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Friday, 14 December 2012

"Phick Phil & The Other Chief Minister Rejected By The People & Their Own"

States WON'T buy Plemont

Gorst caught hook, line, and sinker :)


"Follow The Yellow Brick Road"

Two thirds of Plemont is promised back to the people anyhoo, and for nothing, so what on earth was the problem with Bailhache and Gorst? This was simply another stunt that both of our Chief Ministers concocted for their own political furtherance, and it has blown up in their faces :) The people are at last beginning to pull back the curtain on this corrupt shower to reveal the silly little men at the controls....

Jersey States have voted against buying the land at Plemont headland - the site of the former Pontin's holiday camp.

The proposal was lost by only one vote in it; 24-25.

It was a proposal that divided opinion in the island.

Planning had been approved for a housing development, so the government would have had to pay out millions of pounds of tax payers money to purchase it.

An independent report has put the market value of the site at £4m - but developers want £14m.

Today, politicians voted against asking the National Trust to foot the whole bill to buy the land.

They also said no to a proposal to loan the National Trust the money to buy the headland, over both ten years and fifty years.

The charity had offered to pay part of the cost, up to £3 million.

The rest of the money would have been funded by the taxpayer.

The landowner say he will fight to keep the land and develop it for housing.

Chief Minister Ian Gorst wanted the States to act in partnership with the National Trust over acquiring the site and returning it to nature.

The owner was recently been given planning consent to build 28 houses and the valuation, made very recently, takes the planning permit into consideration.

How they voted: In favour were:-

Senators Paul Routier, Philip Ozouf, Alan Breckon, Ian Le Marquand, Francis Le Gresley, Ian Gorst, Lyndon Farnham and Sir Philip Bailhache, Constables Simon Crowcroft, Deidre Mezbourian, Michael Paddock, Michel Le Troquer and Sadie Rennard, Deputies James Reed, Carolyn Labey, Jacqueline Hilton, John Fondré, Montfort Tadier, Andrew Green, Jeremy Maçon, John Young, Susie Pinel, John Le Bailly and Kristina Moore

Against were:-

Senator Sarah Ferguson, Constables John Gallichan, Dan Murphy, Len Norman, John Refault, Juliette Gallichan, Phil Rondel and Stephen Pallett, Deputies Rob Duhamel, Roy Le Hérissier, Judy Martin, Geoff Southern, Anne Pryke, Sean Power, Shona Pitman, Kevin Lewis, Trevor Pitman, Eddie Noel, Tracey Vallois, Mike Higgins, Gerard Baudains, James Baker, Steve Luce, Rod Bryans and Richard Rondel.

Deputy Pat Ryan declared an interest and Senator Maclean was absent.


  1. There is a great deal to be discussed and learned from this little confrontation but one issue to stress is that this was an early casualty to "3rd Sector" involvement policies of the States.
    Our government is very keen to capture the charitable sector into various deals and agreements - largely in order to employ "volunteers" at little or no cost and to draw upon their financial resources.
    We have already witnessed the spat with "Silkworth" and the closing and then re-opening of "Roseneath" but we have yet to see the full plan unfolding and how the "Charity Czar" might be able to respond.
    The "jobs" page in the JEP is now often more like one big "volunteering" advert and the trend is towards more and more "unpaid" employment. That the SS Department might start witholding income support from those who do not volunteer is the sort of trend that would suit many - so we are in very dangerous times.
    The National Trust for Jersey will be a bit battle scarred after this skirmish but we should all learn many lessons from this - Mike Dun writes.

  2. correct all take action now befour it is too late

  3. This is exactly how Democracy works, there are always loosers, GET OVER IT!
    Where were the loosers when that Ugly Incinerator (three times larger than necessary was built), and other abominations flung up in St. Helier, of course, they are not in their back yard!
    Great to see Bailache and Gorst stuffed!

  4. Ozouf is also very much involved with these other two stooges!?