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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

"The States of Jersey Parliament 'MUST' Be Dissolved"

"Fruitcake I.L.M Loses His Cherry Topping"

Please see "The Jersey Way" blog below for the recordings of this deranged imbecile

One of Jersey's most insane lunatics (and there are many) has gone completely Hat-stand.

The Conspiracy Theory


Well of course it doesn't, it's not a theory, it never was,
it's FACT

How does this utter complete Bastard live with his 'many' selves?

"Those who benefit from any societal mechanism rarely wish to understand that mechanism especially if it appears to grant them power, control or authority over their fellow man, and understanding that mechanism would limit, diminish or remove that apparent power, control or authority. They simply do not want to know. Because…. It is far easier to Ignorantly Control Others than it is to Wisely Control Yourself." 

The Corporate 'Soul' !!!

Jersey's Theme Tune :)


When I was a boy there's a dream that I had
That a war if it's fought was for good against bad
And I woke up to find that the world had gone mad
And we'd all fall down

And I feel like a child again sitting observing
You're toying with power, your fingers are burning
You're pushing so hard that the worms won't be turning
We'll all fall down

While you try to pretend you're a god upon high
With your farty ideals and your squeaky clean lies
When it comes to the crunch you're no smarter than I
And we'll all fall down

If it's colour or creed or your old time religion
Well fighting for that shows a pure lack of vision
The fight that we strive is the fight to survive
And we'll all fall down

Well look in the mirror and what do you see
An American, Russian, a soldier or me
When you've all pressed the buttons just where will you be
When we all fall down

It gets harder to see just what future's in store for us
Hard to see through all the wool you pull over us
Words that you give are just words to console us
We'll all fall down

And what will you do when you've pulled the release
When the sound of the thunder has drowned out the pleas
Cos after all that was your idea of peace
When we all fall down

No sun for a world that once stood so tall
No wind's going to blow and no rain's going to fall
No flowers for graves, in fact no graves at all
When we all fall down

"They Spend - You Pay - Get Used To It"

Sports funding slashed for islanders

Jersey's States are making huge cuts to funding sport in the island.

The grant, which was £176,000, has been slashed to £38,000 for this year.

It means sportsmen and women will have to find another way to pay to compete off island.

The Sports Council says it will have devastating results.

Hugh Raymond from the Sports Council said: "The biggest problem is I don't think that the majority of our States members know how important sport is. They play lip service to it but sometimes do they really know what sport does for the island.

"The whole excitement of taking children off, taking teams off, taking players off and also what is brings to island, because not only are we going out but we're also bringing teams in, so the whole island is affected by spending, tourism, hotels, car hire, it's all part of what I would say a financial reward for the island."

Around 40 sports will be affected including tennis, netball, swimming and basketball.


Whilst Jersey's working class citizens keep funding their Gods, headlines like these will be the norm from now on.

SoJ Inc is a company! What do companies do? They make money!!! Doh....


Monday, 30 January 2012

"Letters To Lenny" Part 7 The Finale

"Obsession Is A Raging Inferno" 


Letters To Lenny 

Lenny Say's

August now and he is getting really frustrated.  Here we have him threatening, in a manner at least he thinks is clever, to burn house and car.
Lenny Harper

"Leonard Takes It In His Stride" 

Lenny Say's

And finally from this batch..... As I said, I copied them to yourself, Rico and Neil, to give you a little bit of light reading.  Better than the JEP!!

Best wishes,

Lenny Harper



"Leah Ferguson Scoops An Award - Cover-up TV Scoops Poop!!!"

Channel Television scoops award

Channel Television's Leah Ferguson had a lot to celebrate over the weekend as she scooped the RTS Regional Reporter of the Year Award.

The Royal Television Society present a number of regional awards. Leah collected hers in Plymouth.

Her entry included reports from some of the biggest stories of 2011: the stabbing of six people including three children; and an exclusive report on debt collecting in Jersey which led to a major States' debate.

Managing Director of Channel Television, Karen Rankine said: " The standard of work shortlisted by the RTS is extremely high and we are delighted that Leah has beaten such strong competition for this prestigious award. Leah is a strong reporter who combines excellent story telling with an authoritative style so this recognition is very well deserved."

"Leah Ferguson Scoops An Award - 'NOT' Cover-up TV!!!"

Don't you just love Cover Up TV and the garbage they come out with, proclaiming here that they "Scoop An Award" when they only ever "Scoop Poop".

Credit to Leah Ferguson as she always looks presentable,
speaks clearly and concisely,
and doesn't make cockup's,
unlike Miss Dunsdon!

Well done Leah, as the murders where not an easy thing to report on
and must have taken a lot of self control.

I also enjoyed the above text where Karen Rankine mentions

"Story Telling"

After all, She would know best!!!

"Can We Afford To Visit A Jersey Doctor"

GP charge system is ‘open to abuse’

Dr Iona Heath
Dr Iona Heath

JERSEY’S system of charging people to see a GP could be encouraging doctors to make unnecessary patient appointments in order to boost their income, according to one of the industry’s leading professionals.

The ‘pay-per-visit’ method is also putting extra strain on the Accident and Emergency department of the General Hospital and worsening health inequalities as poorer people chose not to see a doctor because of the cost.

Dr Iona Heath, the president of the Royal College of General Practitioners who was in Jersey to address States officials on the future of primary health care, said that the current system was not ideal.

She said: ‘We absolutely know that payment for attendance worsens health inequalities so that poor people have to think before they see their GP, and they do have worse health problems to begin with.
‘It also encourages people to go to the Hospital where it’s free – and hospital care is a high cost to the community – so it’s no wonder your A&E attendances are high.’

Sunday, 29 January 2012

"Letters To Lenny" Part 6

"In The Know x 2"


Letters To Lenny 

Lenny Say's 
He seems to know a lot about bad cops!
Lenny Harper

"Losing The Plot"

Lenny Say's

Only in Jersey would a bent businessman dare write letters like these to a senior police officer.  Only in Jersey would he have the protection of politicians who had served in the Mafia, sorry, the Hon Police with him and of course, the Attorney General!
Lenny Harper

Saturday, 28 January 2012

"Portraits Of A Fruitcake!!!"


Jersey's home affairs minister is being asked to resign over the suspension of a former chief police officer involved in the historical abuse investigation.

Deputy Trevor Pitman asked for further details on how police reports were used to suspend Graham Power.
He said evidence had emerged showing there was no justification for suspending Mr Power or for criticism of Lenny Harper who led the investigation.

The BBC has been unable to contact Senator Ian Le Marquand for comment.
Since the historical abuse investigation closed in 2008 a number of reports were published into how it was handled by officers involved.

'Not critical'
Lenny Harper has written to Senator Le Marquand asking him why the message from the States was that a Metropolitan Police report to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) was critical of his handling of the investigation. 

Mr Harper said he had proof the report was not critical which destroyed the original justification for suspending Graham Power and the criticism of Lenny Harper.

The information is from two reports by the Metropolitan Police sent to the IPCC which have never been made public.

 A number of reports have been commissioned to look at the States of Jersey Police historical abuse investigation which ran between 2007 and 2008, including one from Wiltshire Police.

There was also a report by accountancy firm BDO Jersey into the financial aspects of the investigation and a scrutiny review of the BDO report.

Another report by Brian Napier QC into the suspension of Mr Power found there were not valid grounds for his suspension.

No disciplinary charges were ever made against the police officers involved during the inquiry and Graham Power retired following a lengthy suspension over his handling of the investigation.

It is that suspension which is the latest focus after his deputy and senior investigating officer, Lenny Harper wrote to Senator le Marquand to ask where the evidence for the suspension and criticism of the inquiry had come from.

Mr Harper said he had been told by officers involved that two further reports created by the Metropolitan Police were allegedly used to justify Mr Power's suspension.

He said that the home affairs minister at the time, Deputy Andrew Lewis, was not shown the interim report but instead received a summary from David Warcup, the acting chief police officer, outlining the reasons to suspend Mr Power.

Mr Harper said he had been told the Metropolitan Police report contained no criticism of the investigation.
Deputy Pitman will ask Senator Le Marquand about the issue in the States of Jersey on Tuesday.

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"Shouldn't That Be DEMONocracy?"

Never let democracy be taken for granted

A wreath is laid by the Lieutenant-Governor, General Sir John McColl
A wreath is laid by the Lieutenant-Governor, General Sir John McColl

ISLANDERS were reminded at yesterday’s Holocaust Memorial Day ceremony that democracy should not be taken for granted.

Around 150 Islanders packed the Occupation Tapestry Gallery to mark the occasion and remember the 22 Jersey victims of the holocaust as well as the millions who lost their lives as a result of the Nazi regime.
This year’s service also paid special homage to the forced workers who died in Jersey after being brought to the Island as Germany’s prisoners.

The guest speaker, former Cabinet Minister Michael Portillo, delivered the main address before an audience which included the Lieutenant-Governor, General Sir John McColl, and his wife Lady McColl, the Bailiff, Michael Birt, the Bailiff of Guernsey, Geoffrey Rowland, Chief Minister Ian Gorst, the Dean of Jersey, the Very Rev Bob Key, States Members and members of the public.

"Lawyer To Head Jersey Consumer Council!!!"

"That's Like Putting A Dog In Charge Of A Butchers Shop"
Advocate Rose Colley who is likely to become head of the Jersey Consumer Council next week

RISING food prices, ‘hidden’ airline charges and the Island’s bus service are all to be scrutinised by the incoming head of Jersey’s consumer watchdog.

Advocate Rose Colley, who is expected to take up the post next week, has highlighted these issues as the major priorities for the Jersey Consumer Council.

A dog with meat!
A family lawyer and former London councillor, Mrs Colley also plans to tackle the utility companies on the prices of electricity, gas and water.

She was nominated last month to succeed Senator Alan Breckon, who had been chairman of the Jersey Consumer Council since it was formed in 1995. Provided no last-minute challengers step forward, her appointment should be approved by the States on Tuesday.

Mrs Colley, who plans to fight on behalf of consumers in a number of areas, said that many shoppers felt they were not getting value for money. Using the example of an M&S promotion advertised in Jersey and the UK for the same price but excluding a bottle of wine here, she said that Islanders were paying more than they should be paying.

Mrs Colley said that chain restaurants which refused to offer the same deals in their Jersey outlets as in the UK would also be in the firing line. ‘I think there is also a general feeling that the cost of travelling from the Island has increased a lot, and that’s where the issues like baggage charges and all the extra charges become important to people.’

Her comments come on the back of a statement that debit and credit card charges imposed by airlines should be reviewed. Flybe charges up to £5.50 per person per journey in card fees, while Easyjet customers can expect to pay at least £8 per booking depending on the card they are using. The UK government plans to ban excessive card fees this year.

Mrs Colley said that hidden airline charges, including the cost of baggage, had also become a big issue for people booking flights.

And with Connex’s contract to run the Island’s bus service coming up for renewal, Mrs Colley – a regular bus user – said that that was another area which deserved to be examined. ‘The frequency of the bus service to outer areas, particularly in the winter months, is a big issue and on busy routes overcrowding can also be a problem, even with the introduction of the double-decker bus,’ she said.

Friday, 27 January 2012

"Letters To Lenny" Part 5



Letters To Lenny 

Lenny Say's

Ian, interesting this one as he seems to be confessing to that which he frequently denied!


 Lenny Harper

Thursday, 26 January 2012

"Jersey's Police Thugs Seriously Assault Kids - UPDATE 2"


When Getting Home Safely
Is Just Not Possible In Jersey!

The first two parts of this story are below for your perusal 


At the end of part two, I shared with you my thoughts regarding the three problems I feared would be used to scupper this investigation.
Take another look at them as they are listed below. 

Besides these assurances, there are still three fundamental problems in my view.

1/ The complaint will be overseen by the Police Complaints Authority Commission, who, when dealing with one of my complaints, were the most corrupt bunch of lying cheating scumbags I had ever encountered in Jersey. They were furnished with the most damning evidence and completely ignored it.

2/ The complaint cannot be actioned until the two boys have faced a parish hall enquiry. Why not? Could it be that the plan is to get the two boys to plead guilty at that enquiry and find against them therefore giving the rogue policemen the appearance of "just cause" for their actions!!!

3/ The author of the letter below (Barry Taylor) has ongoing complaints against himself for perverting the course of justice and dereliction of duty!!!


I believe that point number three has already happened as it appears that Barry Taylor, the Deputy Chief Officer is running this investigation.
Point two is in the process of being completed, and close to fruition as one of the boys has already been found guilty of trumped up charges. The other boy, only saved thus far by his mothers courage, and she, point blank refusing to let her son be found guilty of trumped up charges just to stop a bent bullying cop from getting fired!!!

I have received a couple of Emails from Maria Le Fustec, the brave lady who initiated the complaints against these rogue cops.
In them she explains what has been going on with the parish hall inquiries, and voices her concerns at the disgusting treatment that these two young victims of police brutality are receiving.


Hi Ian, tried calling you.

****** (the mother) has just called me as it was *****'s (the son) parish hall inquiry last night.. I forgot. 

****** (the mother), quite rightly kicked off at the Centennier.. The only statement that was read out at the inquiry was that of PC 240 Sykes, the assaulting officer!!  Why??  She (the mother) asked why? and the Centennier said "it is the only one I have", she said "well there was an independent witness..." Scaife asked, "whose?" So he hadn't even been given that simple information!! She told him to "call the police station to find out for himself!!"

He told her to go away and he would be in contact in two weeks, "DO NOT CONTACT ME, I WILL CONTACT YOU..." when he has the other officers, PC O'Niell, and bloody Roy ''stand by and do nothing'' Boschat's statements. What about my statement Ian?? Why did an officer come to my home to ask about the police behaviour if my statement means Jack sh*t?? 

******* ******* (the boy elbowed in the head by PC 240 Sykes) got a written warning for ''Obstruction''... which my statement clearly states "I DID NOT WITNESS OR BELIEVE HE WAS OBSTRUCTIVE IN ANY WAY!!" He was threatened with court next time. 

***** was being done for drunk and disorderly as he (apparently) swore at the taxi driver!! Wonder what the taxi driver was doing or saying to them!! As we already know, these kids were totally ignored and given no opportunity to explain, hence the frustration.. not disorderly conduct!!

So, the police coming to my home and asking me exactly what I saw that night regarding the children, (as that is what they are) means absolutely nothing as evidence in the eyes of the police!! The police have not even furnished the (court) parish hall with all relevant information!! 

Hidden agenda? 

Hear from you soon

Maria Le Fustec



The Duty Centenier for *****'s (the son) case was Scaife!!!!!!!!!!!

He was not interested in anything ****** (the mother) had to say.

She didn't realise that any statements were even going to be presented or she would have made sure she had copies of everything. As it was, they only had PC 240 Sykes statement. Scaife read the statement out. ****** (the mother) said "can i say something?" Scaife said ''go on''... she said "Why are you trying to charge my son with drunk and disorderly? He was assaulted by the officer whose statement you are reading from!!" He said, "you weren't there." She said, "neither were you!!"  Yay, go ******!!

She said, "well, if your reading that statement, there is an independent witness to that nights events." He said, "Who? Can you get me a copy of the statement?" ****** (the mother) said, "you can go get that yourself." Scaife told her she was being aggressive. She said, "I am not being aggressive, I am stressed. You are trying to charge my son with something he did not do." Scaife really did not seem to care about any witnesses, or any other statements, but ****** (the mother) would not let it go! 

She had the bloodied clothes with her that ***** (the son) was wearing that night, Scaife said, "put them away, I do not need to see that, that is a different matter entirely!" She said, "so the fact that a 16yr old was assaulted by a police officer is nothing to do with you? You don't care?" All Scaife kept saying was ''he was swearing at a taxi driver'' (boo fu*king hoo). ****** (the mother) said, "if he did it was out of frustration. These kids were ignored." ***** (the son) told Scaife that the police called them "dickheads" all the time. 

****** (the mother) is angry. Scaife told her ''DO NOT GO ANYWHERE.. DO NOT CONTACT US.. WE WILL CONTACT YOU IN 2 WEEKS!!" ****** (the mother) said, "where am i going to go??" But Scaife only adjourned it as ****** (the mother) would not allow Scaife to bully her into sentencing her son to any type of punishment. 

She asked me why I thought he said "do not contact us??" I have no idea, but I bet you do Ian.


Speak soon 

Maria Le Fustec

As you will note from the Emails, everything is being done to get these kids convicted.

All of the usual shit-tricks are being pulled, and in a concerted effort to show
"Just Cause" for these cops actions.

Take note also, that these child abusing cops are being protected by a known
protector of child abusers....Daniel Scaife.

Don't believe me?....Go ask Mr & Mrs Bonner!!!
I will leave you to ponder what I predicted, and how much of it thus far has come true.

Remember one thing before you go to bed tonight 

Maria told me today that these kids were begging the mother mentioned above, to stop Maria pursuing her complaints against the police!!!

They are petrified of the consequences of these cops facing justice!!!


"Letters To Lenny" Part 4

 "Harper Off His Head & Close Friends"


Letters To Lenny 

 Lenny Say's

Just another day in the mind of a warped individual!!
All these letters were of course in addition to driving down past my house frequently in the hope of seeing me and when he did, whether I was with my wife, daughters, or grand-children making the grand 'wanker' sign from his van or the fingers, or both!!!
Lenny Harper

"Freedom Church - I can Picture it Now!"

Freedom Church buy former Odeon site

A Christian group in Jersey is set to buy a former cinema to turn it into a community centre.
The former Odeon cinema, on the corner of Bath Street, in St Helier, has fallen into disrepair since it shut three years ago.
Its owner C Le Masurier Limited had wanted to demolish it to build shops and flats but planning restrictions meant the building had to remain.
The Freedom Church is now planning to buy the 60-year-old cinema for £1m.
In January 2011, Jersey planning minister Senator Freddie Cohen ruled that the cinema's historical and architectural significance meant it could not be demolished despite the plans.
Pastor Tim Bond, a spokesman for the church, said: "Our vision is to re-generate and transform the landmark building that will be known as Freedom Centre, returning it into a facility for use by our island community.
"It will once again become a hive of activity, with thousands of people coming through the doors every week... where people can gather and connect."
'Exhausting attempts' The Freedom Church owns the Immanuel Christian Centre in St Helier's Victoria Street but because of the size of the congregation it has been using Hautlieu School for its Sunday services.
Ben Ludlam, from C Le Masurier Limited, said: "Over many years we have made every effort to do something with the building, exhausting numerous attempts to identify a viable economic use."
He said the company was delighted that the Freedom Church had come forward with a use for the building that would benefit the entire community.
Mr Ludlam added: "Le Masurier remains fully committed to substantially regenerating the area to the south of Freedom Centre and are actively engaging with the Environment Minister and the Planning Department in this respect."
The sale is scheduled to be completed in court on Friday.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

"Jersey Child Care - Failure After Failure"


Serious criticisms of child care in Jersey


Believe it or not, this pic is from an old posting....Nothing Changes....Yet!!!

An independent report has made serious critisms of the care of children in Jersey.

In the report's evaluation of 'looked after children', services in Jersey were evaluated as mostly 'weak' or showing important weaknesses in five out of ten areas.

The performance indicators were judged on a six-point scale, with weak being second only to 'unsatisfactory' at the bottom of the table.

Three other indicators were rated as 'adequate', with only two making the 'good' rating - which is still two grades away from top marks.

Whilst the report's authors made reference to an 'experienced, committed and skilled staff group', they also found that the majority 'were not confident that they were valued by their managers or politicians'.

The report describes an overall 'lack of vision' for the service, with little direction for staff and foster carers who did not feel involved, consulted or listened to.

Although some children themselves had very positive experiences of living in care, particularly foster care, children and young people living in residential units felt disenfranchised with little power to bring about change.

This latest report was commissioned by the States in order to fulfil one of the recommendations of the Williamson Report, which resulted from the inquiry into child protection services in the island in 2007.

The Care Inspectorate undertook their research between January and May 2011 and have made a total of 14 recommendations to improve the service.

They include:

- formulating a clear strategy for the service,
- finding a way in which to monitor the outcomes for children in care,
- implementing methods in which the children themselves can express their feelings about the service,
- improve staff communication,
- improve complaints procedures,
- tighten training requirements, and
- improve understanding of the service amongst States members.

It is the first independent inspection of the island's child care services. The idea is to use the results as a baseline, against which to measure progress in the future.

Jacquie Roberts, Interim Chief Executive of the Care Inspectorate, said: "We identified areas for improvement, for example the need to gather the views of looked after children and young people and the need to develop a more systematic and comprehensive approach to service planning. That said, we also found areas of strength and evidence of good outcomes for some groups of children and young people.

"Perhaps most importantly we have concluded that whilst improvements are needed, there is a real capacity to improve and a very clear commitment to do so. We believe that the work already underway means Jersey is in a good position to be able to quickly develop fully modernised services for all its Looked After Children."

The Evaluation Scale:

Level 6: Excellent: Excellent or Outstanding
Level 5: Very Good: Major Strengths
Level 4: Good: Important strengths with some areas for improvement
Level 3: Adequate: Strengths just outweigh weaknesses
Level 2: Weak: Important weaknesses
Level 1: Unsatisfactory: Major weaknesses

The Evaluation result was as follows:

1. Key outcomes: Adequate
2. Impact on people who use our services: Weak
3. Impact on employees and foster carers: Weak
4. Impact on the community: Good
5. Delivery of key processes: Adequate
6. Policy and service development, planning and performance management: Weak
7. Management and support of employees and foster carers: Weak
8. Resources and capacity building: Weak
9. Leadership and direction: Adequate
10. Capacity for improvement: Good



Now ya gonna vomit!!!

"They've Been Stealing From Our 'PRE-PAID' Account Since We Were Born!!!"

End of the scratch card in multi-storeys?

Scratchcards could be phased out from use in multi-storey car parks
Scratchcards could be phased out from use in multi-storey car parks

Parking scratchcards could be phased out from use in multi-storey car parks.

From March paycards will be scrapped at Sand Street car park in favour of a new number-plate recognition system which is to be trialled there.

A video camera will automatically scan each car’s J-plate as it enters and leaves the multi-storey and automatically deduct payment from a pre-paid account. Alternatively, car owners can pay at a machine before they leave.

Transport and Technical Services Minister Kevin Lewis said that he was looking forward to introducing the new system which, if successful, would be rolled out at the Island’s other multi-storey car parks.

Meanwhile, the cost of parking in Jersey is to increase in line with inflation from next Wednesday. This means that a single unit paycard will increase from the current price of 69p to 71p