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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

"The Sharks Are Circling And The Prey (as always) Is The Workers"

Anger as States impose pay deal
Chief Minister-ish! Ian Gorst

FURIOUS unions are threatening industrial action after the States’ negotiating body broke off pay talks and imposed a controversial wage settlement on thousands of workers.
In a statement yesterday, Chief Minister Ian Gorst said that after nine months of negotiations, all attempts to resolve the pay dispute between the States Employment Board and the unions had been exhausted.

And he said that the board now had no option but to impose its final offer of a 1% one-off payment this year, 1% rise and one-off payment next year, and a 4% rise in 2014 dependent on workers accepting changes to their terms and conditions.

But in a strongly worded joint statement, seven public sector unions said that the forced public sector pay settlement had ‘severe implications for future negotiations’, and warned that they are now seeking legal advice.

"Nurses Thrown A Couple Of Bob"

Grey Nurse shark

Nurses: Good but not good enough

Jersey's nurses say a new pay deal they are being offered is a 'step in the right direction', but still doesn't go far enough.

Other States workers are having a deal forced on them, but the States have offered an increase to the nurses.

Kenny McNeil, Chairman of the staff side said, "We are pleased that the SEB has recognised the position that nurses are in and have appeared to have listened to some of our concerns regarding pay."

He added, "We recognise that the offer made to us is higher than that made to the other public sector bodies, but it is still some way off our claim for equal and fair pay."

They will discuss the offer in full in less than two weeks time, on the 18th December and could come to a decision then.

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