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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

"The Poor To Be Hammered Again - But Who Is Doing The Maths?"

Smokers and drinkers to be hit in
potential budget

Jersey States meet today to discuss the budget for the next twelve months.

Smokers, drinkers and motorists are set to be hit the hardest if the proposals get the go ahead.

The Treasury Minister plans to spend £56 million on a number of big projects next year - such as a new primary school in St Martin and social housing refurbishments.

But to help fund them, he needs to raise some cash.

He is therefore planning to increase alcohol duty from January, putting £1.05 on a litre of whisky, 13p on a bottle of wine and 4p on a pint.

Smokers would be hit too - with tobacco duty set to rise by 10%, adding 38p on a pack of cigarettes.

Who is doing the maths? A pack of cigarettes is roughly £6.50 therefore a 10% rise can only equate to 65p you simply move the decimal point one place!!! Got it yet Ozo?

And motorists will not escape either - as fuel duty is planned to go up by 3p a litre in 2013.

In total these increases are set to raise an extra 7.6 million pounds for the Treasury.

There is some good news in the proposed budget though.

First time buyers would continue to benefit from a reduced rate in stamp duty on properties costing less than £450,000.

It means they would pay a maximum of £2,000 in property tax.

And people on low wages would benefit too.

Their tax free earnings are set to go up from £13,370 to £13,780.

And finally GST is set to remain at 5% and there are no planned changes to income tax.


  1. The duty is rising by 10%. Not the total cost. Apparently the duty is now £3.80. Obviously the manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer have a cut of the £6.50, it is not all duty, so a 10% rise to the duty does not mean a 10% rise to the total cost.

  2. I know, but this is propaganda remember :)

  3. its easy stop drinking and smoking and we will fuck them right up

  4. Any rise will attract gst at 5%. It follows that 38p extra will actually be almost 2p more in total, and the price on everything that increases will also obviously work the same way.

  5. They are just trying to encourage economic growth... aka smuggling!

  6. Ozouf says that a pint will go up by 2p, by the time the punter pays for it, it will be around 8to 10p more expensive.
    To raise revenue all he has to do is scrap 0/10 and he will have have enough cash, it will even wipe out the "black hole"
    Even the JEP does not have pay local Income Tax along with Normans, B&Q, De Gruchy, Dandara, New Look, Waitrose, Co-op and countless more!

  7. only the poor pay