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Thursday, 6 December 2012

"Update On Cyril"

"The Squirrel Is Grateful"

I went up to see Cyril on Monday and he is in good spirits and would like everyone to know that his imprisonment, far from breaking him, has strengthened his resolve even more.
There has been an offer from abroad (America to be exact) to pay Cyril's fine for him so he can be released immediately. However, Cyril has very graciously declined this kind offer as he is adamant that Jersey Corruption should not be rewarded with payments for the illegal oppression of people living on the island. The donor has been made aware of Cyril's stance on the issue, and is mightily impressed with his attitude.
Cyril is currently writing to the Viscount's office to try and find out why the matter of the extra 42 days was not addressed in court, and why he was not afforded any opportunity to respond to this shocking breach of his inalienable rights. I will let you know any news as soon as I know.
Last, but by no means least, Cyril would very much like to thank those bloggers, and members of the public (you know who you are) who have been kind enough to drop a few bob in his prison account for him, and indeed, those who are thinking about him at this time, he is extremely grateful to all.
I have just spoken with Cyril and he is going to appeal against his sentence as the going rate for a £30 fine is a day in jail, but because Cyril is fighting this corrupt system he has been levied with a tariff of around £11 for a day in jail. Where is the consistency of the sentencing policies of this island?

Child Rapist's Get less,
Don't They Brian Downs?



  1. There's lots of love out there for the Squirrel, Bean power : )

  2. he is a proper hero in my books .adder

  3. re: Protecting and Serving the CRAP out of you, I present :
    Idaho police sodomize man with Taser

  4. If you can't do the time don't do the crime.
    What a dickhead.

  5. Hi Jon, good comment you little rump ranger. Just one slight problem with it though, you are obviously to pissed at the minute to realise that he "Is" doing the time!!!

    Furthermore, he has declined an offer for his fine to be paid so he can be released immediately, what does that tell you numb-nuts?

    And to top all your Jonny 'nonsense'....he has committed NO crime. I think it's about time I acquired a picture of this worthless speck of insignificance trolligarchy imbecile.

    Better keep those curtains closed Jon :)

  6. You becoming a peeping Tom Ian?

    1. NO!!!

      I can't afford the crates of Stella and the Caustic Soda required to do the job properly!

  7. what job dose the hafwit jon do ?

    1. I have no idea, But judging by the amount of Stella he drinks, I would estimate that it would be impossible for him to hold down a job.

  8. i know who he is and i will be speaking to him sooner than he thinks

  9. If anyone can get a photo published of the Troll you can Mr Evans. Jon Howarth loves publicity, as a example he made an abusive phone call to innocent nice people just to appear on youtube that was classic Jon, appearing in a public court in front of a crowd of people just to get noticed, what Ambition what an attention seeker.

    In another move helped by his special friend Emma Martins from the States Data protection department, he has wangled an appearance in a secret court as one of four claimants, using the publics money but everyone knows about the not so secret case, more publicity.

    This will no doubt make the English mainstream papers who are showing a keen interest in Jersey and the Channel Islands when it goes to trial.

    Show time Mr Evans bring it on !