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Monday, 17 December 2012

"Why Are People Such Nasty Pigs Towards The Poor?"

"Lindsay Edwards-Thatcher Should Go Work For £6.53 Per Hour"

Who spawns these God awful creatures?

What is it with anyone who begrudges another fellow human being an extra loaf of bread a week? She comes out with the shyte that it will stifle the island's ability to return to economic growth? WTF!!!

The whole reason the world is neck deep in doo doo is the rich pig lawyers and their employees doing their masters bidding on the poor. If anyone in government had the decency to bring a proposition to cap rents, nobody would be struggling, but we just can't have the poor not propping up the rich can we?

Fronce got it roight moy luv eh!    They beheaded all their lawyers :)


  1. Many smaller businesses are now employing people on zero hour contracts in circumstances where they may, in the past, have employed people on a full time basis. This is not necessarily a bad thing (as it allows people more free time for themselves to train and do more varied activities) but suggesting that every employer can afford to compete with the finance and legal industries is short sighted.

  2. Poor people should stop going to work and cripple the rich.

  3. ur right if they want all the money let them work fuck work it interferes whith your social life no good for me

  4. Zero contract hours is the worst thing that ever happened in this Island, or anywhere else for that matter, how can anyone budget when you have no idea what you have got coming in.
    Great for the greedy employers though!!!!

  5. Response to Anonymous@14:53: zero hours. That was my point, as the cost for some commodity increases, the response from most people is to reduce their consumption or change their approach to reduce their overheads. So, while the step from £6.48 to £6.53 may seem like a small one it does change employers' behaviour leaving people in more uncertain circumstances than they would otherwise be in if the increases had not been made. I do not suggest a reduction, I say simply this: as the minimum wage increases, it will place pressure on low earners to find "more" work simply because they will find themselves being given "less" work. Some of that pressure will need to absorbed by Social Security which is perhaps in the best position to assist in redistributing wealth from the rich in Jersey to the poor. There is a balance to be struck between wages and welfare payments. My own view is that welfare should be generous (eg. free or low cost personal health related welfare and housing) and that a minimum wage should cease to exist to maximise employment. Jersey effectively treats the employer as a source of welfare. Inevitably, employers do not wish to be a source of welfare because they themselves have to make ends meet in a shorter timeframe than Social Security (which uses todays receipts to pay yesterday's pensioners).

  6. So true. Who does spawn these God awful creatures.