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Friday, 7 December 2012

"Looks Like Just About Everyone Has Had Enough Of Our Chief Ministers!!!"

Jersey teachers may strike over States pay offer

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A Jersey teachers' union has said strike action is possible after its members were forced to take a pay offer from the States.

Chief Minister Senator Ian Gorst said the latest States worker pay deal was final.

The offer was a 1% rise in the next two years and a 1% lump sum payment.

The National Union of Teachers said its members have "categorically refused to accept the pay deal".

Speaking in the States, Senator Ian Gorst said the bargaining process had been exhausted with no room for debate.
No alternative
He said this left no practical alternative other than to bring in the final pay offer for eligible public sector workers.

"The economic conditions facing Jersey mean we cannot offer a higher pay award if we are to meet the priorities agreed by members - creating jobs, maintaining employment and investing in health and social services," he said.

Andy Woolley, from the National Union of Teachers, said its members were now in dispute with the States.

He said: "Our rejection of it is also adamant and we will have to see what steps we take next. We have balloted our members to see if they are willing to take strike action and they say they are."

Teachers, in line with other public service workers, want a 4% increase in line with inflation.


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  2. The public sector management and many levels of worker including teachers have been overpaid for years. Now it crunch time.

    If they don't like it resign, there are thousands of good civil servants, teachers and other skills who have been made redundant in the UK that would love to work in Jersey and only pay 20% tax even if you chopped away some of the extravagant perks.

    Greedy and spoilt get real.