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Thursday, 13 December 2012

"When Will Jersey Learn?"

Cannabis arrests in Jersey 'disrupt drugs ring'

Six people have been arrested in Jersey after police seized about 20kg of cannabis resin with an estimated street value of £200,000.
Det Sgt Craig Jackson said it was a substantial seizure that had disrupted a major drugs ring.
Five men and one woman, aged from 25 to 52, were held on Wednesday on suspicion of importing drugs into Jersey.
Officers also seized a large quantity of cash in a number of searches in the island and the UK.
Det Sgt Jackson said the drugs seized would now be destroyed.


  1. It is not a surprise that Det Sgt Jackson talks so much shit, What else can you expect from an arsehole?

    Det Sgt Jackson said the drugs seized would now be destroyed. Yeah! so they trying to tell me that they will burn £200,000 ? More shite then?

  2. I think the sentencing guidelines for 20kg of Cannabis are up to 10 years imprisonment from memory (or close to that anyway)! What a huge waste of taxpayers money (as well as ripping families apart) for a substance deemed in almost every academic report released as being a lot less harmful than Alcohol and Tobacco!!

    Many of the Police in Jersey and beyond seem to support legalisation or at least the relaxing of the laws surrounding Cannabis and other drugs, it is just a shame none of them will come out publicly and say so.

    Fat chance of any changes in law over here until long after the rest of Europe have legalised it seems..

  3. WHAT have they got to loose by legalising it NOTHING THATS WHAT EMPTY PRISONS AND NO MORE DRUNK AND DISORDERLY ARRESTS and no more violent crimes who wants that


    Wow, all the comments on the Channel Online article (which were 90% pro legalisation) have mysteriously vanished this afternoon! HOW STRANGE!!!

  5. One of those caught aged 52 only got out in 2009 after 5 years inside, for exactly the same thing. It seems people never learn. I mean 52 for f$$k sake. Grow up!