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Monday, 3 December 2012

"Would You Believe This Man?"

We can win the argument, says head regulator
Deputy Trevor Pitman Says You Can't!!!

John Harris, irector general of the Jersey Financial Services Commission

"surely you can't be serious?"
JERSEY has to be more assertive in getting its arguments across that it is a not a haven for tax evasion, says the director general of the Jersey Financial Services Commission.
John Harris said that the Island should be looking to take a ‘positive rather than negative and defensive position’ when quizzed about how it deals with tax matters in future.

‘I get personally quite frustrated that when we get asked a question about tax, we give a regulatory answer and say how well regulated we are,’ he said.

Mr Harris, who was speaking on Thursday at a conference at the Hotel de France in front of 230 financial professionals, said that he believed that the Island had a wide range of laws and measures in place designed to deter and prevent tax evasion by UK and European citizens.

He argued that when UK and European politicians’ targeted’ places like Jersey they were working to ‘agendas’ and are ‘fuelled by an indignant press’ unwilling to accept that the Island was not a jurisdiction that facilities tax evasion.


  1. I thought I would leave the spelling mistakes in the article just to show the pwofeshionalysm ov der jay ee pee.... Christ!!!

    They can't even be bothered to do a God Damned spell check....

  2. John Harris has a lot of front.

    Firstly they could not interfere in a bank that ripped off a customer, then when the story hit the blogs, and got taken up by good members of the States suddenly John Harris and his mob, can deal with naughty banks because they have a £6.5 million fighting fund. Why did Phillip give them another £930,000 as a top up a few months ago.

    Better still how is it going with the branch of HSBC you know the one that gets all the money from Mexican drug dealers go on, go on, you know the one the HSBC offshore branch based in Jersey.

    Juan Carlos known as the emperor