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Thursday, 31 May 2012

"The Price We Pay For Trying To Find Justice In Jersey"

"We Start To Redress The Balance Next Week"

"Lawless JEP Interview Leading Jersey Criminal On Youth Crime"

Dramatic fall in youth crime

Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand
Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand

THE police have praised young Islanders after a dramatic fall in youth crime.

The police and the courts have recorded a smaller number of offences committed by under-18s so far this year, and the number of youths detained at the young offenders wing at La Moye and Greenfields remand centre for offences is at an all-time low.

Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand, says that the reduction may be a statistical ‘blip’ he has also said that a package of measures that began in 2003 to tackle a surge in youth offending may be responsible.
The police have praised the Island’s young people, saying that the vast majority are law-abiding.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

"Just Who Is Getting The Work?"

Millions are voted for new homes

The work will include the refurbishment of the La Collette high-rise flats,
The work will include the refurbishment of the La Collette high-rise flats,

MORE than £27 million will be pumped into social housing schemes to provide new homes, refurbish existing ones and support Jersey’s struggling construction industry, the States agreed yesterday.

The Assembly voted by 42 to one, with one abstention, to transfer £27.1m from the consolidated fund, the States current account, to Housing.
It will be used to create 121 new States-owned homes for rent, the majority of which will be life-long homes for over-55s.
The work will include the refurbishment of the La Collette high-rise flats,
refurbishments and additional units at Osborne Court, new homes at Le Squez, Journeaux Street and Lesquende and further new buildings as part of the Purchase of Life-Long Homes scheme.

"Jersey Set To Squeeze The Poor Some More"

Islanders set to pay more for care

Jersey's Social Security Minister has told Channel Television he believes islanders will have to pay more than initially expected for care.

We already knew a Long Term Care fund was being set up. It was going to entail people having to pay 1.5% of their earnings into it.

But Senator Francis Gresley says that isn't enough.

Due to a £60 million funding gap in care - that may well increase in the years ahead due to the island's ageing population - he thinks islanders will need to pay at least 2% into the fund.

That extra 2% on top of income tax, Social Security and GST will concern many families who are currently feeling the effects of the economic downturn.

The Long Term Care fund will help pay for the likes of nursing and residential care.

Jersey is already well behind Guernsey, which introduced a care fund a decade ago.

As a result, the Social Security Department are having to take strong action to plug the care deficit that currently exists.

We want to hear your views on this.

How do you feel about potentially paying an extra 2% for health care?

Do you think it's a case of financial bad planning from the States?

Do you think we should have followed Guernsey's lead and introduced a care fund earlier?

"Jersey Porkers Forced To Eat Healthily"

Schools ditch the chips

Students in Jersey have overwhelmingly welcomed a move to healthier school dinners.

In a recent survey, nearly 90% of young people said they are happy with the new food on offer, since Jersey School Food Standards introduced the healthy options.

The five schools involved in the changes to the meal service are Grainville, Haute Vallee, Les Quennevais, Hautlieu and Highlands College.

Sweets, chocolate, crisps and fizzy drinks have been phased out and there is also a limit on deep fried foods.

And the changes are going down well with the kids. The survey found that 89% of students rated the lunches as "delicious" or "ok". Only 3% say they are "disappointing". The flavour and variety of food, and great staff were highlighted as the best thing about school lunches.

Karen Le Cornu, Health Improvement Officer, said: "These results are very encouraging. While some students would like to see chocolate bars and fizzy drinks return to the shelves, the survey results indicated that many students are happy with the new service and the choices on offer".

At Grainville School, the canteen has had a recent refurbishment. Now, fresh food can be prepared on-site, and staff are now being trained in nutrition and food safety. There is a new cashless card payment system, which will reassure parents that their child is spending their lunch money within the school, where the new nutritional standards ensure a wide variety of healthy products are available.

Jeremy Harris, ESC's Assistant Director of Policy and Planning said: "The schools concerned have opted to share a single catering contractor (Jersey Potteries) and this has brought benefits. Not only has it resulted in a more cost effective service, it has also made it possible to improve and monitor the nutritional quality of the food on offer."

"It's Greed & Oppression As Usual"

Duty free shops warned over Jersey allowances

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Duty free shops have been told to remind their customers about the amount of cigarettes and alcohol they can bring into Jersey.
Customs Officers said they had seen an increase in the number of people coming into the island who had exceeded their duty allowance.
The States said Duty Free shops had been aggressively promoting packs of 400 or even 1,000 cigarettes.
The personal allowance for bringing cigarettes into the island is 200.
Some shops have taken action, but others have not, according to the Home Affairs Department.
Jersey Customs Officers warned people they would be charged the duty on all cigarettes brought into the island over the customs allowances.
Officers said people were buying large packs of tax-free cigarettes without knowing they had to pay duty on them.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

"Jerseys Spineless Corrupt Government Blame Syvret Again"

Murder claims action: States blame Syvret

FORMER Senator Stuart Syvret and not the Health department is responsible for misusing sensitive information about a nurse he accused of mass murder, it has been claimed.

The nurse is suing the Health Minister and the police chief for misusing personal information they kept about him and which was published on Mr Syvret’s blog.

However, in a response to the nurse’s claims filed with the Royal Court, the current Health Minister says that the former Senator is to blame and not her department.

Health’s response says that he was acting in his ‘personal capacity’ and not his ‘official capacity’, and that his actions were ‘improper and unauthorised’ when he published claims about the nurse.

The nurse, who worked at the General Hospital and in Jersey care homes in the 1990s and 2000s, has launched separate actions against the Health Minister and the chief of police, who both deny any wrongdoing.

"Caring Jersey"

Privy Council hears Jersey vulture fund case appeal

Privy Council hears Jersey vulture fund case appeal

PROTESTERS urging Jersey to stop speculators using Island courts to force poor African countries into pay crippling debts were outside the Supreme Court in London yesterday.

They lined the Westminster pavement with placards on the opening day of an appeal before the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council involving a Congolese mining company and a so-called vulture fund, FG Hemisphere.

Vulture funds buy up millions of pounds of debt owed by some of the world’s poorest countries and find courts around the world where the countries have assets to recover the money.

FG Hemisphere came to Jersey because the Congolese mining company, which claims it is not owned by the Democratic Republic of Congo, is based in the Island.

"Bestest Fwiends Again"

Chief Minister backs Senator Ozouf

Senator Philip Ozouf (left) with Chief Minister Ian Gorst
Senator Philip Ozouf (left) with Chief Minister Ian Gorst

CHIEF Minister Ian Gorst has backed his under-fire Treasury Minister over the collapse of the Lime Grove deal and bullying allegations.

In a statement to the States, Senator Gorst said that he was standing by Senator Philip Ozouf, but added that he would hold regular meetings with ministers in future to check on their workload and progress.

Earlier this morning, Senator Ozouf conceded that ‘mistakes had been made’ over the failed deal to put a new police station at Lime Grove but denied that he had bullied staff.

"New Horror Hospital Planned - Same Idiots In Charge?"

Jersey's health service overhaul will cost £20.4m

Deputy Anne Pryke  
Deputy Anne Pryke said Jersey's health service was under pressure because of the ageing population

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Jersey's health service is facing its biggest overhaul according to the island's health minister.
Deputy Anne Pryke has revealed the new model for health and social care in Jersey after consulting islanders.
More than 85% of the 1,300 people who responded want the system redesigned to allow more care in the community, instead of relying on the hospital.
She said in 10 years Jersey could have a new hospital and the changes could cost £20.4m over three years.
Deputy Pryke said pressures had got so much this had to become the island's priority.
'Funding is vital' She said: "Health and social services is under pressure because of the ageing population, nursing recruitment and replacing consultants when they retire.
"So we need to redesign and care for people in the community and having these extra services and the funding for these services is vital."
The health department said it would achieve the changes by teaming up with groups and charities such as Family Nursing and Home Care and by pumping more money into the system.
It said by 2040 the number of islanders over 65 will have increased by 95%.
Deputy Pryke said redesigning the health service was the only realistic option to cope with an ageing population.
Islanders have eight weeks to have their say in a public consultation on what they think of the plans to transform health care in Jersey.

Monday, 28 May 2012

"The Bailhache Bros Want Your View? - Since When Did They Ever Ever Consider You???"

What's your view on the States Assembly?

 And I hope you tell em' straight.... 


Jersey's Electoral Commission has launched a major public consultation exercise on the composition of the States Assembly.

A leaflet is being distributed to every household in Jersey this week seeking the views of Islanders looking at the classes of States member;
their constituencies and mandates; the number of States members and their terms of office.

Commission Chairman, Senator Sir Philip Bailhache, said the initial stages of the Commissions work would involve seeking the views of Islanders.

He said:"We are very keen to engage with Islanders to find out their views on the future composition of the States Assembly. We hope that as many Islanders as possible will send in their submissions for consideration to guide us as we develop proposals for reform.

The States have agreed that whatever recommendations we make will need to be
submitted for public approval in a referendum and it is therefore important that we hear views from as many people as possible to enable us to develop proposals that will be acceptable to a majority of electors."

A new Electoral Commission website has also been launched at:

"Syvret Happy To Appear For The Defence 'or' Prosecution In This Case!!!"

Nurse sues States over murder claims on blog

The man worked at the General Hospital

A MALE nurse accused of the ‘mass murder and sexual assault’ of vulnerable patients by former Senator Stuart Syvret is suing the States for failing to protect him.

The man, who worked at the General Hospital and in Jersey care homes in the 1990s and 2000s, says that he has been embarrassed and threatened with violence, and his career and business have suffered after Mr Syvret wrongly made ‘serious and scandalous’ allegations on his internet blog.

Royal Court documents show that the man, who no longer works as a nurse and whom the JEP has chosen not to name, is now suing the Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police and the Health Minister for failing to protect sensitive information about him.

Both the police chief and the Health Minister deny breaching the data protection law and have asked that the claims be dismissed and the man ordered to pay all costs.

The comment below was taken from Mr Syvret's blog today

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...
Bring it on. However - who wants to place a bet - that neither side calls me as a witness? You see this phenomena, in what passes for "judicial" proceedings time and time again in Jersey; in certain cases - there will be highly relevant witnesses - that just won't get called - because the testimony of the witnesses in question would be very "inconvenient" to both sides. For example - John Day was not called - by defence - or prosecution - in the manslaughter case against the locum. Graham Power and Lenny Harper were not called - by defence or prosecution - in the abuse-of-process hearings made at an early stage of certain of the child abuse prosecutions. That was shortly after the illegal suspension of Graham Power - and the Judge, Chris Pitchers, was enthusiastically spouting a "report" by a spin-doctor, Matt Tapp - that falsely sought to smear the work of the police. Yet neither side called the two, key witnesses - Mr. Power and Mr. Harper. But - just so both parties know - I'm ready and willing to be a witness - give evidence - and be cross examined under oath. Don't both rush at once. Stuart

"Safe Jersey - 'The Big Society' - In Action"

Jail for assault in parking row

David John Stirton
David John Stirton

A HOTEL worker in his 60s had his leg and nose broken during a violent attack during a car parking dispute.grave

In the Royal Court on Friday David John Stirton, who has 22 previous convictions, was jailed for two years and two months.

The court heard he had a ‘cavalier’ approach to where he parked his car and would leave it for extended periods at the Mayfair and Metropole hotels.

"Greedy Scum Landlords"

More protection for non quals tenants

Jersey should have a tenant deposit scheme next year.

The Privy Council approved the law in November, but the regulations are still being finalised.

Housing Minister, Deputy Andrew Green, is hoping the States can debate the proposals early next year, with a law in place to protect tenants' deposits by the summer.

In Jersey 48% of the population are renters. But when it is time to move on there is no legislation to protect tenant deposits, or force landlords to return the money.

Graham Tyrell lived in a house with mold infested walls which was full of damp and decay.

As a non-quals finance worker, who lived there for 2 years, Graham says his landlord refused to treat the damp or to replace the broken boiler and oil tank.

He said: "After a period of time damp became very apparent, we had mushrooms growing from the floor, we had condensation all over the windows, it was bitterly cold.

We expected the landlord to do something about this, but unfortunately he became quite intractable and said no the damp is your fault, you haven't opened up the windows enough and a lot of other nonsense and because of our lack of rights as non qualified tenants, we have no rights."

Now Graham's in a battle with his landlord to get his 15-hundred pounds deposit back. He's found this Lodging License isn't worth the paper it's written on.

Graham's taking his landlord to the petty debts court, for the second time now and he's calling for greater protection and security for non-quals tenants.

"Safe Jersey - 'The Big Society' - In Action"

Driver on drugs is spared jail

Driver on drugs is spared jail

A HEROIN addict swerved into oncoming traffic and then onto the pavement along Victoria Avenue after taking a ‘huge dose’ of illegal drugs, a court heard on Friday.

At one point the nab hit the central reservation, sending a shower of sparks into the air.

The Royal Court heard that the 24-year-old, who was born in Jersey, had injected 4-5 milligrams of Subutex – a substance prescribed to help heroin users kick their habit – as well as 30 diazepam tablets and had taken two ‘drags’ of cannabis.

He was sentenced to 120 hours’ community service, 18 months’ probation and a fine of £600. He was also banned from driving for two years.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

"Bridget Shaw Arrested Again!!!"

 "Bridget Shaw's Bad Hair Day" 

"Bridget Shaw's Bad Hair Day 2"

Cyril was up for another parking fine, and Bridget?
Well Bridget
was up for another Citizens Arrest!!!

Below, Cyril takes us through the motions, and the emotions of an
'alleged Magistrate' that is fast losing the plot.


So, it was back to the magistrates court for some more
 attempted extortion by criminals in fancy dress outfits.

It’s getting to feel like a second home for me.

I keep them guessing as to what tactics I might employ.
Believe me, they are so criminal
there is no shortage of subject matter to choose from.

Last Monday I thought I’d go for the ruffling of the feathers routine.

They called me, then this…

C; (standing in the doorway to the court) To Bridget “Madam,  are you operating under your Oath of Office at this time?"

BS; I am not prepared to have that discussion……

C; (quite loudly) Why not?

C; I have the right to know in what capacity you are presuming to sit in judgment over me.

BS; No you don’t....(That’s right, these gangsters would like to sit in judgment over us, using a secret authority in a secret jurisdiction and they think we should politely accept this!)

C; (laughing) yes I do....

I asked her the same Oath of Office question again, and after listening to her splutter for a while, I then arrested her for "Misconduct In A Public Office". I asked the usher to call the police, he refused, so I asked Ian too call the police, I then sat down in the public gallery. Whilst this was going on, Bridget was barking out garbage about contempt of court and getting visibly red in the face and very angry, eventually calling for the police herself.

PC Steve arrived first,
I explained to Steve what had just happened and invited him to speak with the witnesses in the public gallery, he refused to do so.

PC Danny then arrived, pumped up and moving apace, Danny immediately told me I was under arrest (though he neglected to inform me what I was under arrest for), he grabbed my right arm and tried to twist it up behind my back. I told him I was not a violent man and that I would not resist so there was no need for his violence against me, fair play to you Danny, you did release the pressure.

Neither Steve nor Danny were prepared to call their Inspector as I had requested, rather just blindly following the orders of Bridget Shaw as though what she had said was Gospel!

On the way down to the cells we had a cordial and candid conversation highlighting their lack of education of the law, I know their bosses keep ‘em in the dark and feed them bullshit,  but they should ponder on the fact that magistrates will always dishonour their Oaths of Office on Jersey, and why this should be so?

Out of earshot of the court, both Steve and Danny were niceness itself, are they starting to realise that they are being used to enforce policy rather than the Law, by a disparate group of lawyers who have hijacked justice on Jersey?

To much to hope for?  Yeah, you’re right.

After a peaceful hour in the interview room (upgrade from a cell for frequent visitors?), it was back to the DOCK.

BS; Will you apologise for raising your voice to me?
(what rarefied air do these nutters breath? It was Shaw herself who lost it and shouted at me. My friends in the public gallery told me Bridget needed a 20 minute recess to regain her composure).

C; I have nothing to apologise for madam

BS; In regard to the contempt of court charge….

C; You are not on your Oath of Office, you are the one in contempt, not me. This is not a court, It’s a tribunal and there’s no contempt of court at tribunals.

Lawrence O’Donnell; (crown advocate) ma am, as this is a minor contempt I propose a warning this time.

C; I do not consent to that.

BS; Yes....

C; I do not consent to that. 

BS; You must come to court to answer bail.

C; There is no bail at tribunals.

Bridget Shaw then went on to fix a trial date, needless to say I used the phrase “I do not consent to that” a fair bit in those exchanges. She also forgot the sole purpose of my being there....To enter a plea to the Mickey Mouse charge!

Obviously this account is from memory and is not verbatim. We are not allowed to record these criminals practicing their fraud on the people, and the court. God forbid, there should be a true record of these crimes.

Friday, 25 May 2012

"Jersey Child Abuse - Acta Non Verba"

"We just can't seem to shake off
this child abuse thing!!!"

Below is the JCLA letter

23rd May 2012


It cannot have gone unnoticed to you that over the last few days it has become apparent (and confirmed) that you have called in Andrew Williamson to look at the Terms of Reference submitted to you by Verita in November last year. This has been done in what can only be seen as a sneaky and underhand way with no consultation at all with the interested parties who met with Ed Marsden last year.

Now that a leaked report from Verita is in the public domain, we fail to see that there can be any issues with the recommendations contained therein unless of course they are seen to be too ‘robust’ for certain members of the Council of Ministers. As far as we are concerned it is a very fair report, and naturally if it is tampered with in any way, i.e. watered down, it will not be fit for purpose. If this Committee of Inquiry is not held with all Verita’s recommendations there will be little or no point in holding it. This report was based on wide ranging input to Mr Marsden from States Members present and past to Careleavers and ordinary members of the public with an interest in this matter.

Will all these people be afforded the same input to Mr Williamson? We think not.

Furthermore, the contempt you are showing yet again to the survivors of abuse beggars belief, when it is clear that had this whole scenario not been uncovered, they would have been kept in the dark as to what was happening. The dismissive attitude towards the survivors through all this affair has been a disgrace, and rather than bring them open and honest closure at this stage, attempts are still being made to try and thwart the CoI, or perhaps if the CoM had their way not proceed with it at all.

Clearly any meeting which you promised with the JCLA before you lodged your proposition will not be very fruitful if your proposition is not be based on Verita’s report,  a report which also shows a timescale for getting this all up and running long before now. Why the constant delays?

Are you in a position to let us and the taxpayer know how much extra on top of the cost of Verita, bringing Mr Williamson into the equation will be, when it should be unnecessary?

Perhaps you would kindly answer these questions in an honest and timely fashion, as they are of great concern to quite a number of people, which includes the general public also.

In addition to the above, we would also like to clarify some points you made in the States Assembly last Tuesday 15th May in answer to a question to Deputy Shona Pitman regarding the involvement of Careleavers in the terms of the compensation scheme.

It seems you were given to understand that Careleavers had a lot of involvement and were quite happy with the scheme. On both counts – not so.

There was very little involvement, and far from being happy it was almost a case of ‘take it or leave it’.

We were also given to understand that there would a year to call in claimants. In fact the length of time given has been 6 months.

We were led to believe that advertisements for claimants would be made in the UK press. Again this did/has not happened.

We were told that the JCLA would be included on the list of places where claim forms and booklets could be picked up and help given explaining the procedure. The reasoning behind this was that most survivors will not go anywhere near a States building or related office, such is their mistrust of the States. However, when we pointed out that we were not included in the literature, we informed Richard Jouault and Judy Martin and they assured us that we would be added to the list of names that appeared in the JEP advert.

Needless to say this did not happen either.

It was also put to us in a meeting with Richard Jouault and Deputy Martin that rather than run in parallel with the compensation claims the Committee of Inquiry would be better taking place after the compensation issues were all finalised, a suggestion we dismissed out of hand. There is no reason why the two should not run along side each other, one being a civil claim against the States of Jersey and the other an Inquiry. If we take an example from Ireland, compensation claims, a Committee of Inquiry and criminal cases were all taking place together.

It is interesting that several abuse claimants unbeknown to us as members have called to our offices on the off chance, just to see if we did have the relevant paper work because they did not wish to go elsewhere for the reasons above.

Finally, why did you not see fit to correct the JEP when they named Verita’s report as the basis for the ToR, and also on one occasion (which we did ask Anne Pryke to rectify, but she didn’t) quoted ‘millions and millions’ of tax payers money to be paid in compensation, not good for the Island’s image. This appeared in the JEP before the compensation scheme had been announced and the claimants had no idea of the terms of the scheme. This was misleading to both the general public and abuse survivors as well.

This should never have been allowed as we understand it whilst some may come from the taxpayer’s purse, there will subsequently be an insurance claim involved.

Understandably - many reasons for unrest and anger Mr Gorst.

Your swift response to all these questions would be appreciated and some indication as to what stage we are at right now.

We are sending this letter to all States Members as well, as we would be interested to know how they feel about the issues raised, and apart from your response would appreciate some feedback from Members also. Some may say, as they have indeed, ‘just move on’, but moving on means for all concerned that past issues must be acknowledged and addressed. With all due respect many of the survivors have waited decades for the abuse they suffered in the ‘care’ of the States of Jersey to even be recognised.

Finally, is it too much to ask that we have the promised Committee of Inquiry, in an open, honest and robust form, and as soon as possible to finally lay this matter to rest?

Then and only then, will moving on be made easier.

Nothing less will suffice.


Carrie Modral - Chair – JCLA
Jill Gracia – JCLA Administrator

"Justice Is Truth In Action"

"Graham Power Suspension - Lewis Was Just The Tool"

"The Fall Guy"

Left click on the pic to read it

"Seconds Out - Round Two"

Politician in court on assault charge

One of Jersey's most senior politicians appeared in the Magistrates' Court this morning charged with assault.

It is claimed Senator Alan Breckon assaulted Suzette Hase at his house in St Brelade on 31st March.

Senator Breckon - who was first elected as a deputy for St Saviour No 2 back in 1993 - was at one time tipped for the top job of Chief Minister.

He became a Senator in 2008.

Although he's not a minister, he currently sits on the Legislation Advisory Panel. It is their job to look at laws and court procedures.

At one time Senator Breckon and Suzette Hase worked together at the consumer council. He also helped support her campaign to become a deputy in St Helier.

Senator Breckon has been released on bail and will appear back in court on 22 June.

Under States rules a person cannot stand for election or continue as a senator if "within the seven years immediately preceding the date of his or her election, or since his or her election, has been convicted, whether in Jersey or elsewhere, of any offence and ordered to be imprisoned for a period of not less than three months, without the option of a fine."

"R.I.P Jean King"

Founder of Jersey Hospice, Jurat Jean King, dies

Jurat Jean King  
Jurat Jean King died on Wednesday after a two-year illness
The founder of Jersey Hospice Care, Jurat Jean King, has died after a two-year illness.
She was made an MBE for her services to the hospice and served as a jurat for more than seven years.
Jersey's Deputy Bailiff, William Bailhache, paid tribute to her at during Samedi Court earlier.
"Jurat King was a warm lady with a lively wit and she made a great contribution to the collegiate character of the Court," he said.
"On behalf of all members of the Court, I express our admiration and affection for her.
"We will all miss her and I extend our sympathy for her husband and brother in their loss," he said.
Gari Purcell-Jones, the chairman of Jersey Hospice Care, said: "She was one of the most remarkable women I think I have ever met.
"She was calm, set very high standards but above all she was a people's person.
"Everything that she did in Jersey Hospice Care involved people and it didn't matter who you were, she treated everybody exactly the same and more importantly she made you feel like you mattered."

"Is It Finally The End For Mr Jolly?"

Ozouf under pressure to resign

Senator Ozouf has declined to comment until after Tuesday's States sitting

TREASURY Minister Philip Ozouf is coming under mounting pressure from all sides to resign after a report into the Lime Grove fiasco raised serious concerns about his political conduct.

On Tuesday, Comptroller and Auditor General Chris Swinson published his report into the States’ failed bid to buy the Green Street roundabout site for a new police station. In it he largely blamed Senator Ozouf for the collapse of the deal and accused him of bullying, harassment, and plotting to get rid of a senior civil servant.

Sources have revealed that embattled Treasury Minister was yesterday forced to defend his position at a Council of Ministers meeting.

Although Chief Minister Ian Gorst and a number of other senior ministers were not present at the meeting, it is the clearest indication yet of precarious nature of the Treasury Minister’s position.

Senator Ozouf has said he will not comment on his position or the allegations until after next week’s States sitting.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

"60 Years of Bullying, Conspiracy and Corruption - You Get My Present On Monday" :)

On the birthday beat

 With Bowron's Bullies


Jersey's police force is celebrating its 60th birthday. The States of Jersey Police is planning a day of special events to mark the occasion.

The day began with a tweet from the force's official twitter account which said: "Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us, happy birthday SOJP, happy birthday to us! Today we hit the grand age of 60!"

It coincides with a roll out of their social media presence, including a new video channel to give islanders a behind-the-scenes look at what they do.

Sergeant Leo Sheridan said: “The use of social media is another way for the States of Jersey Police to communicate with the public and it is great for us to be able to reach different audiences. Young people often do not use traditional news sites and this is a particularly good method of engaging with them."

Today there will also be a medal presentation followed by a themed tea party.

They are being presented to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and are awarded to those in the Armed Forces and emergency services, and to prison service personnel with more than five years’ service.

All officers will also be presented with a commemorative coin to mark 60 years of the States of Jersey Police.

This afternoon the force will be holding a 1950s themed tea party for 40 youngsters and 20 carers from Mont a L’Abbe.

As well as the obligatory tea and cakes the students will get to grips with a police motorbike and pedal cycle, as well as meet one of the police dogs, Ripper.

"Race Is On To Find Next Generation Of Jersey Child Abuse Deniers"

Competition for budding newshounds

he £12.5 million 1,000-mph rocket car being designed to break the land-speed record
The £12.5 million 1,000-mph rocket car being designed to break the land-speed record

A competition for budding newshounds has been launched to mark the arrrival this week of a life-sized model of a rocket car being designed to smash the land-speed record.

The JEP and local finance firm Spearpoint have worked with the jet-powered Bloodhound to create a special competition for those who dream of being a journalist and want to be part of motoring history.

The team behind the £12.5 million 1,000-mph rocket car being designed to break the land-speed record are in Jersey this week ahead of this weekend’s Rubis Jersey International Festival of Motoring at which the  life-sized model of the Bloodhound will take centre stage.

The competition is open to those aged 18 and under. There are two age groups – under 14 and 14 to 18 – and a range of prizes to be won.

Anyone wishing to take part must register for a press pass by Saturday either by emailing name and contact details to or by going to the Bloodhound tent at the People’s Park on Saturday.

Reports will be judged on style and content and prizes will be awarded for both classes including Bloodhound memorabilia and membership of the exclusive 1K Club.

The article should be no more than 300 words and submitted to by Friday 1 June.

"Major Rethink Into The Crooks, Halfwits & Spivs We Employ"

Failed Lime Grove deal: ‘Rethink needed into working practices’

Lime Grove House in Green Street
Lime Grove House in Green Street

A MAJOR rethink about how ministers and senior civil servants work together is needed in the wake of the Lime Grove House fiasco, the Chief Minister has said.

Making his first public statement since the Comptroller and Auditor General published his review into the failed deal to buy the Green Street roundabout site for a new police station, Senator Gorst said it highlighted important areas that needed to be addressed.

They include the structure of government that impacts on the way ministers and senior civil servants work together and the need to develop a flexible organisation.

However, Senator Gorst remained quiet over the future of Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf – who was repeatedly criticised in the report and whose evidence has since been called into question.

"Women's Rights - As Far Away As Ever"

Women’s rights ‘lag behind’

 Juliet Karugahe, trustee of the Jersey Community Relations Trust, with the report
Juliet Karugahe, trustee of the Jersey Community Relations Trust, with the report

ONLY one-third of managers, directors and senior officials in the Island are female, the first major investigation in to the status of women in Jersey has found.

The finding is just one of a series of conclusions – including a lack of affordable childcare and poor maternity rights – which paint a picture of a society in which the rights of women lag behind other jurisdictions.

The conclusions are contained in a report published yesterday by the Community Relations Trust, a publicly funded group which aims to tackle discrimination.

"Jersey To Get Maternity Law By ZZZZZzzzzzzzz!!!"

Jersey to get a maternity law 'by 2014', says minister

Pregnant woman  
Mothers in Jersey could get two weeks leave on full pay and up to 16 weeks unpaid leave

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Jersey's new social security minister has pledged to create a maternity law before he leaves office.
Senator Francis Le Gresley said he was working hard on changing primary legislation so a new maternity law could be introduced by 2014.
Currently, there is no legal provision for maternity leave but new mothers can be signed off work for two weeks.
Senator Le Gresley said it was sad Jersey had no such law and should follow Guernsey in introducing one.
In February, Guernsey's States approved maternity leave for mothers that will come into force in January 2014.
Senator Le Gresley - who was chosen for the ministerial role in November - wants to give mothers in Jersey two weeks leave on full pay.
He wants mothers to then have up to 16 additional weeks unpaid leave depending on how long they had been in their job.
He said: "My term of office is three years and I would hope to achieve this during my term in office."

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

"Jersey Police Officers - Leading By Example"

"Speeding, No Seatbelt, Whilst Chatting On A Mobile Phone"

Radio Jersey issued a statement saying the Jersey Police didn't think it was
one of their officers???

Looks like the Avenue to me :)

"Pip Ozouf - A Liar? - Surely Not!!!"

Treasury Minister criticised over Police HQ

A report out today raises serious concerns about the Treasury Minister's conduct and decisions, which it says led to the failure to buy Jersey's new Police HQ.

In it, the Comptroller and Auditor General says "there are strong grounds for scepticism" about whether Senator Philip Ozouf's actions were justified.

His argument over the value of Lime Grove House is "unpersuasive".

The Minister is also accused of "bullying and harassment" of States employees.

The CAG raises concerns that Senator Ozouf has been attempting to smear and discredit his review, and says Ozouf also tried to sully the reputation of the former Director of Property Holdings, David Flowers.

In reponse the the CAG's report, Treasury Minister Senator Philip Ozouf said: "Again we've got allegations which have not been properly investigated and it's one side of the story. I am told that it's bullying and harassing to challenge officers to ask them about their decision making, these issues have never been put o me, I've never received a complaint ... and I think it's quite unfair for the CAG to be putting into the public domain one side of a story."

Back in 1999, a review into the Police HQ estate at Rouge Bouillon concluded that the buildings should be replaced, so work began to find the force a new home.

It took ten years to find a suitable site - Lime Grove House - and in 2009 Jersey Property Holdings, the States' property department, began talks with agents.

On 25th March 2010, an offer letter was sent by the Assistant Director of Property Holdings for £8.75 million.

Between February and July the Treasury Minister, his assistant and the acting Chief Executive got involved and Senator Ozouf requested an independent valuation.

Six months later the Acting Chief Executive John Richardson refused to sign off the deal, citing too many uncertainties - and by November Property Holdings were forced out of negotiations by the Treasury Minister.

Thirteen months later a new offer of £8.25 million was accepted, but the vendors refused to sign an exclusivity agreement and while the paperwork was drawn up, another offer was accepted and the States were gazumped.

In today's report, Jersey's government watchdog, the Comptroller and Auditor General, Chris Swinson, said: "I have found no breach by Jersey Property Holdings of the formal procedures of the States."

"The poor quality of relationships between the Director of JPH, the Treasury Minister, the Assistant Minister and the Deputy Chief Executive appears to have interfered with the proper management of business".

The CAG stated the Treasury Minister took bad advice from an informal source about the value of Lime Grove House. He went against professional valuations and therefore against the public's interest. By removing Property Holdings from negotiations, Senator Ozouf took responsibility for the deal, even though he himself was not a property expert.

He said "The Minister decided to ignore advice that Lime Grove should be bought at a particular price and did so on the basis of privately expressed opinions." "Ministers must guard against being swayed by opinions or arguments which seek to protect private interests at the expense of the public interest of the island".

Last year, a Scrutiny Panel looked into the failed purchase of a new Police Station and flagged up questions on the conduct of States business and the way the Treasury Minister dealt with employees. The Panel passed the issue on to the CAG. Senator Sarah Ferguson, Scrutiny Chair, said: "we had concerns and raised questions about the conduct of the ministerial team. It appears that our concerns were well founded. We will be waiting to see what lead the Chief Minister will give once he's considered the report"

Doubts cast on Ozouf’s Lime Grove evidence

Comptroller and Auditor General Chris Swinson
Comptroller and Auditor General Chris Swinson

THE reliability of the Treasury Minister’s evidence during a review into the Lime Grove fiasco has been called into question by the Comptroller and Auditor General Chris Swinson.

In the latest twist in the already controversial saga, Mr Swinson – who yesterday published his report into the States’ failure to buy the Green Street roundabout site for a new police station – has sent a letter to the States’ spending watchdog stating that he does not have confidence in Senator Philip Ozouf’s oral evidence.
And, while it stops short of accusing the Treasury Minister of lying, the letter to the Public Accounts Committee claims that Senator Ozouf denied making certain comments earlier this year, but says that Mr Swinson has records to the contrary.
The letter, which has been passed to the JEP, also refers to warnings received by Mr Swinson early on in his review that the inquiry could be susceptible to political interference.

Chief Minister speaks out over Lime Grove

Jersey's Chief Minister has issued a statement following yesterday's release of the Lime Grove report.

Senator Ian Gorst said it is important all details in the report are properly considered.

He said: “The Comptroller and Auditor General’s report on the proposed acquisition of Lime Grove House for use as a new police headquarters will now be considered by the Council of Ministers and the States Employment Board.
"It is important that a report going into this kind of detail is properly considered by the appropriate bodies before any conclusions can be drawn.

“The report appears to highlight how the structure of our government impacts on the way ministers and senior civil servants work together on corporate initiatives. This is an area I have already committed to address.

“A central part of the States Strategic Plan is the reform of the public sector and the development of a flexible organisation that focuses on serving Jersey effectively and efficiently. Service redesign is a major aspect of this reform programme and it will mean a change in our culture, values and behaviour.”