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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

"Bill Ogley - The Blame Game Begins"

"Who Will Take The Fall?

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"JEP Can't Even Tell The Truth - So Why Print This Article?"

Jersey MSM Have No Shame!

Taking the piss, the order of the day

"A Message To The Poor"

"Pension A Waste Of Money"

"The Poor Pounded Again!!!"

"The Rich Will Never Learn"

"Electoral Reform Meeting Today At 7.30pm Town Hall"

St Helier meeting to discuss States reform plans

The States of Jersey  
The Electoral Commission will be responsible for looking at States reform

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St Helier residents are being asked their views on the presence of politicians on a political review body.
Nick Le Cornu has called an extraordinary parish assembly to put parishioners views on the issue to Constable Simon Crowcroft.
The Electoral Commission will look at the make up of the States of Jersey.
Mr Le Cornu does not feel politicians should be on the commission. The States will decide if an electoral commission should be independent in March.
Extraordinary meeting Senator Bailhache, Jersey's former bailiff, was chief judge and president of the States of Jersey and said it was important to have States members in the electoral commission because it was the members who would have to decide whether to accept the proposals.
St Clement resident Mike Dunn was in the first group of residents to call an extraordinary meeting on this issue.
He used an old Jersey law that means if four residents request it a meeting can be called on a subject to be debated in the States in the parish hall.
Mr Dunn said: "People have got the intelligence to do it so let people have a go. Obviously there are a group of States members who are terrified of letting the public have control.
"This is an extraordinarily old law that allows people to take control of things. It allows people to express their views, to call the constable and to call a meeting."
Mr Le Cornu said he hoped people would turn up to petition the Constable of St Helier to vote in favour of Deputy Roy Le Herissier's amendment to remove politicians from the panel.
He said: "If there is going to be genuine independence and a genuine objective outcome to the review it is important States members don't sit there."

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

"Meet The £550K Shredder & Child Abuse Sponsoring JEP"

Bill Ogley
 Protector of Child Abusers

If you want Lundy, you will have to go through me ;)

Bill Ogley prepares to leave office

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"More Lies Are Going To Need Fast-Tracking"

Royal Assent procedure for Jersey laws to be discussed

 Bailhaches Lies

Jersey's chief minister will discuss the island's representation in Westminster

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Jersey's chief minister is to discuss getting laws approved more quickly with the UK politician responsible for the island.

Senator Ian Gorst will meet Minister of State Lord McNally in London on Wednesday to discuss improving the procedure for Royal Assent.

After the States of Jersey approve a new law it needs to gain Royal Assent before it can be implemented.
Senator Gorst will discuss this and other issues with Mr McNally.

Jersey's foreign minister, Senator Philip Bailhache, will also be at the meeting where the issue of Jersey's representation in Westminster will be discussed.

The politicians will also meet with Germany's Ambassador to the UK, His Excellency Georg Boomgaarden, to discuss issues affecting the eurozone.

Senator Gorst said: "It is important that we maintain our relationship with the UK and with EU Member States through face to face meetings.

"It is through this ongoing political engagement that we can continue to ensure that our island is better understood and that our interests can be best advanced."

"Greed & Over-Pricing Taking It's Toll"

High street footfall down 6.8% on last year

The hustle and bustle of Jersey's capital isn't what it was a year ago. Town centre bosses have released figures showing the flow of shoppers through the high street is slowing down.
In the first eight weeks of 2012 footfall dropped by 6.8% on the same period last year. That's around 77,000 fewer people coming into town.

The drop in footfall is certainly being felt by shop owners. Electrical retailer, Barry Jenkins has been trading in King Street for 36 years. He says it's the worst recession he's ever seen and in the past 18 months alone he's had to make 20% of his staff redundant.

"What we're experiencing now is probably the slowest period of trading for a very very long time," he said. "The actual spend, our average spend per customer has gone down quite considerably - down almost at some stages to half of what we were previously doing."

And it's not just the high street that's quiet - the town's markets are feeling the pinch too. One local fishmonger said market business had dropped by as much as 20% in the last five years.

And that's a sentiment reflected by shoppers who cite the recession and the internet for shopping less locally.

Another reason why people aren't spending according to business groups, is a lack of parking. The Town Park took away 380 spaces and the planned police station will get rid of nearly 100 more. The Chamber of Commerce says by allowing it, government is creating barriers to trade.

"I think what irritates retailers is that nobody appears to be listening," said David Warr, President of the Chamber of Commerce. "I think the one man who's listening is the Town Constable Simon Crowcroft, he's starting to get the message about how important it is to get into town. But sadly other departments whose remit isn't directly involved, or directly affected by retailers in town they don't quite understand the severity of the problem."

Monday, 27 February 2012

"The Brains Of A Rocking Horse"

Parish arch to mark Queen’s 60-year reign?

St Martin Constable Michel Le Troquer at the site where the arch will be built
St Martin Constable Michel Le Troquer at the site where the arch will be built

A DECORATED arch could be erected in St Martin as part of the parish’s plans to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

An application is being sent by the parish to the Transport Minister to build the temporary arch over the road between the public hall and the car park opposite.

St Martin Constable Michel Le Troquer said that the parish’s Battle of Flowers Committee had agreed to assist with the decoration of the arch, and he had also invited the school to become involved.

He said that the jubilee was a unique occasion, and the arch, which would be erected a fortnight before the June bank holiday, would be a fitting tribute for the event.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

"One Hobby Bobby No One Will Want To Learn From"

What ASBO Britain can learn from Jersey

IT may have ASBOs and Neighbourhood Watch, but the UK government has a lot to learn from the way Jersey deals with teenage troublemakers, according to one of the world’s best-known publications.

The Economist – read by 8.5 million people around the world – has hailed Jersey’s honorary police system as a model for other jurisdictions to copy.

One of the magazine’s columnists, who visited Jersey recently, found teenagers who had stolen a keg of beer being put to work on a St Ouen farm and being forced to write a letter of apology.

As part of the community-based punishment they were also required to spread manure on a sheep farmer’s field.

After six months, only one of the four teenagers had reoffended.

Bagehot, the name under which the columnist writes, praised the way officers were elected locally and worked on a voluntary basis, saving taxpayers thousands.

"Wishful Thinking"

Scrutiny panel to investigate immigration

Scrutiny panel to investigate immigration

CONCERNS about the number of people living in Jersey following the release of figures from the Census results are to be examined by a States scrutiny panel.

The panel will look at new controls on living and working in Jersey before they come into force in July, to see if they will give ministers real powers to control population levels.

The Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel announced the review after Census data revealed that the Island’s population had reached 97,857 – much more than States departments thought it would be.

They will look into the new rules, why the figure was so much more than originally thought, and review previous reports that recommended tighter controls.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

"Paedophile 'David Carrel' Gets Ten Years & The Other Side Of The Story"

"Decade In Jail For Jersey Beast"

David Carrel was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.

A 55-year-old Jerseyman has been sent to prison for a decade for a string of sexual offences on young girls.

David Carrel was found guilty of two counts of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old, and a further offence of attempting to sexually assault the same girl when she was 16.

He was also found guilty of attempting to sexually assault another girl, who was aged 12.

Det Insp Steve Langford said: "The sentencing of David Carrel to ten years imprisonment at The Royal Court today represents the successful conclusion of a complex historic sexual abuse inquiry conducted by the States of Jersey Police.

"We commend the courage of all the victims in this case for coming forward and having the confidence in reporting these matters to the police; and would hope this helps bring closure for each of them.

"The States of Jersey Police will remain committed to investigating any allegations of abuse and will continue to offer full support to anyone who reports this type of offending to us.

The force work closely with all other agencies and have highly skilled officers who remain committed to bringing offenders to justice."

"Greedy Jersey Fight Over Seized Funds"

"It's Our Money"

"Drugs Conviction"

Man sentenced to 5 1/2 years for drugs offences

Jersey News from ITV Channel Television - david thomas

A 51-year-old man has been jailed for five and a half years for drugs offences at Jersey's Royal Court.

David Paul Thomas was convicted of supplying, intending to supply and being in possession of cocaine and cannabis.

"Jersey Doctors On The Menu"

Jersey consumer council will look at GP charges

Jersey GP 
Rose Colley says the medical profession has never come under scrutiny from the consumer council

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The new chairman of the Jersey Consumer Council said she would investigate GP charges.
Advocate Rose Colley said it now had a member of the medical profession on the council for the first time.
She said: "He wants to look at the pricing structure and service in terms of GPs, dentists, physiotherapists and perhaps therapists."
The average cost of a consultation in Jersey is £37.70 but can vary depending on the medical practice and doctor.
Mrs Colley said: "We are looking at issues that affect many people, more people will see their GP or dentist than will hopefully have to use the service of a lawyer very often."
The chairman said that while the consumer council had looked at other professions in the past, it had never looked into the medical profession.
"Work can be done in terms of what each of the medical practices charge.
"With some medical practices you can go into the reception and see what they charge for an appointment. There is a disparity between what the different practices charge," she said.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

"Child Abuse Victims Will Hopefully Name Their Abusers"

Jersey Abuse Victims Compensation

Will Not Have

Conditions Attached :)

Jersey Government Child Abuser - Mario Lundy
Seven people were convicted after the abuse inquiry, with four linked to Haut de la Garenne
Historical abuse victims could receive payments as early as next month and will not be ‘gagged’ by non-disclosure agreements, Chief Minister Ian Gorst told the States yesterday.

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People who were abused while in care in Jersey will find out how much they can claim in compensation from March, according to the chief minister.

States officials are still working on details about the scheme offering payments to abuse victims.
Senator Ian Gorst said no restrictions would be placed on people speaking about their cases.

He said he hoped to be able to outline a Committee of Inquiry into historical abuse in the island in March.
The compensation claims follow an inquiry, between 2007 and 2010, into historical abuse at the island's children's homes.

Police took 1,776 statements from 192 alleged victims during the inquiry, which led to seven convictions, four of which were linked to Haut de la Garenne.

Senator Gorst said it would be difficult to get the terms that the inquiry would operate under right.


The Link Below Contains 2 Very Graphic Video's
Of Severe Child Abuse

"Pip 'squeaks' The Usual Lies"

No tax rises for three years, says minister

TAXES will not have to increase during the next three years for the States to tackle issues such as unemployment, housing and reforming the health service, the Treasury Minister said yesterday.

Speaking during a debate on the Strategic Plan document proposed by ministers, Senator Philip Ozouf moved to reassure Islanders that as long as the States meets its savings targets, lives within its means and plans for the future, there will be no need for taxes, including GST, to rise.

Instead, he said ministers would be looking at options such as borrowing money to invest in housing projects, introducing user-pays charges for some services and drawing on the Island’s ‘significant resources’ to fund their extensive to-do list.

However, the Senator, who previously went back on an election promise not to raise GST, admitted that the ‘big problem’ was going to be finding up to £300 million needed to fund a new hospital.

"New Home For Some Of Our Criminals"

Plans for new £21m police HQ unveiled

Plans for new £21m police HQ unveiled

REVISED plans for a new £21m police station on Green Street roundabout would allow 150 new homes and a new car park to be built on the site of the current headquarters.

Ministers yesterday announced that they were backing a new five-storey station on the flat part of Green Street car park, and say they can fit the entire police force on the site.

That means that both the existing Summerland and Rouge Bouillon sites would be vacated – with Summerland earmarked for 120-150 category ‘A’ (affordable) homes and the Rouge Bouillon site potentially providing more homes or a car park.

Work on a new £21m headquarters for the States of Jersey Police in St Helier could begin by the end of the year, according to the States.

A study of the land around Green Street car park found it meets the needs of the force.
Architects will now begin designing the headquarters which officials expect to be completed by 2015.
The government has been looking for a new base for the force for more than a decade.
Parking spaces
The police station will be built on land to the side of Green Street car park. This will see the number of available parking spaces drop by 91 to 517.
The States of Jersey Police, Ministers, architects and officers agreed it was the best site and want to have a planning application in by March.

Chief Police Officer Mike Bowron said: "We have worked closely with the project team throughout this process and I am delighted that progress is being made towards providing the service with purpose-built, new headquarters. 

"This is a significant step towards providing the first ever purpose built police headquarters in Jersey, which will provide the kind of working environment that modern policing demands.
"I believe the presence of a new police headquarters will benefit the local area and I will personally commit to meeting with neighbours to explain the plans and discuss any concerns as part of the consultation process."

"The Poor Slapped Again"

Electricity prices to rise


Jersey Electricity CEO, Chris Ambler says the price increase will help fund their long-term investment programme.

The cost of electricity in Jersey is going up - prices will rise by 2.9% from 1st May - it is the first hike in tariffs for more than three years.

The below-inflation rise will help pay for Jersey Electricity's long-term investment programme.

Jersey Electricity is currently working on a third £60 million under-sea cable to France which should come online by 2015.

The company's CEO Chris Ambler said: "We've worked hard to keep our tariffs stable and competitive over the last three years. Providing affordable, reliable and sustainable energy to Islanders is our core objective. We hope that by keeping our promise to continue our 2011 price freeze through the winter months this year has gone some way to alleviate pressure on family budgets in these difficult times."

The last price rise was in 2009 when tariffs went up by 24%. That was followed by a price cut in 2010 and a freeze last year.

Prices are usually altered at the start of each calendar year. This latest change will be the only one for 2012.


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

"Dita Pavarniece Death - Niall Linden Appears"

Death Crash Driver In Court


Niall Linden is charged with causing death by dangerous driving.

A 36-year-old man charged with causing death by dangerous driving was in court this morning.

27-year old Dita Pavarniece died when Niall Linden's Lotus Elise crashed into a wall on St Clement's Coast Road last February.

A post mortem concluded a severe head injury was the cause of her death.

In August Linden was put on £10,000 bail.

Today, Crown Advocate Matthew Jowitt said he needed more time to gather evidence from expert witnesses to determine the likely speed of the vehicle at the time of the impact.

Defence Advocate Sarah Fitz asked that her client's bail conditions be relaxed so that he only had to report to the police once, rather than twice, each week. The judge agreed to the request.

He also set a provisional trial date of 24th September 2012, though said he hoped it could proceed sooner.

No plea was entered by Linden today, and there will be a further plea and directions hearing in either late April or early May.

Dita Pavarniece died of head injuries following the crash.

"Bailhache Or Freedom?"

Your Future In Your Hands

"Safe Jersey - 'The Big Society' - In Action"

Bridget Shaw Administering Justice!!!

"Lets Hammer The Poor Some More"

"REVISITED - Jersey Cop Suspected Of Covering Up Child Abuse - Get's Promoted!!!"



Local boy promoted to Superintendent

Cover-up TV says

A Jersey police officer with more than 30 years' experience has been promoted to superintendent.

Andre Bonjour, will be responsible for 'uniformed operations'.

He says there are challenges ahead. But believes there are also opportunities to improve the way things are done.

One of his key aims is to work more closely with the Honorary Police.

Superintendent Bonjour said “I am delighted to have been appointed to the post of Superintendent Operations and I look forward to working as part of a cohesive management
team providing leadership and support to officers and staff so they can continue to deliver an excellent policing service to the public.

"Working with our Honorary Police colleagues and other partner agencies I welcome the opportunity to improve visibility and reassurance to the public whilst also seeking to reduce crime further. There are undoubtedly going to be challenges ahead but there are also opportunities for us to change the way we police for the better.”

Don't you just love the way that our (child abuse cover up sponsoring) local media portray matters? Why is it left to the blogger's to get the truth out there? BBC, CTV & JEP are going to wish they had gone with the right side by the time this is all over, no saving you now, it's to late....

An insight Into Andre Bonjour - From Lenny Harper's Affidavit
From paragraph 64:
For some time, Legal Advisor Laurence O’Donnell and I had been concerned at the difficulty in prosecuting paedophiles in cases of historic abuse.  This had been exacerbated by difficulties over the case of Paul Every, who was the commanding officer of the Jersey Sea Cadets and who was also a senior civil servant in the Chief Minister’s office.  He was arrested as part of the national “Operation Ore” where the FBI had netted thousands of suspects who had used their credit cards to pay for Internet sites involving child pornography.  He was one of a number of senior Sea Cadet officers arrested for serious sexual crimes against children.  After his arrest he had not been suspended from Sea Cadet activities and because of my concerns for the safety of the children involved, I disclosed the information about his arrest to the Sea Cadet authorities.  Among the sites he had searched on his computer were a number involving “naked sea cadets” and other child pornography sites.  The Sea Cadet authorities in Jersey were not responsive, telling me that a man “is innocent until proven guilty.”  I eventually had to go to London and threaten to stand at the gates of the Sea Cadet HQ and disclose to individual parents before they took action.”
From paragraph 65:
“The concerns led us in 2006 to start looking at cases which had been brought.  Early on I became worried about one case where a retired senior police officer (Chief Inspector de la Haye) was implicated in passing information to paedophiles about a police investigation but did not appear to have been interviewed.  It appeared that billing had been carried out on his telephones but had revealed nothing further.  I was still uneasy and asked the investigating officer why de la Haye had not even been interviewed.  She told me that she had been instructed not to by the then head of CID, Chief Inspector Bonjour.  This was even more of a concern than it would have normally been as the Head of CID was also an officer in the Jersey Sea Cadets.”
From paragraph 72:
“The report was submitted to CI Bonjour who was also the officer who had prevented de la Haye from being interviewed as mentioned earlier.  However, nothing ever materialised from Mr Bonjour and the officer had heard nothing.  Eventually an enquiry was carried out by South Yorkshire Police into the allegations against the Head of CID but it was still pending when I retired.”
The above extracts were taken from Lenny Harper's latest sworn Affidavit.
The whole of this Affidavit can be read on Stuart Syvret's blog at the green link below.

Monday, 20 February 2012

"Robbing The Poor To Keep The Rich"

Invalidity benefits to be slashed?

Social Security Minister Francis Le Gresley
Social Security Minister Francis Le Gresley

BENEFITS paid to people who are unable to work because of injury or disability could be cut under a plan to claw back millions of pounds, the Social Security Minister has said.

Senator Francis Le Gresley said that about 1,000 people currently received the Invalidity Benefit, at a cost of £10 million a year.

In August 2004, the payments were meant to be replaced with short-term or long-term incapacity benefits, for which anyone who fell ill would be eligible.

But Senator Le Gresley said that the move had not been entirely successful, describing the invalidity benefit as ‘neglected’ and in need of review.


Cash for jobs

Cash for jobs

JERSEY businesses are to be given cash for employing Islanders out of work in the latest attempt to reduce record levels of unemployment.

Chief Minister Ian Gorst has said that he is on the verge of launching a scheme that will ‘use money in the right way’ by helping to share the risks of taking on unemployed people with businesses.

Although there has been speculation, it is the first time he has publicly confirmed that companies are being offered plain and simple cash incentives to tackle unemployment.

Speaking at a meeting of the business and faith communities on Friday he said that the first businesses to receive money were due to be announced within weeks.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

"We Can Think For Ourselves Thank You Sue"

Jersey medical officer welcomes menu alcohol percentages

Dr Susan Turnbull said the initiative encouraged responsible drinking

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An initiative to list the percentage of alcohol in each drink on a restaurant's wine list has been welcomed by Jersey's medical officer.
Dr Susan Turnbull said it can be difficult to know how much alcohol is in each drink.
The Jersey Pottery company has published the information in its restaurants to help customers monitor how much they consume.
Dr Turnbull said the initiative encouraged responsible drinking.
"You can drink more than a woman's daily allowance in a large glass of wine... if people don't realise that already I think it's time they did. This is a really good move in that direction," Dr Turnbull said.
The States of Jersey said men should not exceed three to four units and women two to three units per day on a regular basis.
One unit is equal to 25ml measure of spirit, one 125ml glass of wine at 8% alcohol by volume (abv) or half a pint of ordinary strength beer, lager or cider, the States added.

"Great Explanations!"

Unspent café cash went on ‘quality facilities’ at park

Funds were spent on the high-quality finish of the park, according to the Transport Minister
Funds were spent on the high-quality finish of the park, according to the Transport Minister

TRANSPORT Minister Kevin Lewis says that the money left over from the unbuilt café planned for the £12 million Millennium Town Park was spent on ‘high-quality finishes and facilities’.

The Deputy faces questions in the States on Tuesday about the money spent on the park, in particular the £900,000 earmarked for a café and £128,000 that his department recently demanded from the Parish of St Helier to finish some roadworks.

Deputy Lewis says that the money from the café was rolled into the rest of the project.

Friday, 17 February 2012

"Scotland Join The Ranks Of Jersey Paedophile Scum"

Robert Green Jailed For 12 Months

17 February 2012 13:16:25
100% of readers think this story is Fact. Add your two cents.

  Robert Green given 1 year sentence by Sheriff Bowen
 Posted on February 17, 2012 by Admin
  Robert Green has been given a 1 year jail sentence by Sheriff Principle Bowen.
  This is broken down as 9 months for Breach of the Peace, and a further 3 months for Breach of Bail Conditions.
  Robert is said to have called out to his supporters as he was being led down
 "Don’t worry about me, I shall be fine"

Robert Green - Hollie Demands Justice campaigner jailed today in Scotland.
The Hollie Demands Justice campaign very much regrets the decision today of the Sheriff Court in
Stonehaven to deprive Robert Green of his Liberty.
Despite breaches of Mr Green's human rights and repeated irregularities in law and process by the
police, the legal profession and the court system since Robert Green was first arrested in February
2010, the Sheriff Court in Stonehaven, Sheriff Principle Edward Bowen saw fit to curtail his
freedom, sentencing him to 1 year in jail (9 months for Breach of the Peace, 3 months for Breach of
Bail conditions).
Robert has been a most robust and valued campaigner on behalf of Hollie Greig and her mother
Anne, in seeking justice for the wrongs inflicted upon Hollie, exposing the lack of a duty of care
from those in positions of trust, the perjury of Grampian Police and highlighting the nefarious
nature of the legal system and the Establishment in both Scotland and England.
Anne Greig said today:
Hollie and I would like to publicly thank Robert Green for his
bravery, his tireless work and his dedication to Hollies cause,
her search for justice. We consider ourselves most fortunate to
have found such a man of principle to act and campaign on our
behalf, whose selfless actions have taken him into conflict with
those who would abuse their power and powerful connections to
evade justice. Our disappointment with the legal system in
Scotland now knows no bounds.
In our opinion Robert Green should be awarded a medal, not a
criminal conviction.
It is our hope that Robert's legal team will mount a speedy and
energetic appeal on his behalf to release him from this enforced
loss of his liberty that he most certainly does not deserve and
we now state publicly that we will have fears for his well-being
whilst in prison. We will hold responsible and accountable those
who have seen fit to incarcerate him should any interference
with his being or any harm befall him.
I would like to thank all the wonderful people who have
supported Hollie, Robert and myself during this long and ongoing
campaign, especially those who have repeatedly made the long
trip to Scotland regularly giving support to Robert during his
many hearings.
Both Hollie and myself extend our heartfelt wishes, our thoughts
and our prayers are with Robert today.
Far from seeing the jailing of Robert as a setback, the Hollie Demands Justice campaign will be
stepping up the pressure as Anne Greig will now vigorously move forward with her High Court
appeal and is currently discussing the timing of mounting a series of private prosecutions
against those who have abused their positions of trust, many of whom have now perjured
themselves in the courts and on the public record.
This campaign will not be silenced, it will move forward relentlessly until every possible avenue is
exhausted, no matter how long that takes. No stone will be left unturned until Justice is not just
done, but that justice is seen to be done.
Notes for Editors
1) The Hollie Demands Justice campaign was founded in November 2007. The campaign website
can be found at:
2) Further details to the background of the campaign can be found in About Hollie:
3) The background to the Trial of Robert Green is well documented in coverage by Scottish Law
Reporter HERE and further coverage of the conflict of interest of Sheriff Bowen, the Hollie Greig
case along with a recent investigation into the knighthood of Angiolini , apparently recommended
by the Scottish Government.
4) Further information can be requested by using the 'Contact Us' form on the campaign website
 Robert requested by email yesterday the following.
If I go down, this is the address to circulate, if you would.
So please get writing, Robert needs all the support he can get.

 Trial on Friday, 17th February
 This will be my last blog prior to the impending trial.
  Since it is difficult to predict what may occur, I would again like to take this opportunity of thanking all of those wonderful people who have supported Hollie, Anne and me throughout this campaign and to those who have attended my many court hearings. To those of you who may be able to come along on Friday, I shall be most grateful and pleased to see you.
  My fate is not in the hands of a jury, but of one man, Sheriff Principal Edward Bowen.
 Since the trial, it has been discovered that this individual lacked the professional and personal integrity to divulge his relationship, for over ten years, on the board of an organisation with a fellow member who had been cited as a witness for the defence. This relationship on the board lasted until May last year, when Bowen and the cited witness left within 24 hours of each other. Thus, it is reasonable to believe that the two were at least, fairly well acquainted.
 Moreover, on Bowen`s intercession, the witness, Elish Angiolini, was prevented from having to attend court and provide answers on oath under cross-examination, hence displaying the prospect of disadvantaging the defence. Given that justice needs to be seen to be done, it would be difficult to argue against the view that Sheriff Bowen was not competent to adjudicate at the trial, owing to a reasonable supposition that a conflict of interest may well be seen to exist.

 A formal complaint has been lodged with the appropriate authorities, which has been formally acknowledged today and Bowen will be challenged in court in connection with his failure to disclose. One would hope that under Scottish Law, the requirement to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth in court extends to members of the judiciary.
  Bowen`s conduct so far has been instrumental in my having a criminal record inflicted upon me and the prospect of a prison sentence, quite apart from the way my human rights have been persistently breached from the time of my initial arrest.
  It may be a good time to note, in comparison, a few examples of how actual sex offenders in Scotland are treated.
  This week it was announced that Liam Gibson, described as one of Scotland`s most notorious purveyors of child pornography, was spared a jail sentence despite Lothian & Borders Police discovering 50,000 images of child pornography at his home.
  In 2009, Douglas Haggarty QC, a senior member of the Legal Aid Board with the responsibility and influence in deciding if I should be granted legal aid, was found to have committed a sexual act with a 17-year-old male prostitute in the public toilet of British Home Stores, St Enoch Centre, Glasgow on a Saturday afternoon at a time when the store was full of families out shopping. Mr Haggarty was not only spared prison, but was allowed to retain his lucrative job in a position of public trust.
  In 2001, when Elish Angiolini was busy covering up over Hollie`s allegations, in an unrelated case, a 22-year-old man who admitted to raping a 10-year-old girl and 7-year-old boy was allowed to walk free. This was reported in The Times and The Telegraph in May of that year. Angiolini was subsequently forced into a public apology for her incompetence. This monumental blunder did not prevent her climbing to the highest office in the justice system.
  Then, of course, we can mention the repeated Grampian Police and Crown Office failings over the Hollie Greig case. At the outset, Hollie`s father should have been arrested and had his computer seized, as Dr Frances Kelly`s medical examination, accepted by Grampian Police, supported Hollie`s allegations within three weeks of Hollie first making them in May 2000.
  All this may be of some interest when my sentence is announced. In this Kafkaesque country, where right is wrong and wrong is right , the indications are that anyone who exposes police failures and tries to protect children from being raped is likely to be much more seriously dealt with than the actual perpetrators.
  The eminent Ian Hamilton QC described the way that Scotland is currently being governed as being akin to fascism. It is an opinion that is not easy to disagree with.
  Scotland is a fine country with some of the most decent and humane people you are likely to find anywhere on Earth. It is so sad that its governance has fallen into the hands of a cabal whose members have characters that are diametrically at odds with the best traditions of those of the overwhelming majority of Scottish people.
  Thank you all and God bless you
 Autumn 2009 was the 1st time the HOLLIE GREIG case was ever mentioned online...

"Breach Of The Peace? PMSL!!!"

Axe man threatened family after eating

magic mushrooms


A MAN threatened to kill his wife and their baby after he took magic mushrooms, a court heard yesterday.

Armen Babakhanyan (29), who wielded an axe at one point during the incident at his family home, admitted in the Magistrate’s Court to causing a breach of the peace in the early hours of 26 November 2011.

Assistant Magistrate Bridget Shaw requested a report into his background and adjourned the case until 15 March for sentencing.

Why don't Jersey's finest just wave their finger at him,
and say, no Armen, bad Armen,
and have done with it?

Nothing to see here people, move along now!


Does your neighbour own a gun?
Deputy Trevor Pitman wants greater transparency around gun ownership.

A Jersey Deputy wants greater transparency on gun ownership in the island.

Deputy Trevor Pitman is asking a question of the Home Affairs Minister in Tuesday's States meeting.

He specifically wants to know what rights members of the public have to be informed by the police, where it's known that their neighbours are in possession of large arsenals of weapons.

Deputy Pitman said: "If someone is living next door to you and they have got a large amount of weapons, perhaps it might even be an individual who needs help, that's got to be a concern, and I've got a constituent who's been living in fear for more than a year basically, so that's why I'm taking it up."

"Shouldn't That Be Re-Introduce?"

Jersey Deputy wants to introduce prescription charges

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People in Jersey may have to pay for prescriptions if a St Helier deputy's proposal is accepted.
Deputy Geoff Southern wants to charge for prescriptions but make GP visits free for people on income support.
He said charging for the service could provide more health support for less well-off islanders.
Prescriptions have been free in Jersey since 2008 but Deputy Southern has claimed that is damaging the healthcare system.
He said that by getting islanders to pay £3 for a prescription, free visits to the family doctor could be funded for those on low incomes.
Deputy Southern said contributions from residents could also pay for free repeat prescriptions, x-rays and scans at the hospital for those who may not otherwise be able to afford them.
The proposal will be discussed by States members in April.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

"Fantastic Minimum Wage Opportunities For Youngsters!!!"

More than 200 local jobs in hospitality

The States' Back to Work team have identified more than 200 jobs in the hospitality sector that will be available to locally qualified job seekers this coming season.

The team has been working with a number of hospitality employers to identify seasonal jobs that could help unemployed islanders back into work.

The jobs available range from housekeeping and reception work to bar and waiting work.

Economic Development Minister, Senator Alan Maclean, said: “What we have been keen to do is work with the industry and ask them to help us find practical ways in which the employers could, where possible, source their workers from the local market rather than seeking applications from outside the Island. The meetings and feedback that we have had has been positive and we are extremely grateful to the industry for their time and willingness to work with us.”

Back to Work have gone to great lenghts to identify job seekers who already posess the required skills for the industry. They will now receive further training to help them make the most of any upcoming opportunities.

Sue Armes, HR Director of Seymour Hotels said: “We are, and always have been, keen to employ locally qualified people but they do have to have the right attitude for working in the hospitality industry. There are people out there who have that and hopefully this partnership with Back to Work will help us reach them and make good recruitment decisions as a result."

The Jersey Hospitality Association will be providing some of the training in the form of industry insight sessions.

Gerald Fletcher, CEO of the JHS said: “Jersey’s hospitality industry is always pleased to support and to welcome new people, who are motivated and committed and have the right aptitude to succeed and progress in the broad range of jobs offered by this very dynamic and rewarding sector of Jersey’s economy.”

"Self Interest Sucks Says Monty"

Politicians don't belong on Electoral Commission

Two Jersey Deputies are speaking out against plans to include politicians on the Electoral Commission, looking into States Reform.

Deputies Judy Martin and Montfort Tadier, who are members of the Privileges and Procedures Committee, say politicians would seriously hamper the work of the Commission. They have submitted a minority report disagreeing with the Committee's recommendation.

They say that's because, for more than a decade, States members have proved themselves incapable of reform.

"The reason for adopting an independent Electoral Commission was to get rid of self interest, and the perception of self-interest, and thus to enable the public to put forward their views on electoral reform to a transparent, unbiased body. It is also important because the States have proved themselves incapable of reform," reads the minority report.

"If States members are allowed to sit on the Electoral Commission, its independence will be totally undermined. The Commission should not be composed of any States members, and particularly those who have clearly stated views on the outcome of the Commission’s work."

"50 Days Without Food"

Missing woman survived on water

Missing woman survived on water

A WOMAN found in a derelict building seven weeks after disappearing miraculously survived despite not eating for the whole time she was missing, police have confirmed.

Margarida Nascimento De Ascensao, who disappeared on 16 December, was found by a police dog handler in a property off St Saviour’s Road last Tuesday – less than 200 yards from her home.

She was treated at the scene by paramedics and was today still undergoing treatment at the Hospital.
It is believed that she was severely malnourished but her condition is not life-threatening. It is not known when she will be discharged.

"Voters Show Their Contempt For Jersey's Authorities"

St Helier accounts officer election gets a 2.5% turnout

Town Hall  
About a third of Jersey's residents live in the island's capital, St Helier

An election in St Helier to find two people to look after parish accounts saw a turnout of just over 2.5%.
Clive Barton was re-elected as Procureur du Bien Publique in St Helier for a fifth term and will be joined by Peter Pearce.

The only other candidate for the job was Geraint Jennings who missed out by 90 votes.
Just 470 people voted at the Town Hall on Wednesday out of a possible 18,000 on the electoral roll.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

"Lawless Jersey Should Follow Some Law!!!"

Jersey should follow UK on family law changes

A Jersey law firm is urging the island to follow the UK, if a move to give children the legal right to see both parents after divorce proves successful.

Earlier this month, UK Government plans to amend the Children's Act 1989 emerged, as part of a shake-up of the family justice system. The amendment would give children the legal right to maintain relationships with both parents after separation or divorce.

They are also planning to put an extra £10 million into mediation services in order to stop cases going to court, which is currently the last resort. At the moment the vast majority of court settlements end up leaving the children with the mother.

Advocate Matthew Godden, head of the Personal & Family Law team at Sinels, said: “If it is successful, then it could be something Jersey may want to consider. At Sinels, we would first recommend mediation or other alternative methods of resolving disputes to parents as a way of helping them to work together for their children. Mediation and courses, for example, the Bridge offers a course entitled ‘Keeping Children in Mind’, are good ways to encourage parties to consider the needs of their children first.”

Monday, 13 February 2012

"Guernsey Deal Properly With Child Abuse"

Reported child abuse on the rise


There has been an increase in reported child abuse in Guernsey.

The latest numbers show a near 40% leap in the number of youngsters on the child protection register.

According to experts that rise shows no sign of slowing.

In 2009, 63 children were being monitored by authorities. By 2010 that had jumped by nearly 40% to 87 children.

And although we don't yet have the figure for 2011, experts say the trend looks set to continue.
One local doctor, Dr Brian Lean, is calling on islanders to report their suspicions.

He said: "I think human nature would say turn away from it and ignore it, it can't be happening, not in Guernsey. But it does happen, and if we want to break this increasing abuse then we need everybody to contribute in helping to know how to communicate with people who can step in and help these families."

The abuse takes many forms- more than half is emotional abuse, for many it is sheer neglect, but for a small handful of children it is much more serious - physical and sexual abuse. But what do we know about the abusers?

The biggest single common factor when it comes to child abuse is parents with their own drink and drug problems. That is ahead of parents with known mental health problems, and then those with a known history of violence.

It was the case of Baby P in London, which led local authorities to look again at how they protect children.

David Hughes,Chairman of the CPC said: "The main aim for us as a Child Protection Committee is to get agencies working together and generally they do work well together in Guernsey. We're very fortunate in Guernsey and Alderney that it happens. We've got to ensure there's coordination. If you look at the various tragedies there have been elsewhere, so often it's a problem of communication, lack of coordination, agencies not working together, and that's what we need to prevent."

And it is that prevention which is now the committee's top priority.

With half the children on Guernsey's child protection register under the age of four, the lessons learnt from the case of Baby P are suddenly back on the agenda here.

"More Jersey Justice"

No jail for speeding driver who hit girl

The driver was sentenced to community service
The driver was sentenced to community service

A SPEEDING driver who overtook a bus and a car in a 30 mph zone before hitting a 12-year-old girl on a zebra crossing has avoided being jailed.

The girl, who was cycling to school, was thrown head-first into the windscreen, cracking the glass.
On Friday, the Magistrate’s Court heard that she had escaped serious injury, as she was wearing a helmet and a padded jacket.

However, she has been left scared of cars and is now campaigning for her friends to wear cycle helmets.