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Friday, 7 December 2012

"Sadly Body Found Looks To Be That Of Fiona Lord"

Body believed to be missing Jersey woman

A woman's body found in French waters near Granville is believed to be that of missing Jersey resident Fiona Lord.

Although the body has yet to be formally identified officers believe it to be Fiona.

Fiona went missing last Wednesday, November 28th, and was last seen by her neighbours leaving her home at Pontac Common.

Family Liaison Officers are continuing to work with and support Fiona’s family and repatriation is anticipated next week.

The States of Jersey Police would like to take this opportunity to thank the public for all their help in the search for Fiona.


  1. Our thoughts are with family and friends of Fiona :( xxx

  2. if anyone else feels low and unable to talk to a friend or family member they should talk to there doctor or phone the Samaritans ..
    the stigma of depression is getting a bit better and id like to make this point
    depression is a real illness just like heart kidney or any other illness .the brain is an organ too and is delicate and people should be more understanding . lets get rid of the stigma for ever please .

    1. Good shout anon, it is no fun....

    2. just got 35% tax 3 kids and havent worked for 2 years it a fucking joke lets. rise not feel sorry for our poor selfs

    3. The tax is easy to deal with.

  3. May God rest her soul, bless her!