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Monday, 3 December 2012

"Wage Rise Of A Loaf Of Bread A Week Is Approved!"

Jersey's minimum wage to rise by £2 a week

I am sure those affected will be
over the moon!!! LOL
"Disgusting Jersey Greed"

WoHo!!! This wage rise could actually pan out at around
three slices a day 'IF' you buy thin sliced :)

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Proposals to increase Jersey's minimum wage by 5p an hour have been approved by the island's social security minister.

Senator Francis Le Gresley agreed to the rise, equal to about £2 extra a week, put forward by the Employment Forum.

The new figure of £6.53 an hour will take effect from 1 April 2013.

Senator Le Gresley said there needed to be a rise, but it had to be tempered by the current economic climate.

The Employment Forum, which is made up of nine non-political members, offers recommendations on a range of employment related issues.
'Attract unemployed people'
Its call to increase the trainee hourly wage, for employees on training schemes in the first year of a new trainee positions, by 4p per hour to £4.90 was approved.

Senator Le Gresley also agreed to the introduction of a new second year trainee rate of £5.71, for those who have undertaken training for a year and will continue to do so for a second.

He said: "I hope that the option of a longer trainee rate period will encourage employers to increase the availability of good quality training opportunities and trainee positions, and that these positions would attract local unemployed people."

The Social Security Department is due to present changes in law later this year to revise, simplify and clarify the criteria that must be met for employees to be paid the trainee rates.


  1. Le Gresley is making himself look very uncaring and foolish, has he caught the jersey way bug?

  2. Le Gresley does not appear to be the same man as he was when he worked in the Citizens Advice Bureau.

  3. Le Gresley is a turncoat and a fraud. His work with the CAB should have given him a huge insight into how 'lower' Jersey struggles, a struggle he seems to enjoy making harder for those very people.

    No vote from me next time - yes he has drunk from the poison chalice.

  4. he is the worst type of person there possibly is how can any one trust him

  5. Well I wonder what "currency" they have on him then ..

    The Beano is not the Rag