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Monday, 17 December 2012

"Protector Of Child Abuser Might Fit In Well At Law Officers Department, Or Even As An Honorary Cop!!!"

"More Of Jersey's Disgusting Scum"

Rosalind Ivy Hamon
A Threat To All Children

See more of Jersey's Trash at the link below.
And click on the articles to see the photo's


  1. I see Jon was in Stella mode early this morning, three insults in as many minutes, 2.12am to 2.15am.

    How embarrassed your child is going to be when it gets older and finds out what a dick head it's father is....Poor kid :(

  2. In fact, I can feel a Jon Sharrock Haworth Christmas Special extravaganza coming on.

    Need to contact a few more victims first though :)

  3. Im pretty sure that hamon was a child fosterer, is that known already?