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Sunday, 16 December 2012

"The Hopelessness Of Trying To Find Justice In Jersey"

"May Your Life Be Filled With Lawyers"

As readers may remember, I have had ongoing complaints against Jersey Lawyers for a few years now, and all to do with the same case. Advocate Bale refused to contact me for a month, and when I phoned him he stated that he was not qualified to do legal aid work, further telling me that I would not want a lawyer who was not up to the task!

I complained about Bale to Charles Thacker, the then President of the Jersey Law Society. Time passed and I was eventually in receipt of a letter from Thacker stating that Adv Bale had done no wrong. Thacker advised me that Bale had sent me an Email which I never received, he also confirmed that an independent IT expert had verified that the Email was in fact sent, yet he produced no evidence of that assertion whatsoever! In fact, he produced no evidence of anything whatsoever!!! And there was me thinking all these years that lawyers dealt with evidence and facts....

The nonsense above can be read at the two links below.

I then lodged a formal complaint against Thacker, who after dismissing my complaint against Bale, then jacked in being president of the Law Society! Sound familiar anyone? I have now had a response from the new President of the Law Society, Tim Hanson.

This response is also dismissive, and instills no faith whatsoever in the legal profession for the common man. Again, there is no evidence tendered to myself in relation to my complaints, and again, there is no IT experts report!!! The letter is below.

I have finally come to the conclusion that I am pissing in the wind even attempting to find some small microcosm of Justice on this pitifully corrupt rock.

I will not be responding to Hanson as I am just not prepared to waste my computer ink on the letter!!!

"Is There Justice In Jersey?"

And please sign the petition below to help rid the Isle of Jersey of these disgusting crooks.


  1. Keep complaining about the presidents,they then resign & eventually you will bring down the law society single handed!

  2. hahaha, right thinking, I have two presidents to my name now :)

  3. Hanson letter " I am therefore send letter to AG" SENDING don't they have spellcheck these so called educated dipsticks!

    & the AG "protector" of the public interest!! since when?

    Seasons greetings Ian & good luck in 2013

    1. "Send letter" :)

      I missed that one.

      And yes, the AG 'is' the protector of the public interest, the public interest being the interest of those in government, and not the interest of the people, who are known in legal circles as "The Private".

      Let us hope the "Dark Rift" beginning on Friday, and lasting for three days, will bring about the awareness that it is supposed to as we enter into the age of Aquarius.