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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

"Who The Bloody Hell Are The Jersey Police To Tell Anyone How To Behave Properly?"

Jersey police increase Christmas patrols

There will be two police shifts overlapping and an extra 8-12 officers

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Jersey Police will be increasing patrols over the next two weekends to raise awareness of excessive drinking.
Ch Insp Chris Beechey said the force wanted to make sure people were not putting themselves or others in danger over the Christmas period.

He said the two weekends before Christmas were the busiest of the year for the force because of the number of people out and about.

There will be two overlapping police shifts with an extra 8-12 officers.
Mr Beechey said the States police would work with the Honorary force to offer advice and support to drinkers.

He said: "We would like everyone to drink sensibly and ensure you are not vulnerable or make someone else vulnerable as a result of excessive drinking.

"There is a great deal people can do as individuals to increase their safety and reduce the likelihood of being a victim of crime or alternatively doing something they will ultimately regret when sober."

"Kings Of Corruption"

What a damn nerve Chris Beechey has telling anyone how to behave after the documented crimes of the police that go unpunished on a weekly basis here in Jersey!
Then we have Game Show Mike, Jersey's Chief Police Officer who point blank refuses to look into any complaints against the police and the judiciary, not to mention States members!
On the odd occasion that anything is looked into, NO ONE is interviewed and NO ONE is ever held accountable.
Even if, and I mean if, a complaint ever gets to the stage where it actually reaches the Attorney General, Dim Tim Le Cocq, he just dismisses it with the usual template letter, and without giving any reason whatsoever for the nonsensical decision not to prosecute the guilty....

"Jersey is Utterly Lawless!!!"


  1. I can't believe no-one takes your complaints seriously.

  2. nd, after todays questions and answers by the AG (Dim Tim) on the behaviour of the Police Force, it becomes even more apparent that they are a law unto themselves, with the judiciaries backing to boot!

  3. A brand new police station for Bowron and a big shiny new penthouse office.

    The joke is Bowron thinks he is worth it while the UK police are hunting down the Savile era types and associates, nothing is heard from the Jersey police under Bowron even though Savile had friends and visited Jersey.. As quiet as mice and for one good reason, whats the point when the AG's office has a history of intercepting private emails between a Grouville deputy and a retired police chief ordering the investigation and claims against corruption with land dealings to stop. In any decent place the Attorney General would have been in court for corruption.

    The police case had not been even started, the AG would have been wiser to have waited for the full file and then rule no case to answer. That is a stupid case to put forward because the evidence could have been so seriously damming. He new that. Oh I forgot they suspended the Chief of Police a week later after he refused to back down being a decent copper. They said it was because he handled the Hdelgarrene investigation badly, and that was a lie to.

    Jersey is becoming a complete mess with these corrupt people in charge.

  4. at least someone is getting a good wage over crimbo

  5. Commentor at 6-39.

    You have also got to remember the police statement of nurse M

    Also buried by the AG

    But one day soon, will be dug up