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Sunday, 30 December 2012

"12 Months Of Corruption, Lunatics, & Cover Up In Jersey" Part 6 of 12


The Month Of Corruption & Stupidity

1. Jersey plumbing new depths in STUPIDITY.

2. Paedophiles hit 8 out of 10 RATIO.

3. The death of another Jersey victim ALPHONSE LE GASTELOIS.

4. Immigrant charges on the CARDS.

5. Watering down the Child Abuse Inquiry T.O.R's.

6. Le Marquand, the incompetent MAVERICK.

7. Cyril's trial tapes are DOCTORED.

8. No charges after illegal police raid on GERMAN CONSUL.

9. Chief Officer Mike Bowron & OPERATION BOHAN.

10. Bailhache admits lying to judges in ENGLAND.

11. The Guardian on corrupt little JERSEY.

12. The unlawful imprisonment of LEAH McGRATH GOODMAN.

13. Barking Bill Bailhache refuses to look into perjury or DOCTORED TRIAL TAPES!!!

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