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Monday, 10 December 2012

"Jersey's Bent Cops Not To Be Prosecuted! Oh, That Sounds Familiar!!!"

"Curtis Warren Corrupt Cops Role Of Shame"
DCI David Minty
Insp Louis Beghin
DS Lawrence Courtness
Just click on the pic's to read them.



  1. Here we go again. No criminal proceedings against the Police.

  2. Was a certain Gary Pashley not another officer who was involved in this? What happened with his disciplinary?

    History repeateth itself - the Police can be as bent as they want and they know they will get away with it! Disgusting.

  3. I think we now know that, should the Jersey police ever acquire tasers, they will be free to murder people at will, and without fear of prosecution, or even dismissal!!!

  4. Bowron is making Warcup look good, and Gradwell look excellent.

  5. This is just a thought:
    Imagine the true prize being Curtis Warren's estate.
    Imagine the police being told to obtain evidence against Curtis by any means.
    Imagine the police being told that they will be protected..

    The Beano is not the Rag

  6. I know, I explained that one to him three years ago when I was sat in his cell on B Wing reading his papers :)

    1. Just one thing though! Can you imagine Graham Power & Lenny Harper going for that?

  7. How in this day and age, can 3 Policemen break the law by illegally "bugging" a car and still be in a job?
    Curtis Warren is certainly no angel, but cases have been thrown out for a lot less than that, in the UK, with a sharp lawyer, Curtis Warren would have walked.