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Saturday, 1 December 2012

"Jersey's Bent & Buckled Courts - Explaining The Corruption"

"A Précis Of Cyril's Case"
Below, is what we put together for Cyril's defence arguments at his 'alleged' appeal.
It is not hard to understand the corruption in our courts when having viewed the documents below. We kept the text simple and direct so there was no misunderstanding the various strains of Cyril's arguments, from the documents below it is hard to see how any competent court of jurisdiction could come to an honest conclusion that Cyril was guilty of Contempt of Court!
What is Contempt of Court?

Black's Law Dictionary 4th Edition
The Index
Skeleton Arguments
Service Of Summons
Summing Up
"Is There Justice In Jersey?"

And please sign the petition below to help rid the Isle of Jersey of these disgusting crooks.



  1. No there is justice but a tiered system which depends on ones social standing as to ones treatment, that is plain to see. This will change! : )

  2. Await with interest the promised written judgement at a later date..

    How much later, if ever, remains to be seen.

  3. A beautifully constructed argument, I eagerly await the response.

  4. Let us see if any of the local media " hello BBC, JEP, CTV," question being taken back to prison to serve the rest of a five day custodial sentence, and then handed another 43 days by a viscount official on a scrap of paper.

    Clearly Judge Birt has basis and legal knowledge that the rest of the population ( who could also be treated this way ) have not. It follows that the media should be investigating the basis of the extended sentence while not handed down in normal court proceedings and handed down without warning and without a chance to question or even appeal.

    AS a law layperson this follows on from Super Injunctions originally designed to protect rich celebrities from having court cases going public but in Jersey morphing to having a dubious data protection law used for private citizens in group to bring charges against an establishment critic paid for by a Government department. Now the extending of a sentence after the trial has taken place in open court.

    What a strange justice system Jersey has !

    Mr Birt has a lot of explaining to do.

    1. Absolutely correct anon, but Mr Birt doesn't do explanations, he only does "Not in the Public Interest"!!!

  5. Perhaps the sentence added whilst Cyrils is imprisoned is for him having the tenacity in appealing the decision.

    What better way to punish someone than prevent an appeal and then fail to justify such action

    1. Anything is possible on this rock, but we believe that the extra six weeks is related to the fines and costs issues. Cyril was fined £490 and costs were £500 for each of the two contempt charges, sum total £1,490.

      What is most alarming is the fact that these issues were not dealt with by King Birt at the appeal. The Viscounts representative was sat in court for the duration of the appeal, and for the sentencing matter, why did he sit there in silence if there were other issues relating to the case?

      By his (the Viscounts representative) inaction, Cyril was denied any/all inherent inalienable rights to respond to the issues regarding fines or costs, and ability to pay.

      A man cannot be imprisoned for his monetary inability to pay fines or costs, there are laws against this (inability to fulfil a contract)....That is why Sir Christopher Pitchers gave Stuart community service, Stuart could be sent to jail for breaching a community service order, but not for non-payment of fines and costs!

  6. So lets get this straight.

    Cyril was put in prison (30/11), the day after he put a case, dated (29/11), against The Attorney General?

    1. Not sure what you mean, can you explain yourself a little better please anon?

    2. Cyril was imprisoned last Thursday the 29th, he received a letter from the Attorney General on the 27th in relation to a complaint he had made against two cops in this case. The two cops perjured themselves at Cyril's trial thereby perverting the course of justice. The Attorney Generals letter of the 27th was to say that neither of the two cops were getting charged over their crimes, then they bang Cyril up! So in effect, criminal judge and criminal cops get away with it and Cyril gets imprisoned forforty seven days for going against the system, and lawfully at that....That just about sums matters up :)

      Jersey Justice on a plate for you....

  7. “ARTICLE 72A
    N o t withstanding the foregoing provisions of this Law, the Court may, in any criminal proceedings, with the
    consent of the accused, direct that the accused shall be treated as being present at the proceedings if, during the
    proceedings, he is in prison or otherwise in detention and, either by way of a live television link or by another
    means, he is able to see and hear the Court and he is able also to be seen and heard by the Court.”.

    Had a quick snoop on tinternet and found the above which draft or otherwise shows consent is needed from the accused not sure if this is relevant to Cyril I feel it is. contract etc...

    1. Trust me, Cyril has consented to nothing. Jersey has no one to answer to for it's crimes and therefore just does as it pleases. As you have probably read in earlier postings, The Crown Dependencies Team has turned a blind eye to the complaints it receives from citizens in Jersey. It sends replies telling us they cannot do anything as Jersey is self governed, they can't even put a signature on their letters, then refuses to answer further letters on the same subject. We have been abandoned by England so must continue to fight our own corner from now on. Any of you up for a war???

  8. Cyril could of entered a plea of Demurrer.

    3.7. The modern Magistrate’s Court is established and regulated by three laws, which should be read together:

    a) Loi (1853) établissant la Cour pour la répression de moindres délits, (the ‘1853 Law’) which establishes the Court and gives it jurisdiction to hear summarily criminal matters which are suitable for hearing within its sentencing jurisdiction;
    b) Loi (1864) réglant la procédure criminelle, (the ‘1864 Law’) which makes provision for the Magistrate to commit cases to the Royal Court (it is also the principal law governing procedure in the Royal Court,

    c) Magistrate’s Court (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Jersey) Law 1949, (the ‘1949 Law’) which extended the jurisdiction of and modified the procedure before the Magistrate’s Court. The 1949 Law also allowed for appeals from decisions of the Magistrate’s Court

    How would the magistrate at first sight of Cyrils case concluded this was a criminal case to be indicted on behalf of the nominee crown required to claim jurisdiction Loi (1853)

    1. Hi anon, Cyril never entered a plea, Shaw entered a plea of not guilty for him! She was either acting as his council, or making a judicial determination that he was innocent of the charges. Cyril waived his right to be recognised as a person everywhere before the law, Shaw also denied him this inalienable right and therefore condemned International Human Rights to the Jersey dustbin.

      These courts are so criminal that no matter which approach we take, they will just lie and cheat us into a conviction. Common Law provides that any man or woman can call on the military if justice, law or governance get out of hand, that is probably our only chance for justice in this cess pit jurisdiction!!!

    2. We will also be delving deep into trust law soon, and we are already well under way to make use of those wonderful commercial liens, that should get the police to think twice before acting criminally against men and women.

      Remember...."Ignorantia juris non excusat or ignorantia legis neminem excusat"

    From the criminal procedures study guide 2012 - 2013

    Commencement of criminal proceedings before the Royal Court,
    Indictments, first appearance, preliminary and preparatory hearings Introduction

    4.2. The charges on which the accused will face trial are formally particularised in an indictment, to which he will plead.

    Magistrate Shaw ignoring 4.2.

    1. Thank you for the LINK anon, I am off to bed now but will study this tomorrow. Regards....

    Not sure if you have watched the above video.

    The early part and discussion around contempt of magistrates court was interesting as is the info on commercial liens

    1. Thanks anon, yes, Guy Taylor and Veronica Chapman have had some good success with Commercial Liens, I am currently trying to get in touch with Guy and Veronica :)

  11. It seems as though there is an awful lot of force applied to injure Cyrils common law rights and gain his consent to legislative rules.