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Friday, 14 December 2012

"Ya Lost Plemont - Get Over It - The Whining Begins"

Thrown away

STATES Members have failed Islanders and have opened Plémont to further damage, the president of the National Trust for Jersey has said.
After months of campaigning to save Plémont and years of work to preserve Jersey’s coastline, Celia Jeune last night condemned the short-sightedness of those States Members who voted against a move to preserve the area.
Chief Minister Ian Gorst’s bid to save the land from development was rejected by the narrowest of margins yesterday and failed by one vote when 25 Members voted against using public money to buy Plémont and 24 voted in favour.
Mrs Jeune said that the National Trust for Jersey was hugely disappointed for the whole Island.
‘We were disappointed that our States Members did not step up to the mark and have the vision to protect our north coast,’ she said. ‘It was the last chance to save the headland and they will be the cause of future damage.’

"Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"

Suppose the whingers will now demand another voting session, anything to get their own "Jersey Way". !!!


  1. No bias from the Rag then.

    The Beano is not the Rag.

  2. Why the fuss? We ARE getting the headland. The bit that jutts out into the sea - on the map - is being given to us. And the new houses won't be spoiling any sea views, blending in from a distance. Driving down the lane, once you reach the car park it will feel as open as you could wish for.
    What a load of hot air over nothing!

  3. i wonder how much dandara had to pay out in backhanders to swing the vote in there favour ???as its a 100% sure fire safe bet that if the land is developed into houses they will get the contract!now what time do betting shops open ??

  4. If Dandara are building anything, you can bet your arse that it ain't going to be worth anything remotely in the region of 900K per house.

  5. When i come here I get this every time.

    A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.

    1. What can I do? I had a friend round tonight who spent 6 hrs trying to offload the jersey scum who attack my blog on a daily basis, if his efforts haven't been successful today, I apologize, but at least his efforts were sincere, and he tried. :)

      When you lose, do not lose the lesson!

  6. You are doing a great Job Ian, less cursing would be good,the pen is stronger and more powerfull.

    Read Terry Le Main's letter in the post tonight. Screaming madly because in his day you could talk crap, act like an upright politico, go on the trips, smile the smile,and Hansard would never appear unless you trudged down to the States Greffe and got a paper copy of what was actually spoken in the big house.

    Now You have Stuart Syvret, Ian Evans, Rico Sorda, VFC, Jerry Gossline, Boatyboy,Tony the Proff and a world of other caring information gathers putting it out there, trying to tell the truth, putting out reality.

    Yeh I Know sorry Mr Le Main what a downer for people like you. By the way you say in your JEP letter, politicians should be decent and respectful to each other.

    Yet you are on record as ripping the microphone out of the hands of a senator making a Xmas speech. Short memory I guess on your part, and you were shocked to learn that hundreds of flats built by Dandara around the General Hospital were being sold off to Irish investors. Well how could you know being housing minister.

    The good news is we bloggers ( normal people using the internet to communicate like the States of Jersey website ) do it because we don't want to be treated like idiots, and want and need the truth, So why are you reading this,do you care about your future and Jersey as well ?


    1. BB, the only people taking serious interest in the blogs right now are the Police and law officers because we are getting new cyber insult laws put in place in 2013.

    2. The police....take anything seriously? hahaha

      Perhaps they should start with the nine crooks in their own ranks that were named this week!!!

  7. She and the rest of the national trust put a lot of effort into this, i dont see a problem with her having a bit of a whine as she is bound to be upset after all the work put into it. I presume your headline would have been the same had they one and the developer was whining about it.

    That said, I reckon they would have had a better chance had they not left it to Baillhache who really nailed his colours to the mast and displayed his complete arrogance and bully mentality, not to mention that of his brother also during the debate process.

    Hopefully, in an ideal world Baillhache will now be seen for his true self by the majority of voters. I mean we get constantly reminded how he received a massive majority vote and over the last few weeks have been shown that the majority of islanders did not want the states to purchase plemont.

    Therefore I would hope that every person that falls into the latter majority section of jersey will not be voting for him next time around. Obviously that would be a nice start but lets just see how quickly that will be forgotten, with a little help no doubt from the JEP.

    By the way I did want it bought but probably not for the same reasons as Baillhache pretended he did but I dont want to bore you further. Lets just say I hope this cloud (in my opinion of course) has a great big silver lining in a couple of years.

  8. p.s. Regards the hacking stuff, I assume you have flagged this up with blogspot as surely it is down to them to sort the problem out if it is affecting other viewers and not just from your side?

  9. Hi anon, yes I have notified blogger. I also had a friend round for 8 hrs yesterday who has done the business on my computer, not one single attack since :)

  10. If Deputy Labey has proof of any miss doing on the part of Tel Boy,then she should come out with it,or push the matter further as people I speak to think she was not telling the truth,that infact none of her constituants had provided her with information, it was just her trying to tarnish Tel Boy,s name.

  11. Dandara, mentioned on this blog is allegedly owing £95million, any truth in this, I hope so?

  12. It will make little difference Dandara owing £95 million. Harcourt owed £250 million Euros, and Frank Walker, with the firm support of Terry Le Suer and Phillip Ozouf is on record as telling the States and the public of Jersey.

    "The ruler has been run over Harcourt thoroughly and they have come up A1 every time"


    "We cannot have done a more thorough review. There is no basis whatsoever that justifies a reference back. I have no hesitation in recommending Harcourt".


    "There is no legal dispute in Las Vegas"

    Ex Chief Minister Frank Walker,

    What a mess the bankrupt Esplanade quarter with half finished tunnel would look like today. Thanks Mr Walker et al.

  13. dandara got kicked off the isle of man and Guernsey ,and that's just the 2 that i know of but i'm sure its more places then it was oh lets set up on jersey and ruin the building industry there as well,which they have done in a big way!they bought up anything and everything,and so put a lot of local firms out of business.they should have been kicked off the island years ago but to late now the damage is done!

  14. dan da ra are finished here uk want bank acounts no more funding terrorism