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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

"Sun Sea & Satan"

"Savile touched me where he shouldn't have"


One of the youngest alleged victims of shamed television legend Sir Jimmy Savile has come forward.

A man who we are calling "John", says he was sexually abused when he was just 10 years old at the Jersey children's home embroiled in child abuse allegations - Haut de la Garenne.

He claims Savile put him on his knee and touched him "where he shouldn't have" on a visit to the care home in around 1976.

It is believed that Jimmy Savile was in Jersey for a sponsored marathon but it is not known why he would have been given access to Haut de la Garenne.

Jersey Police did interview "John".

Jersey Police said in a statement they interviewed "John" but he did not sign a statement so they could not make his complaint formal.

They did investigate the claim but did not find evidence to support it so could not take it any further.

But "John's" allegation is now one of more than 300 abuse claims against Savile the Metropolitan Police are investigating.

"He put me on his knee and then he put his hand up my leg."

The man - who we are calling "John" to protect his identity - said Savile: "put me on his knee and then he put his hand up my leg, and then it went further and then that was it - and then it went the other way.

"But it was so unbelievable - the situation I was put in. After that I felt dirty and I had to leave where the other guys were."

"John" claims he reported the incident to police after abuse allegations surfaced at Haut de la Garenne in 2008. But he says Jersey Police did not take his claim seriously and he does not believe they interviewed Savile.

"John" has come forward, he says, because he wants other victims to speak out too. He says he did not say anything when he was a child, or in the years following the incident, because, he claims, abuse in general went on at Haut de la Garenne.

"John" is being represented by lawyer Alan Collins. He says he has spoken to around seven other alleged victims of Jimmy Savile.

"Can Somebody Tell Jersey When Bonfire Night Is!!!"

Where are the Bonfires?
Well....Nowhere If You Go Out On The 5th?

Remember, remember the 5th of November. It's bonfire night this weekend and we've made a list of all the events across the islands.

WHAT? St Martin's Bonfire & Fireworks Display.
WHEN? Saturday 3rd November at 6pm.
WHERE? St Martin's Parish field opposite the Public Hall
PRICE? £5 for Adults and £3 for Children

ON OFFER: Including a Guy Fawkes competition, open to all primary school children. Guys should be clearly marked with your name and contact number and can be carried in on the night or dropped off between 3.30pm and 5pm on the day of the event. The bonfire, which this year will feature a castle, will be lit in a spectacular way while other entertainment will include fire jugglers and live music from Backbeat. There will be a good choice of food on offer and the night will be rounded off with an amazing fireworks finale. People are reminded not to bring sparklers and other fireworks to the event.

WHAT? Bonfire night at Le Moulin de Lecq.
WHEN? Saturday 3rd November at 6pm.
WHERE? Le Moulin de Lecq pub.
PRICE? £5 for Adults and £6 on the gate and £3 for Children.

ON OFFER: In aid of the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal. Tickets can be bought from Le Moulin de Lecq, Old Smugglers Inn, The Forum Bar and White label records.There will be live music, lots of refreshments and of course an amazing fire display.

WHAT? St George's Preparatory School Bonfire Night
WHEN? Friday 9th November at 6pm, fireworks at 7pm.
WHERE? St George's Prep School , St Peter.
PRICE? £6 for Adults and £1 for Children (under 11).
ON OFFER: Food will be available, lots of family entertainment throughout the evening.
This is a ticket only event, please purchase tickets in advance from St George's Preparatory School.

If we've missed out on any, let us know by calling 01534 816684
"You just couldn't make this sh*t up!!!" LOL

"Barking Bill Bailhache Boffed It"

Killer’s sentence: Gap in law raised years ago
A MAJOR failing in Jersey law which allowed killer Damian Rzeszowski to escape a life sentence was spotted seven years ago – but nothing was done to correct it, the JEP has learned.
The 32-year-old was this week jailed for 30 years for killing six people, including his wife and two children, in a psychotic rage at his home last summer.

But the court was unable to impose a life sentence because it cannot legally set a minimum period before parole is considered in cases of manslaughter.

Today Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand revealed that Deputy Bailiff William Bailhache wrote to former Senator Wendy Kinnard in 2005 or 2006 when she was either president of the Home Affairs Committee or Home Affairs Minister to inform her of the problem.

But no one responded to Mr Bailhache, who was then the Island’s Attorney General, and the major failing remained unresolved.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

"Corruption Complaint Finally Gets A Response With A Twist!!!"

When Perjury & Doctoring Trial Tapes
Is Acceptable

The full story with the links is below. The two new letters in this saga follow on after the links

"The Story"

Cyril's parking tick-et, the Establishment have spent thousands upon thousands of pounds of tax payers money, completely wasted on this evasive little peregrination to try to stop our Common Law exploits from exposing their parking ticket scam! They know that we know what they are up to and yet they continue to try and protect their lucrative deception, even to the point of getting two policemen to perjure themselves at Cyril's trial. Worse than this, someone within the Greffe at the Magistrates Court decided it would be a good idea to doctor Cyril's trial tapes before his appeal to the Royal Court! As you have already read at story one on this posting, doctoring trial tapes is well within the compass of Jersey Government Establishment Practices. Indeed, I do not believe that there is any length these crooks won't go to to cover up their malfeasance's. Cyril was up in court for pleadings and ended up arresting Bridget Shaw for her second time. See link below for this story.

At trial, Cyril annihilated the prosecution as the work we had done in preparation had been completely nailed down. Of course, Cyril was found guilty nonetheless and put in for an appeal immediately, this was when we discovered that his trial tapes had been doctored! In the link below, we show what questions we had prepared, and what order they were in. We also show the (alleged) transcripts that were supposed to match our written and logged questions, and which they did not match. Please see the link directly below for this section.

In this section we learn of the utter corruption that plagues Jersey courts. What judge William Bailhache said in court was beyond any boundary of established corruption, and I roughly quote....

"Bailhache proceeded to explain that, 'even if' the two police officers had lied in their statements, and had indeed perjured themselves in court, what they had lied about would NOT have had any bearing on the outcome of the trial!!!"

"Then turning to the matter of the doctored trial tapes, Bailhache said that whatever we had alleged was missing from them "Was Irrelevant" and would not have any bearing on the outcome of the appeal!!!"

Quite incredible isn't it? William Bailhache is the Deputy Bailiff of Jersey for crying out loud, this is how far the corruption goes. You can read this section at the link directly below.
Cyril asked for full disclosure of the evidence and a paper requesting the attendance of the perjurious policemen was filed also. Of course, Cyril never received a reply to his requests, and there was no policeman in attendance at the court. These facts can be read at the link below.
Oddly enough, the Jersey judiciary were even brazen enough to put their corruption in black & white! Below is a copy of the judgement that day.

Cyril lodged a formal complaint against the two policemen who perjured themselves, and also against the judge William Bailhache who refused point blank to have these matters looked into before an appeal against conviction could take place. This complaint can be read at the link directly below.

As my readers may have anticipated by now, Cyril never got a single response from anyone in Jersey? The only response he got was an 'unsigned' template letter from The Ministry of Justice's Crown Dependencies Team which effectively just passed the buck back on Jersey authorities instead of dealing with the issue themselves! This letter can be read at the link below.

After being ignored by the Crown Dependencies Team, the Bailiff and the Lieutenant Governor of Jersey, Cyril set about giving them all a little nudge via Email. These Emails are at the link below.

"Our New Update"

Finally we have had a response to Cyril's last letter (which is below) from the Bailiff via his Chief Officer, Mr David Filipponi.
In this letter, we found what we were waiting for...."The twist in the tale"
As we are all painfully aware, Jersey is one corrupt hole, and no expense is spared when covering up corruption. Any lengths may be gone to, however distant, to hide the truth.
To refresh, Cyril's last letter is below.
Date: Fri, Oct 5, 2012 at 3:29 PM
Subject: my letter of 23rd July 2012

For the public record

Dear Sir Michael,

I have had no response or acknowledgement of my complaint to you of the 23rd July 2012.
The issues raised were very serious to say the least, you may be aware that the AG is considering a decision on my complaints of perjury by two Police Officers at this time.
Regarding the flawed Court recording, this is of great concern to the general public, there are witnesses to say that the transcripts and Court recording are not a verbatim record of what was said in Court on the 27th April 2012. Obviously for the people of Jersey to have faith in the Court system recordings of Court proceedings must be accurate and any discrepancies have to be accounted for.
I appreciate a man who has sworn an oath to serve the people of this island must be busy however, how much time does it take to dictate a reply, even if it is only to acknowledge you are considering your response.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
cyril vibert
Cyril, after waiting almost three months, finally received a response which is below. However, it appears that the Crown Dependencies Team in England have completely abandoned Cyril as they will not reply to his letters or Emails anymore, bravo!!!
Please click on the pics to read them


All straight forward and above board you might think? Well, all is not quite as it seems!
There is still the little matter of the twist in the tale. Look again at the last paragraph in the above letter and keep it's contents in mind when reading Cyril's response to that letter which you will find below!!!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: cyril vibert
Date: Fri, Oct 19, 2012 at 3:02 PM
Subject: Mr Filipponi

Dear Mr Filipponi,

Thank you for writing to me on behalf of the Bailiff.

In regard to the Deputy Bailiffs' judgement I will be responding to that judgement in due course.

You mention the remedy of doleance, I do not understand what this is or how it operates and would be grateful if you could point me in the direction of any publicised information on this process.

There seems to be some misunderstanding surrounding the issue of the Magistrates Court recording of the hearing of 27th April 2012. I have listened to the audio recording and checked it against the written transcripts. I have no doubt that whomever transcribed from the audio did an accurate and in good faith job. The problem does no lie there, the problem is with the actual Court audio recording, it is the audio recording that requires forensic examination to discover how/why it is not an accurate record of what was said in Court on 27th April 2012.

Please advise the Bailiff that I am requesting a (preferably independent) forensic examination of the Court audio recording of that hearing.

I would also like to ask the Bailiff for an official copy of that audio disc, so I can run it through some software on my computer. The Magistrates Greffier Substitute being reluctant to release such a copy to me.

Thank you for your attention to these matters,

yours sincerely

cyril vibert

"The Doctored Trial Tape Process"
What they do is this. They say anything they wish in court, legal or illegal, then wait to see if the defendant will appeal the guilty verdict.
If an appeal is applied for, they then go about removing anything incriminating that the judge or prosecutor has said during the case hearing.
They also remove anything that any witness has said that would go in your favour at an appeal. They just love removing extracts that you yourself have spoken, and this time around we have discovered that they have now progressed to the point where they are adding extracts that were never even spoken at trial!!!
To do this there are three plausible methods....
1. Any Magistrate would have to come back into an empty court and speak the lines themselves.
2. They would take each word from other parts of the trial and put them together into one phrase.
3. They would get a recording from another court case and take the section out they wanted.
And before anyone sits there thinking we have gone 'barking bailhache mad'! WE KNOW this has happened in Cyril's case, WE KNOW the exact spot where it had happened, and WE KNOW the exact words that were added. all we need to do now is sit back and see if the Jersey Police try to cover it up.
Hardly surprising is it that the Bailiff has asked Mike Bowron to check if the transcripts are an exact copy of the recordings? OF COURSE THEY ARE!!! how could they not be? The doctored tapes are sent to the mainland for transcription and the transcribers are none the wiser that the tapes have been tampered with. How are the police going to know where to look on the tapes without speaking to Cyril? Unless the Bailiff has made a genuine mistake which is always possible, it is looking very shady indeed. Also bearing in mind that Michael Birt in his capacity as the Attorney General, refused to give me a copy of the Avon & Somerset Police Report, we can conclude that anything is possible in this wretched hell hole!!!

"Minimum Wage Might Go Up By 1 Loaf Of Bread A Week!"

Forum wants 0.75% rise in Jersey's minimum wage


The Employment Forum wants to increase Jersey's minimum wage by 5p an hour to £6.53 from 1 April 2013.

The forum said it spoke to employers and employees and considered the latest statistics and economic advice.

Helen Ruelle, chairman of the forum, said: "We believe that this is the maximum increase that employers will be able to bear next year."

She said the 0.75% rise would mean people working 40 hours a week would see a pay rise of about £2 a week.

She added: "We have to balance a number of factors; the views of employers and employees, the impact of any increase on jobs and competitiveness in Jersey, as well as taking into account the States' objective that the minimum wage should be increased proportionately to average weekly earnings over the next 13 years."

Jersey's Social Security Minister, Senator Francis Le Gresley, will now consider the pay rise and will lodge any changes with the States later this year.

So, Jersey's minimum wage 'might' go up by £2 a week, this equates to a loaf of bread no less. What are these awful people on? How can anyone live on that in Jersey when to rent a one bed flat is around an average of £200 a week!
The plan is obviously to keep the poor just the way they are.

"Fruitcake Wants A New Topping!"

Jersey politician calls for a justice minister

Fruitcake Ian Le Marquand said it was a major concern that Jersey had no justice minister
Related Stories

Jersey's Home Affairs Minister wants a justice minister appointed after a judge was unable to give a life sentence a man who killed six people.

Senator Ian Le Marquand said concerns about Jersey's sentencing laws were raised six years ago, but so far nothing had been done to change them.

Damian Rzeszowski was convicted of the manslaughter of six people, including his wife and two children last summer.

He was jailed for 30 years for the killing of each victim.

The sentences are to run concurrently in a UK jail.
Eligible for release
Senator Le Marquand said under the Jersey system, Rzeszowski could be released after 20 years.

Prisoners can be eligible for release after serving two thirds of their sentence in Jersey.

He said: "I think the law needs to be changed so that the court will have a discretionary power to sentence to life imprisonment.

"Actually in a case like this where the gentleman may represent a serious danger for many years to come it would have been particularly important."

But Deputy Montfort Tadier said: "[Rzeszowski] was sentenced for manslaughter not murder. You cannot have it both ways.

"You cannot have a sentence that murder would incur if he has not been sentenced for murder.

"The court wanted to send him to a psychiatric institute rather than prison but they were not able to do so."

Monday, 29 October 2012

"Jersey's Worst Filth Given The Green Light To Squander Tax Payers Money Persecuting Bloggers"

"Jersey Criminals Try To Silence Bloggers" 

Emma 'vacant' Martins....Showroom Dummy!

Data Protection Commissioner, Emma Martins seems happy for any vile criminal to apply for the peoples hard earned tax money as long as it is in pursuance of persecuting and prosecuting Jersey's Bloggers, and is in the Public Interest. But what exactly is "The Public Interest?" And will she explain it to us? :) I doubt it!

It appears that some of Jersey's worst & disgusting criminals have already benefited from Emma's kind offer to help rid the island of a truthful alternative media source. Amongst these wretched scum are a deranged alcoholic & humanity-despising Internet troll (Jon Sharrock Haworth), one of Jersey's most corrupt and hated cops (David Minty), a lunatic nurse suspected of having committed multiple murders, and the odd rape or two? (Andrew Mariola), and the most brutal vile child abuser imaginable (Danny Wherry).
That sadly seems to be the sum total of Emma Martins moral and ethical compass, along with most of our wonderful government of course who are still trying to derail the Committee of Inquiry into Decades of Child Abuse. Getting Williamson in to water down the very robust Terms of Reference of the Verita Group is like asking the kitchen porter to explain to the Three Star Michelin Chef just what was wrong with the banquet he laid on!!!
Someone should advise Emma that Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2005 (statutory) only applies to legal fiction persons (body corporates) or those who willingly contract with government.
Click on the pic to read it


"30 Years For Monster 'Damian Rzeszowski' Who Should Never Be Freed"

Jersey stabbings: Damian Rzeszowski sentenced to 30 years

Damian Rzeszowski killed six people including his wife and two young children

A man who killed six people, including his wife and children, in Jersey has been sentenced to 30 years in prison by Jersey's Royal Court.

Damian Rzeszowski, 32, stabbed Izabela Rzeszowska, 30, Kinga, five, and Kacper, two, in St Helier on 14 August last year.

He also killed his father-in-law, his wife's friend and her daughter.

After five hours of legal arguments earlier, the Jurat's took two hours to consider their verdict.

Earlier in Jersey's Royal Court, Rzeszowski was sentenced a 30 year determinate sentence in a UK prison.

The Judge, Sir Michael Birt, said: "The horror and brutality of these killings is hard to believe.

"Within a quarter of an hour or so six people had their lives cruelly cut short at the hands of this defendant."

Earlier in court, the prosecution had called for a 30-year sentence for Rzeszowski.

He had been cleared of murder but found guilty of manslaughter due to diminished responsibility.

As well as his wife and children, Rzeszowski also killed Marek Garstka, 56, Marta De La Haye, 34, and Julia De La Haye, aged five after a summer barbecue at his St Helier home.

During the trial in August, the court heard that Rzeszowski's marriage had been under strain after his wife confessed to a two-month affair.

It also heard he had threatened to commit suicide and had been suffering moderate to severe depression, which had caused an onset of psychotic symptoms.

Rzeszowski and Izabela Rzeszowska had moved to Jersey from Poland in 2004 and built a new life on the island.

They married there in 2005 and had two children, Kinga and Kacper.

R.I.P xxx


Kacper & Kinga

Marta & Julia


More on This Story

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"Another Bent Honorary Jersey Cop!"

Accountant admits fraud in Australia
Philip Eric de Figueiredo will be sentenced in March
A JERSEY accountant is facing up to ten years in jail after admitting his part in Australia’s biggest and most high-profile tax fraud.
Philip Eric de Figueiredo, who was extradited from Jersey on 23 December 2010, pleaded guilty on Friday(26oct) in Brisbane’s Supreme Court to three counts of conspiracy to defraud the Australian government between 1999 and 2005.

The former honorary policeman had been due to face a trial in Brisbane next month and was expected to face a second trial in the state of Victoria.

However, after admitting the offences he will now be sentenced in March next year.

"Monster Damian Rzeszowski To Be Sentenced Today"

Damian Rzeszowski to be sentenced today

Damian Rzeszowski - the man who killed six people, including his wife and two children, is due to be sentenced later at Jersey's Royal Court.

The jurats have retired to consider their sentence of Rzeszowski.

At his trial earlier this year, Rzeszowski was found not guilty of murder, but he was convicted of six counts of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility - charges he admitted.

The two Jurats responsible for deciding Rzeszowski's fate decided unanimously that his shocking actions were the result of an abnormality of mind - a deep psychotic imbalance that caused him to carry out the most extreme violence Jersey has witnessed in modern times.

At a summer barbecue at his St Helier home, Rzeszowski knifed to death his father-in-law, his two children, his wife and another man's wife and child.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

"Public Notice From Cyril Vibert To The Jersey Authorities"

"Time To Make The Corrupt - Accountable"

Myself and Cyril, sick to the back teeth of the Corruption in our Courts, Police Force, and Government, have decided to tolerate it no longer!
We will not be obeying anymore of their Enactments, Statutes, Jersey Orders, Regulations or By-laws, or any other nonsense they invent at a minutes notice.
We are now only adhering to the Law of the Land....Common Law
1. Do no harm to others
2. Do no damage to their property
3. Do not use mischief or fraud in your contracts

Bridget Shaw on the "Ship of Fools"


Having fully considered the events at the Magistrates Court, Jersey on 26th October 2012 notice is hereby given that anything I may have agreed to is null and void
'ab initio' due to coercion and duress.

Furthermore as Assistant Magistrate Bridget Shaw, after several requests, refused to issue me with a lawful order to attend the Magistrates Court on 1st November 2012, I am under no obligation to attend, therefore I will not attend.

Assistant Magistrate Shaw refusal to issue a lawful order is prima facie evidence that no lawful order had been issued for me to attend the Magistrates Court on the 25th October 2012, and as I have seen no such order and believe no such order exists, her claim that I was in contempt of court is vexatious, without merit and lacking any proof of claim.

Any police officer who arrests me without having had sight of a lawful court arrest order signed by a Judge, or without observing me breaching the peace, or actually committing a crime, will be acting outside of their oath of office, under full commercial liability and will be subject to a commercial lien against them personally.

Cyril Vibert

"Child Abuse Cover-Up Could Begin In May"

Jersey abuse inquiry may start in 2013: Ian Gorst

Ian Gorst
Senator Gorst said the States would have the final decision on how the inquiry would be run

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An inquiry into historical child abuse in Jersey should be up and running next year, according to the chief minister.

It follows two recommendations on how it should proceed made in reports by different consultants.

Senator Ian Gorst said he would publish plans on how it would operate in the next fortnight.

He said it would then be debated by the States, who would make the final decision on how it would be run.

A three-year £7.5m investigation into historical child abuse heard from 192 alleged victims and identified 151 potential abusers.
Legal fees
It led to seven people being successfully prosecuted.

A review by UK consultantcy Verita, which works exclusively with the public sector, called for a thorough investigation into the inquiry.

It expected any such inquiry to last for a year, involve evidence from more than 200 people, and cost at least £2.2m - not including any legal fees that would need to be paid.

Andrew Williamson, a former director of county social services in the UK, said the review should focus on the decisions by politicians and managers at Jersey's Children's Services from 1960 to 1994.

Senator Gorst said he was not under any pressure to choose one consultant's recommendation over another.

"Pigs At The Trough Of Public Money"

Members could get their free lunches back
FREE lunches for States Members could be reintroduced if their removal two years ago to save money is found to have had a negative effect on relations, the chairman of the Privileges and Procedures Committee has said.
When standing for election as head of the committee in charge of States reform and standards in November, St Helier Constable Simon Crowcroft said that Members’ lunches should be reintroduced so that they could sit down together at least once a week.

Following a written question from Deputy Gerard Baudains he has confirmed that his committee will be looking into the matter as part of a wider review of States Members’ facilities.

Privileges and Procedures Committee president Simon Crowcroft

Friday, 26 October 2012

"Adventures 'And Embarrassments' In Legal Land" Part 3 of the story

"God's of Justice, Driving Ban's, Orders,
& Star Chambers"

Bridget Shaw is....The Queen Of Pirates
Cyril "the squirrel" was in court again today after failing to appear yesterday for sentencing in the Magistrates court. His refusal to attend their business meeting was the fact that there was no Lawful Warrant issued for him to do so. All Cyril had received was a compliment slip from our dopey police force, and a piece of rubber stamped commercial paper from a Ltd Liability Company known as the Viscounts Department! A signed (by a judge) and stamped 'bench warrant' would have sufficed.

Part 1

Part 2

So Cyril, on my advice, attended court this morning therefore avoiding a weekend with the boys from Bowron. The policy-men immediately seized the alleged Chattel known as MR CYRIL VIBERT who was cluttering up the dock, and placed it safely in their warehouse for temporary storage. I, on the other hand, went to the headland where I watched their Citizen-Ship of Commerce practicing it's manoeuvring capabilities out on the ocean. It was circling another drowning man (accused person) who had been made to walk the plank, and who only lasted another two hours before he too, was lost at sea!

I sat in the part of the court know as dry land (the public gallery) and was accosted by the court usher who went through the usual rigmarole with me.

Have you got a cell phone?
Yes thank you!
Is it switched off?
I don't know!
Can you switch it off?
Yes I can!
Can you make sure it's switched off now?
I really want to record this session of court!

Lizard man, and court greffe (David Le Hueze) then showed up and demanded I turn my phone off, and the little fella (court usher) seemed to be bleating in unison at me. If either of them had shut their pie-holes, and opened their eyes and ears, they would have noticed me turning the phone off right in front of them. Le Heuze then swanned off in his pretty black frock, opened the embarkation gate, and walked up the gangplank to board his ship.

Bridget Shaw (Ships Captain) then started to bark orders at her imaginary friend MR IAN EVANS who had not answered as he is really a flesh and blood man, and not a legal fiction that does not inhabit the real world. Bridget started getting flustered and told me I would be arrested for contempt of court, I replied that I was never contemptuous in court but would stand my ground. I also stated that I had every right to be in court, but Captain Bridget rebutted this, and she was correct in doing so as I did not have any right to be there as this was
"Her....Star Chamber". More about that later....

She then summoned three of her galley slaves (policy-men) to deal with the matter, at this point I had to hand my (switched off) phone over to the policy-men to store in their chattel warehouse as Captain Bridget did not want to run the risk of me recording anything that was uttered in court. As many readers are aware from our previous postings, the Jersey courts have an insatiable appetite for doctoring trial tapes before they are shipped off to England for transcription! Doctoring trial tapes is done for two reasons....Firstly, it is always wise to mask the criminality of what is actually said in court....And secondly, what is masked will be invisible, even from the crow's nest, to any appeals court.

So....all these shenanigans and Cyril "the squirrel" hadn't even appeared yet! This is the extent of the turmoil going on in our courts when two mere tradesmen start to learn "their rules of engagement!"

Now Over To The Squirrel

Allegedly, I was due in Court yesterday to be sentenced for non- parking tickets, as I had received no lawful court order to require my attendance, like a document with a judges signature on it, I therefore did not attend. Acting on a tip off, I phoned the 'Viscount’s Department Ltd' to find out if they had an arrest order for me.
Kevin from the Viscounts told me there was, and if I didn’t go to the office for my business meeting I would be arrested by the Policy-men and spend the weekend in jail (police cells). This sounded like a threat to me, so as planned, with Ian, we headed them off at the pass by going to Court at 11am today.
PC Steve Bisson opened up the warehouse and placed me in storage, a very nervous Centenier Huelin came to charge me with contempt of Court, which of course,
"I did not understand."
At 2:35pm I was taken out of storage and unpacked on the dock.
After the usual title (Mr) rigmarole Bridget Shaw asked the Centenier to read out two more parking charges, again I did not understand.
Much to my surprise Bridget answered yes to my question “are you operating in you capacity as a Magistrate at this time”, there’s a first!
When asked how I pleaded to the contempt, Bridget went puce as I replied “I do not plea in Star Chambers” she got the same answer to questions of me pleading to the two parking charges, this seemed to unnerve her somewhat.
Bridget decided to enter a not guilty plea for me, “Objection” I said, “It is for me or my representative to enter a plea, are you claiming to act as my representative here today?”
Bridget: "No."  Me: “In that case are you making a judicial determination that I am not guilty of these charges?” Bridget: "No." Me: “I do not understand any of your mumbo jumbo and do not consent to any of this.”
I announced for the record that I waive my right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law”
As Contempt of Court is an imprisonable offence I claimed the right to a trial by Jury, this was refused, but will be most definitely claimed again.
Captain Bridget Shaw
Bridget then turned to Slick O’Donnell (for the Crown) inquiring about available dates for the ‘trial’ and being the incompetent bed wetter he is, he wasn’t prepared, so it was back to the hold for me whilst Slick pleaded with the Greffe to get him out of the vraic.
Unpacked once more, the gruesome twosome had agreed that Thursday 1st November @2:30pm was ok for them, she told me to appear at that time on that date. “Is that an order?” I asked, she said I was required to be there. “Madam” I said “ I would be only too happy to appear if you order me to.” Bridget; “I don’t know what you mean by order.” (does this phrase sound familiar to readers?).
Me; “Well Madam, if you say I order you to be here next Thursday @2:30pm, I would take that as a lawful order.” Bridget; “you have been told.”
Me; “Why won’t you issue a simple order? Is it because you are not acting as a magistrate at this time and you are in fact acting as an agent for the private BAR Guild, and who’s intention it is to commit fraud on me?”
Eggy Lemon!
Her face changed colour faster than a chameleon, Slick O'Donnell came to the rescue jabbering about bail conditions, he even talked of remanding me in custody, I couldn’t help myself and laughed out loud. Slick then suggested that as there was a real risk of me committing the heinous act of parking without a pay card again, so I should not be allowed to drive before the ‘trial’!!!

 "Restriction of trade be damned, he's a menace I tell you!"

Hilariously Bridget agreed. Obviously your humble local chapter member of Al-Qaeda cannot be allowed to terrorise people in his Wagon of Mass Destruction.
By now there was a real danger of me collapsing into fits of laughter, so I agreed I would not "Drive" (operate a vehicle for profit), that does not mean I will not travel in my conveyance of choice when it suits me. I cannot find a statute rescinding that particular inalienable right to travel :)
What happened regarding the sentencing I was to receive yesterday???

Bridget and Slick O'Donnell, the twin infallible Gods of Justice, just forgot!!!
Cyril "le squirrel"

"Bish - Bash - Bosh" Part 5 The Conclusion

Breckon NOT guilty of assault

Jersey Senator Alan Breckon has been found not guilty of the grave and criminal assault of his female friend and former colleague.

As the verdict was read out, the Senator nodded his head at the judge and shook hands with his legal team.

He looked visibly relieved breathing out a long breath.

Suzette Hase, 44 accused Senator Breckon of kicking her four times in the head at his home in St Brelade in April.

She said he attacked her after he tried to kiss her.

Mr Breckon always denied the charge and has been found not guilty.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

"Bish - Bash - Bosh" Part 4 The Blackmail?

Senator tells jury of ‘blackmail attempt’
A SENIOR States Member who allegedly committed a brutal assault on a woman at his home has told a jury that she had tried to blackmail him.
Senator Alan Breckon (59) entered the witness box in the Royal Court yesterday to tell the jury hearing his case that he did not assault his former friend Susette Hase (43) after a drunken dinner at his home in the early hours of 1 April.
Instead, he said that after they had drunk up to five bottles of wine she had kicked and bitten him when he tried to turn down the loud music she had put on.
The Senator has accused Miss Hase of blackmail, saying she told him in a text message that she would tell the police she had been assaulted by him if he pursued her for the repayment of £2,250 that she owed him. The court had heard earlier in the day that although she gave a statement to the police the day after the incident, she did not make a formal complaint until he went to complain about her kicking and biting him.

On Tuesday, Miss Hase claimed that the Senator had slapped her and kicked her in the head four times after she spurned his sexual advances after he cooked her dinner at his home. She says that she passed out, and woke up at home with no memory of how she got there.
But when Senator Breckon – one of the longest-serving States Members, who once ran for Chief Minister – took the stand yesterday, he told a different story to the jury of eight women and four men.
Advocate Rebecca Morley-Kirk, defending, said to him: ‘She said that you slapped her and that she put her hands up to say no. What do you say to that?’
‘I didn’t,’ said the Senator.

The advocate continued: ‘She said she went down on one knee and you kicked her four times – it could be more. What do you say to that?’
‘I didn’t,’ repeated the Senator.
Asked to explain what had happened, he said: ‘The music was really loud. It would have stopped the traffic. It was shaking the house. That was when I said, “Come on, you need to turn it down.”
‘She was not having any of it, and she tried to stop me getting to the CD player. I reached around her to turn it down. She had her back to me and she [swore at him].
‘She was trying to stop me turning it down, pushing my hand back.
‘She had no shoes on, she back-heeled me two or three times on the bottom of my leg near the ankle.
‘Then she grabbed hold of my hand and bit my arm.’
He said that Miss Hase had left the house straight away afterwards, ignoring his offer of money for a taxi home.

And he said that in text messages the following day, she said that if he pursued her over ‘expenses’ – which he took to mean the £2,250 he had lent her – she would go to the police.
‘I found that strange, in that there was an immediate connection between money owed and injuries she had, of which I had no knowledge,’ he said.
‘And that I considered, and I said to the police, it looked like blackmail.’
Senator Breckon was due back in the witness box this morning and will face cross-examination from Crown Advocate Stephen Baker.

Earlier yesterday, under cross-examination, Miss Hase had confirmed that she had suffered from a drinking problem. And she was shown a form she filled in to stay at rehabilitation centre Silkworth Lodge, asking how alcohol had affected her, on which she had written: ‘ It stops me being a true parent and a reliable employee and tenant. It makes me messy, selfish and dishonest.’
She denied that the assault allegation was motivated by money, confirming that just weeks after the incident she had reached out to him again when she was arrested for drink-driving.
Miss Hase said that the Senator had helped her to prepare for her court appearance and lent her £200 to pay a fine, even though she had made the complaint against him.

Advocate Morley-Kirk asked her: ‘He did not slap you at all, did he?
Miss Hase responded: ‘Yes, he did.’
The advocate continued: ‘He did not kick you at all, did he?’
Miss Hase responded: ‘He did, four times at least, possibly more, with his shoes on.’
The advocate said: ‘I have to suggest to you that you are lying about Mr Breckon.’
‘I’m not lying about Mr Breckon,’ was the response.
The trial, which is being heard before former High Court judge Dame

"This Time, It Is Not The Plebs Who Are Revolting!!!"

Jersey Reform Day rebellion 'should be marked'

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A move to commemorate an 18th Century rebellion in Jersey has been lodged.

Deputy Trevor Pitman has asked the States of Jersey to approve a plan to officially mark Reform Day, which took place on 28 September 1769.

On that date, protests calling for a reform of government took place at the island's Royal Court which led to a separation of the States and the court.

If the proposal, to be discussed on 20 November, is agreed, the events of Reform Day will be taught in schools.

A minor little skirmish in Jersey that history has largely forgotten”

Mike Dun Historian

Deputy Pitman said he wanted the States to spend £3,000 examining records from the time, to help ascertain a better view of what took place on the day.

He said the event was an important part of Jersey's history and should be marked with a permanent memorial in the island.
'Dreadful poverty'
The events of 28 September 1769 were a "rising-up of ordinary, working people weary of the abuse of privilege" as people at the time were tired of "the moral bankruptcy of all too many of their 'betters'", he added.

A number of historians in Jersey have written about Reform Day as a precursor to democracy in the island.

In the documentation calling for the day to marked, historian Mike Dun described it as "a minor little skirmish in Jersey that history has largely forgotten".

He added: "The issues that caused Jersey people to rebel against their autocratic government and the dreadful poverty that many endured were remarkably similar [to issues in France and America], and the 'little event' was to prove just as important to the Islanders as the more famous rebellions were to the American and French peoples."

"Bish - Bash - Bosh" Part 3

Senator Breckon: "I didn't assault her"

Senator Alan Breckon took the stand today to defend himself against a woman's claim she was assaulted by him.

When Senator Breckon was asked did you kick Miss Hase four times in the head, he replied, "I didn't."

Earlier in court, Miss Suzette Haze was told that her version of the event was a 'lie'.

Senator Alan Breckon's defence team claim Suzette Hase sustained a swollen black eye and head injuries after falling over in a drunken state.

But the 44 year old says her one time friend Senator Breckon assaulted her after she refused his advances.

Senator Alan Breckon, 59, is alleged to have assaulted Suzette Hase, 44, at his home in St Brelade in April.

Yesterday, the prosecution claimed Senator Breckon and Miss Hase had a close friendship but that Senator Breckon wanted it to become a sexual relationship.

They say on the night in question Miss Hase refused his advances and it ended in violence.

The trial is expected to last until tomorrow.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

"Abuse Inquiry May Reopen Says Jersey Crook!"

Jersey abuse inquiry 'may reopen'

Sir Jimmy Savile 
Scotland Yard have 400 lines of inquiry into allegations of abuse by Sir Jimmy Savile
Criminal Ian Le Marquand

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Jersey's historical abuse inquiry will reopen if new evidence is found during abuse investigations, the island's home affairs minister has said.

Jersey Police are assisting the UK investigation into allegations of abuse in the island by Sir Jimmy Savile.

Senator Ian Le Marquand said the inquiry would reopen if any new leads were uncovered.

He dismissed claims by a former senior police office that an outside force would need to be called in.

Please see the video links below to hear what Lenny Harper had to say on the subject....

Video 1

Video 2

Lenny Harper, the former deputy chief police officer who led the inquiry, said the government had too much control and someone was needed with an outside perspective.

Mr Harper led a three-year £7.5m investigation into historical child abuse in the island, which heard from 192 alleged victims and identified 151 potential abusers and led to seven people being successfully prosecuted.

Five people in Jersey have said they were sexually abused by Savile, but not all of them have yet formally lodged their complaints.

On Friday, Scotland Yard started a formal criminal investigation following up 400 lines of inquiry into complaints of abuse and sexual assault by the entertainer who died in October 2011 aged 84.

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