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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

"Jersey Troll Clocks Up Another Death Threat - Woman Beaten By Men - Man Stabbed In Safe Jersey"

"Lunatic Jersey Falling Apart At The Seams"

Jon Sharrock Haworth, Jersey's infamous death threat Troll has chalked up yet another death threat to his name, this time against myself. The last one (that we know of) was against Stuart Syvret's Ex landlord who was a complete innocent.

"Sharrock Amoeba"

The Christmas Day rantings of this deranged lunatic
can be read below.

Boy Howdy, that was a very interesting telephone conversation!!!

It was none other than the Halfwit, Jon Haworth. What did he want? Well, he seemed very flustered, and to coin a police phrase "he was slurring his words" he appeared to be drunk....

He then stated that "I am going to kill you"!!! Then asked "where do you live", I replied that he knew where I lived as he had previously posted my address on the Internet.

He then bawled out, "No5 Le Breton Lane"...."right" he said, "I am coming to kill you now" then slammed his mobile phone on something, and hung up!!!

He's not very festive this Chrimbo is he? :)

I have now reported him to the police, Civilian Officer 619. I was then put through to a lady named WPC Bree, who was very kind and helpful. She is going to ring him and advise the halfwit that I do not, in fact, live at the address that numb nuts thinks I live at. This would put a complete innocent in danger if this pissed up arsehole does muster up the Dutch Courage to go round to No5 Le Breton Lane.

WPC Bree has now rang me back after attempting to communicate with this slavering asswipe, she has told him to stay in his home, and not to venture out toward my home. I have explained to the officer that I will do all in my power to defend my life should this sick inadequate attempt to enter my home.

She is confident that he will not be attempting to visit me, Oh what a relief....PHEW!!!

His other recorded death threat can be read at the link below along with a rather impressive list of his recent trolling escapades, and his venomous hatred towards the child abuse survivors and their supporters.

Jersey woman attacked by group of men on Christmas Eve

A woman suffered facial injuries when she was attacked by a group of men in Jersey, police have said.
The woman was approached by the group of young men near the gates of the cemetery on New St John's Road on Christmas Eve.
She had been walking to work when she was attacked at about 20:40 GMT, police said.
States of Jersey Police said anyone with information about the incident should contact them.

Man stabbed in Les Squez Christmas Day row

A man was stabbed during an argument in the early hours of Christmas Day, States of Jersey Police have said.
The man was injured in the incident on School Road near the Youth Club at Le Squez at about 01:00 GMT on Christmas morning.
Police said the man was helped home by a woman with blonde hair who he did not know, but who they want to talk to.
Anyone with information is urged to contact the police. The man was treated for his injury and is recovering.

"Safe Jersey"

Even The Turkey Is Petrified


  1. You really are an arsehole.

  2. Ian if it is true that you have been ordered to stay away from this man's address or be arrested then I cannot say I am surprised. Your obsession with him does seem to be getting out of hand.

  3. Keep going trolligarchy, you are making an even bigger asshole of yourself as no one ordered me to do anything as you well know. Keep pushing it Schizo!

    1. I reckon if this blog in its current state was read out in Court a psychological report would be swiftly ordered. The bloke says you talk rubbish and I tend to agree with him. Sad reading mate.

  4. Whatever Ian but it said last night on FB and it would make sense from your behaviour.
    But the strange thing is most normal people have just got on with Xmas, yet you have spent it insulting an individual. Is there really nothing else going on in your life?

  5. Looks like poor old Smigel really hass been drinking too much this Christmas. If only he would seek help then he would realise that the alcohol is driving him insane with the never ending mood swings, depression and violent outbursts. Seek help Smigel. The voices will only get lounder in your head if you dont!

  6. Well you are threatening a family with a young baby here Ian and this I cannot support.

    1. Please point out the threat Jon?

      "YOU" are the only threat to "YOUR" family! And your even that sick you use your own baby for your Trolling purposes. Look back at your comments, they are all the same as these numb nuts....

      You never heard of the word diversity?

    2. You are off again, I am not Jon.
      Why do you think all comments come from the same person or does this show you hardly have any readers? You are a bully end of.

    3. Of course your not, you are JTM this fine hour.

    4. Another ten minutes and you can slip into Paul Leatherbarrow mode! :)

  7. ian the woman that was attacked is my niece if you or any of your readers know who might have done this could they post on your blog and i will sort it out as i do not trust the sojp to do anything.if you can not let people post on here i will understand.kind regards to you and cryil martin.

    1. Can you send your email again as I think it is incorrectly spelled mate.

  8. Sorry to hear that Martin as you have obviously been through enough already. I would advise you to leave matters with the police my friend, they are going to have to start investigating crime soon as Joe Public will not tolerate the corruption any more. And neither will a growing number of our finer politicians.

  9. ian thank you but you and i both know the police will do nothing .i will find out who did this.

  10. Mr Evans,

    I am aware that the sad Troll that is Jon Howarth writes using my name, as also mentioned on Deputy Pitmans blog, apparently I write on twitter, and face book and on other sites I have never heard of.

    To put the record straight I do not have, and never have had a twitter or Facebook account and have an interest reading and commenting on a couple of local blogs, which obviously now includes yours, should you decide to publish this explanation.

    The Electoral Committee was another piece of most probably his pen work offering a submission by the fake me, that was corrected by the helpful commission official. I then offered my own article a couple of weeks later.

    Why would anyone write, using someone else's identity, are they not happy with their own ? Are they so narrow in their views and education that they are unable to vocalise or write a personal point of view in a coherent manner? The next interesting question is that should the Troll be unable or not want to debate his view point, he then starts a hate and abuse campaign against those that do not share his narrow and non factual or objective thoughts, why the abuse it makes no sense ?

    The information now in the public domain tells us that Jon Howarth is one four claimants taking Stuart Syvret to court, funded through taxpayers money channeled through Emma Martins data protection department.

    What an unbelievable state of affairs where by a man who on a daily basis abuses others, and steals their identities as in my case then using the internet and mobile phone, issues volleys of worthless but nasty threats and abuse at all times of the day and night, is then funded by the States using the data protection law against another person. How does that logic work ?

    Thank you for allowing me to put the record straight, should you decide to put this out Mr Evans on your blog. If anyone reads of writing in my name, please remember this note.

    Hope you and your readers have had a pleasant Christmas and have a safe and healthy new year.

    The real,

    Paul Letherbarrow.

    1. Hi Paul, thank you for this lucid account of matters.

      I remember Paul Letherbarrow from his genisis around three years ago on FaceBook, accompanied by a picture of Victor Meldrew, and a torrent of needless abuse toward everyone who was doing anything to promote the interests of the abuse survivors.

      It doesn't take an Einstein to work out who it was as this same inadequate was pretending to be Terry Le Swear, and another fictional halfwit with a picture of a parrot, which I thought was quite apt at the time.

      Looking on the bright side Paul, the Jersey blogging community will be rid of this twisted individual come the evening of the 31st of December 2012, as he is being terminated by the bloggers on all counts. We shall be visiting this cretin only once a year from now on, just to remind the sane of this world how alcohol, and a warped mind can effect the human race.

      I hope your recent trip was as fruitful as it could have been given the circumstances, and wish you and your close ones all the very best for the new year.

      kind regards

      Jersey Evening Propaganda

  11. Paul, you are talking about identity fraud and if you have proof of this then you take it to the Police.
    You know we read a lot of these allegations on the Net and some are very serious, so it does seem strange that such allegations are never actually raised wit the Police, unless of course, you only have a hunch of what is going on and no proper proof?