
Besides these assurances, there are still three fundamental problems in my view.

1/ The complaint will be overseen by the Police Complaints Authority Commission, who, when dealing with one of my complaints, were the most corrupt bunch of lying cheating scumbags I had ever encountered in Jersey. They were furnished with the most damning evidence and completely ignored it.

2/ The complaint cannot be actioned until the two boys have faced a parish hall enquiry. Why not? Could it be that the plan is to get the two boys to plead guilty at that enquiry and find against them therefore giving the rogue policemen the appearance of "just cause" for their actions!!!

3/ The author of the letter below (Barry Taylor) has ongoing complaints against himself for perverting the course of justice and dereliction of duty!!!


As I told both complainants at the outset of these complaints, they would both receive, word for bloody word, the letters that I said they would receive from Tim Le Cocq, as readers know, this transpired as I had predicted. I also said the exact same about any disciplinary proceedings by the Complaints Authority or the Jersey Police, this prediction has also now come to pass!

Case 1

Was a complaint of Grave & Criminal assault against two police officers who needlessly battered two young teenagers for absolutely no reason. There were (at least) eight witnesses to these assaults, three of which were totally independent. The main potential (and independent) prosecution witness was never even interviewed? And we have no information who, if any, of the other witnesses were interviewed? The police have so far refused to give Maria (independent witness) a copy of her statement?

One of the victims blood stained clothes were bagged up by the mother, yet the police refused to take these items for forensic examination? The police refused to investigate the complaints against the assaulting officers before the two teenagers were subjected to criminal charges and a Parish Hall inquiry themselves? Maria was also told by a police sergeant that she could not make a formal complaint about the assaults as she was not the victim? Maria described the assaults over the police station telephone as they were actually happening, and said phone call would have undoubtedly been recorded. All we get back from the Attorney General & the police is that there is insufficient evidence to charge any of the officers with any offence!!!

Case 2

Was the complaint Cyril made against two officers for perverting the course of justice, and perjury. The police wrote down in a police pocket notebook, exactly what Cyril had said when the officers spoke to Cyril at his home. When giving evidence in court, the two officers said the complete opposite to what they had wrote down in the police pocket notebook, which Cyril, at the time of writing, had verified as correct. I put it to Mr Tim Le Cocq and Mr Barry Taylor that you both have to be completely corrupt, or complete and utter morons to not understand that all that is required to substantiate these complaints, is to look at, and read, the bloody police pocket notebook at the relevant dated page!!!

"The Triangle Is Complete"

We have now heard from the Jersey Police Complaints Authority regarding these two cases.

Below I have reproduced the letters from the Attorney General and the letters from the Jersey Police, their response to these complaints which you can read simultaneously to compare.

I have also now added the two letters from the Jersey Police Complaints Authority for our readers to compare. I wonder what you will make of them?

Below the letters is the case summary.

Responses from the A.G

Responses from the Jersey Police

Responses from the Jersey Police Complaints Authority

"Case Summary"

After the initial instigation of these complaints, neither complainant was afforded the opportunity to have any further input into these inquiries.

Neither complainant was invited to give any evidence at any of the subsequent hearings (if there actually were any hearings) to determine the innocence or guilt of the officers concerned.

And....I can confirm that neither complainant shall be letting these matters drop :)

It would appear that the Jersey Police Complaints Authority
is still little more than a rubber stamp
for police and judicial corruption.

The Saga Continues....

"States Members Need Psychiatric Assessments - Not The Abuse Victims"

Jersey abuse victims 'messed around'

over compensation

Deputy Mike Higgins
Working for abuse survivors

A politician has claimed that Jersey's child abuse victims are being "messed around" over compensation.
A redress scheme was set up as an alternative to legal action, allowing victims of abuse at care homes such as Haut de la Garenne to claim up to £60,000 from the States of Jersey.
So far compensation has been awarded in 27 of the 131 cases.
Deputy Mike Higgins said many victims were being "messed around", but Chief Minister Ian Gorst denied the claim.
'Psychiatric assessments'
In the States on Tuesday, Mr Higgins said the scheme's lawyers "appeared to be acting as judge and jury".
"Many of the claimants are, to put it mildly, being messed around by the scheme lawyers," he said.
Mr Higgins added that people were being referred for psychiatric assessments and some claims were being disputed "in terms of lost evidence by the police and other considerations".
However, the chief minister said he would "absolutely refute" the allegation claimants were being "messed around".
He said: "Where there isn't sufficient evidence, psychological reports can be undertaken and there is by nature a negotiation between the scheme lawyers and the lawyers representing potential claimants.
"So I don't see it in the light the deputy portrays it."

"State Media In Bed With The Jersey Police"

"Jersey Police & State Media Happy Not To Tell Us What They Don't Do"

Rather worryingly of late, Jersey's State Media have been in a push to promote the Jersey Police on the issue of investigating complaints.

I say this because we saw it with the "Writing on the wall" episode the other week, we have seen it with any sort of domestic violence, also recently with child abuse and other issues, not that I am complaining about all these issues being investigated.

But why, if the Jersey Police are so willing as they say they are, to investigate all of these different types of crimes, are they still refusing to take complaints?

We have seen it with myself, with Cyril, and recently with one of Deputy Trevor Pitman's cases, a complete refusal to entertain the idea of taking a criminal complaint. Even when the Police do actually instigate a complaint process, the outcome of the complaint appears to be entirely dependent on who the complainant is, and who it is they are complaining about!

I will be covering this issue in my last posting of the day which will be in an hour or two, and rather revealing let me tell you :)

Also worthy of note below, is the Jersey Police 2013 policing plan. What is the betting that it will have it's major emphasis on revenue generating statutes?

Crime rates fall in Jersey

New figures out today show reported crime in Jersey is going down.

The police say there were 168 fewer crimes committed last year, compared to 2011.

The force are also highlighting a big drop in the number of burglaries.

In total, reported crime fell by 4%.

There were 22% fewer break-ins, that is made up of a 14% fall in burglaries, and 26% reduction in break-ins to other buildings.

But they also caught more motorists breaking the law.

The number of islanders caught speeding more than doubled to 1,341 people in total.

457 people were found using their mobile phone while driving, a 14% increase on 2011.

And 505 people were not wearing their seat belts, a 32% increase.

But fewer people were caught drink driving - 185 compared to 217 in 2011.

Chief Officer Mike Bowron said: "2012 was our 60th anniversary year and I am delighted that the crime figures continue to fall and we are committed to see that continue. 2012 was a busy year for officers with major incidents such as the Gas Place Fire to large-scale community events like the Olympic Torch Relay and the Diamond Jubilee Royal Visit."

"A drop in the crime figures is something to be extremely proud of and I hope the people of Jersey, and those who visit, will be reassured at our commitment to protecting and serving our communities. We will not be complacent, and the next 12 months will see the force efforts focused on much more of the same.

In the next few days Jersey Police will publish their policing plan which will outline their 2013 priorities.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

"Jersey Child Abuse - Surviving The Horror"

"Brave Survivor Tells His Story"

Will the many other Jersey victims get to tell theirs?

As we are painfully aware, the Jersey government has been doing it's very best to cover up child abuse atrocities in the island for a long time.

In fact, the utter criminality they have lowered themselves to is nothing short of breathtaking.

Even now, Ian Gorst and the other Chief Minister are pulling out all the stops in trying to divert from a full and robust Committee Of Inquiry. Will they get away with it?

Minister Francis Le Gresley says he will resign if the C.O.I is not conducted properly, other States Deputies have committed to seeing a full independent inquiry, as have the J.C.L.A. (Jersey care leavers association). Yet many others have sought to water down the Terms of Reference (TOR's) for the C.O.I so as not to instigate any investigation of the Law Officers department or the office of Attorney General.

Jersey still employs at least two prolific child abusers, Mario Lundy C.E.O in charge of the Children's Education department, and Danny Wherry (who makes Lundy look like a pussy cat) at Overdale Hospital.

What does that say about Jersey Justice & Governance???

Just click on the pics to read them

You can view more of Jersey's scum at the link below

"Curtis Warren Back On The Menu!"

"Some Things Just Won't Go Away"

Hopefully the audio of today's questions will appear on
"The Jersey Way"
blog site later today, when they do, we will link them here for you :)

The Link

Apparently the Attorney General & Ian Le Marquand were in a bit of a flap today
so it should be entertaining listening.

Monday, 28 January 2013

"State Media Outlet 'Cover-Up TV' Begin Their Hate Goodman Campaign"

"We Are Not Controlled By Government"

We simply do as we are told!

Channel TV on Facebook!!!

Books are banned in a sleepy farmer culture that's filled with yachts, diamonds and champagne lounges.

Not our words, but the words of investigative journalist - Leah McGrath Goodman - in an interview with Russia Today.

She goes on to claim that the local media is controlled by the government. We're obviously not, but what are your thoughts on the interview?

"Obviously Not!"

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  • Tim Evans am I allowed to say ? ( haha )
    4 hours ago · Like · 3
  • Tim Evans apparently though some books are banned which I didn't know previously and for that fact alone this interview is very interesting indeed. What good can come from such censorship? Things like this and the way jurats are voted in and states members voting on their own pay does make the state look somewhat out of step with the rest of the 'free' world. Can we have some change please before outside powers do it for us?
    4 hours ago · Like · 7
  • Nem Louise Grihault yes tim, i believe you are, please go ahead.
  • Arcadia Melissa Lockhart Bet no-one will comment what they really think!
    4 hours ago via mobile · Like · 4
  • James Le Gallais She is totally bonkers to think this rubbish. But Deputy Pitman campaigned to bring her here so it says more about his politics than anything else.
    4 hours ago · Like · 1
  • Roisin Pitman makes me ashamed to say that I am related.
    4 hours ago · Like · 4
  • James Le Gallais No way! Sorry Roisin.
    4 hours ago · Like · 1
  • Kirsty Fosse I think she's some stuck up ignorant cow who can't get a story in her own country which is needless to say full of crimes, so shehas to stick her nose in elsewhere. I'm surprised the broad asrers didn't check the facts before airing. She implies she will cone back to the UK, I'm sure shed be put in a grave and covered with the islands "millions" pretty wuicllu.
    4 hours ago via mobile · Like · 3

Excellent article by Cover-up TV

It shows beautifully how most of the population of Jersey have been dumbed down over the generations. Even more revealing is the fact that most of the above blindly rip into Leah without the slightest idea of what has actually gone on, government conditioning at it's peak.

Is it any wonder Jersey is in the mess it is in
when the people cannot research or think for themselves?