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Monday, 24 December 2012

"Haw Haw Haw - The Jersey Christmas Trolling Festive Extravaganza Is Upon Us!" :)

"Seasons Greetings To Almost All Of You!"

"I've been castigated by his Blog"

"Just fuck off and die Syvret, you are Jerseys biggest asshole."

Your chance to roll the dice Jonny!!!

Myself, Cyril, and all the Jersey Bloggers would like to extend our very best wishes to you guys for a very Merry Christmas & A Happy and Prosperous New Year.
I was going to start with a photograph of Jersey's finest Troll, Jon Haw Haw Haworth, but for some reason he doesn't seem to want to answer his door this festive season? a rather shrewd move, I contacted a friend at the local horror hospital to see if they could help? My friend did not have the desired photograph that I was searching for, but did have a recent X-ray of Jon which I humbly accepted :)

"Sharrock Amoeba"

Now that we have got the introduction over with, I would like to progress the posting with one of those Merry little Christmas songs. You know the ones! Where the whole family can gather together around the Christmas tree and fill the room with that euphoric Christmas cheer....

Well, that was a blast wasn't it my little Troglodytes?
But wait!!! Hark, I hear the Troll calling....He has a Christmas message for us.

"can you please post a photo or picture of yourself on your blog (unlike many of you members) so that I can make sure I punch the right person in the face? Thanks."

Awww, now that was sweet wasn't it readers, and he even managed to make reference to his favourite pastime, "can"....My My, how clever!

Jon also recently chanced his arm at....Oh, wait wait, another comment

"You are such a clown. Why don’t you join the circus and get a job as a juggler. Oh sorry, you only have one arm."

As I was saying, Jon recently chanced his arm at the live phone-in game, perhaps he thought he could make some 'seriosle' money at it? But alas no, his endeavors ended up costing him four weeks benefit money, what a tosser!
Below is Mr Haw Haw Haworth's rather unprofessional audition.

You remember? The one where he gives his own name whilst making an "anonymous" life threatening phone call to a man he didn't even know!!!

Even his attempts to infiltrate the Newspaper market backfired on him, he actually became the subject of his own idiocy and ineptitude.

How is that for a load of Christmas balls?

"Where is this deniers Blog? Sounds cool to me after getting the feedback on the Syvret scum which linger around him. Fucking hell thinking of taking some comments to the police. You can post on my Blog under anon. All comments are welcome. This is dynamite, even got support from other Senators now who are fucking loving it!"

That is just so Troll isn't it? He gets butt-fcuked by his own people, then wants to go to the police complaining about the conduct of others! What a Twot....Trolls really are crackers.
"Equality is Paramount"

Of course we know that there are a number of Trolls out there who just can't help but try to ruin the lives of others for their own pleasure, including the lives of the abuse survivors.

"People are sick to the teeth of these 'abuse survivors'. Just get on with your lives and stop bothering everybody else with your 'poor me' stories."

But who was it that stooped this low?

"Very sad to say but I think these abuse victims are being abused all over again by people like the Voice , RICO and Syvret as a means to there own agenda."

Or even this low?

Could it really be Jonny Nonsense? Or was it someone else!

"The Christmas Troll Poll"
Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without a little poll, so we have oneThere will be a poll at the top of the blog where you can rate the level of humanity that you think these particular individuals possess. Like our Trolls always do, you can express your true feelings "anonymouse-ly" :)

Below are a couple of disclaimers which are only fair considering Trolls like to leg off in the direction of Emma Martins, of Data Protection fame, and squeal like the proverbial pigs they are when encountering a little of their own pigswill.

Now without further ado, let us see just how much this festively plump turkey is getting stuffed?

Disclaimer - As requested I have selected a handful (20) "Troll comments" that have NOT been published on VFC. I have chosen some of the less offensive comments to submit to your Blog as some will be too harmful to Abuse Survivors and many others not to mention libelous, defamatory and outright untruths. To put into context there are 813 comments deemed not fit for publication on VFC and I did not read them all while getting these 20 together but just chose the shorter, easier to read, and understandable ones. The vast amount of comments clearly have been authored by the same person although who that person might be I would not like to speculate. I have asked permission of those mentioned in the comments for publication and have agreement.

Disclaimer - These are just a tiny selection of the moronic, childishly abusive, threatening and generally mentally warped troll comments/contacts that have been sent to me but which I have chosen not to publish. I have actually deleted in the region of 200. Who is the sick, embittered mind behind them? Has he, she, or ‘it’ got a drink problem; an inferiority complex; a silver cloak for dressing up like Mr. Ben; a smoke machine and too much time on his hands? I make no comment - but leave readers to decide on whether they think they all might emanate from the same sad, inadequate intellect and dysfunctional personality…Yet though I am not intimidated in the least by this sad behaviour it should not be forgotten that many vulnerable people have had their lives ruined by such trolling. So if you or someone you know is victimised by a troll – report them.

Jon's Advent Calendar, he can't afford Stella after his fine!

1. This blog is shite and anyone who bothers reading it or posting comments to it must be a bigger dickhead than you. The internet is karma for losers.

2. Pete Drummond is very real. He must be he is on Facebook, dickhead!

3. “emails stolen from Deputy Judy Martin” Those e-mails showed up Stuart Syvret the scumbag and bully of women he actually was. It was the right move to make it public and the right move to show it all of Jersey’s mainstream media. Just like you, he is a stupid man and the MSM, just like you, take no notice of his and your rubbish anymore. Judy Martin was thick for leaving such explosive stuff around anyway.

4. All of these people who keeping going on about standing up for child abuse victims but don’t have children of their own worry me. People like Syvret, Sorda and you. What’s in it for you going on about this? No one is interested.

5. Whatever you say you can’t change the fact your wife has a criminal record. No one is interested that she only got it for helping two old people to apply for a postal vote. We’re going to keep telling people its votal (sic) fraud and come the election everyone will know. If these old twats needed her help they must be as thick as Shona and shouldn’t be allowed to vote anyway.

6. You really are an idiot. Gary Cummins is a real person and appeared in the JEP 2 weeks ago. If people set up fake Facebook accounts like me look no further than Mike Dun. As for anything else, there sod all you can do.

7. Ha, ha, ha, dickhead. Everybody knows the JEP defamed you and now the court has shafted you. What a Muppet thinking you could take on the system. Jersey justice is brilliant.

8. You really are a dickhead, LOL!

9. Emile (Collins) isn’t a legend. He was just a 90 year old Geoff Southern.

10. Criminals like Shona and that dickhead Syvret shouldn’t even be allowed to stand for election. Anyway Terry Le Main is a shoe-in for St. Helier Number 2. Shona will be out if she goes up against a hero like him the people love him.

11. That’s not trolling Trevor its telling you fact. People have told Tom Gruchy on Facebook to leave Jersey and genuine people have told him to do this. But you take it all to the police because I am sure they could do with a good laugh. What’s this about you showing Sam Mezec how to break the postal vote law when he stands?

12. Leah Goodman? Isn’t this the American journalist too thick to fill out a Visa application? Why do you want someone like that in the island anyway writing stuff that could damage our finance industry? No one is interested.

13. Why are you so rude to people, dickhead?

14. Ha, ha, ha. I love that old phone call recording. It isn’t me, dickhead!

15. Shame the rest of the States call you a dickhead behind your back.

16. Why are you bothering with a dickhead like Mike Dun? He should stand for election himself instead of wasting everybody’s time with this shit (Reform Day 28th September 1769 which led to the Code of 1771 and the stripping of the Royal Court’s legislative powers etc) No one is interested

17. Shadow group my arse Litirally , your a group of low life scum that if ecxposed are just as bad as the so called abusers.  Anonymous 09/11/12

18. Just fuck off and die Syvret, you are Jerseys biggest asshole.  Anonymous on 01/04/10

19. Team Syvret A one-armed bandit, A drug dealer’s mother, A bible basher, and, The Farmer’s brother? Two “cut and pasters”, One country yokel, One web tech, and, One who’s quite vocal! When you stack them all up, This ‘world media attraction’,You soon realise, that, They’re nothing... but a distraction. Anonymous on 02/04/10

20. If you are calling me a troll then fuck you I wont bother coming on here anymore fucking paranoid fools.  Anonymous on 14/02/11

21. Stuart if one post you made was actually factually accurate then some people might take you seriously, but they never are, are they? Because you are a sad little attention seeker hho nobody apart from a sad bunch of thick plebs gives a fuck about now. Thats why your comments are being ignored. You speak untrue bollocks. How is the sueing of Jack Straw going on dickhead?  PL on 02/04/10

22. Lies from the mind of an immature conspiracy theorist. We do not want your sort in Jersey Syvret. Anonymous  on 07/04/10

23. Insulting people on twitter now are we Stuart You really are unbelievably RUDE and a bully boy, actually old fagot would be the better adjective to describe you. Anonymous on 11/11/12

24. Still drinking excess amounts of wine Stuart? "Depressed" you're a nutter with a drinking problem and criminal record. You live off benefits too. Do us all a favour and sort yourself out, I'm sick of paying for people like you. The world does not owe you a favour so stop screwing around and get a job, then you can start repaying your £14,000 debt to society. Your Friend, Zoopmad on 11/05/11

25. Stuart you turd, I hope you're going down the job centre today. Remember those fines won't pay themselves. Bet you wish you'd hung on to your 40k a year "job" now. Anonymous on 15/02/11

26. Depressed huh Stuart? I bet you're an alcoholic these days. You can go on making excuses but let's be honest, we all know that you're going to lose any legal battles and most probably end up in St Saviours you nutter. Anonymous on 05/05/11

27. Hi Stuart you useless turd. Hows the job hunt going? Those fines aren't going to pay themselves. Anonymous on 15/02/11

28. Whats Syvret expecting? People to drop their cases against him...Yer right! This move just shows there is a case to answer by him and doesn't he know it. As for Hemming, he can go and boil his head. This is about the 3rd time he has played such a stunt and got nowhere. Just another loon with no say over Jersey affairs. Maybe its time dopey Pitman smelt the coffee?

29. "If I were a member of David Warcup's family I would be giving him the earblasting of his life over what he has done. In fact, I don't think I would want anything to do with him, ever. I feel sorry for his family, for being related to such an unprincipled scum bag." I am surprised the Warcup Family Lawyer isn't doing likewise to you and the owner of this crass blog.

30. Whats the point of protecting Lenny Harper for? The bloke was a prick, speak to Roy Boshat about him, he is in the phone book.

31. Where is this deniers Blog? Sounds cool to me after getting the feedback on the Syvret scum which linger around him. Fucking hell thinking of taking some comments to the police. You can post on my Blog under anon. All comments are welcome. This is dynamite, even got support from other Senators now who are fucking loving it!

32. Gazza 
Thats a load of crap, I started the Blog after exchanging e-mails with Tony Gallichon, well arguing to be exact, Planet Jersey just so happened to like it and the Blog has had over 1,000 hits in 4 days. The Blog is there to expose the lies you and your cohorts have been chucking down everybodies necks so far about Graham Power being innocent when he isn't. Lenny Harper was a rogue who abused Jersey Tax Payers money and is a proven lier. The Blog exposes that conclusively and all that read it agree. It has nothing to do with safe guarding child abusers its there to expose rogue coppers and a criminal Senator. Why you protect these people fuck knows.

33. You really are a dreamer. The Chief of Police is a criminal and so is Syvret. Is it true you had learning difficulties? I read it somehwhere entitled 'A breakdown of the pond life that support Stuart Syvret' :-x

34. Ian is a thug, an e-mail of his has gone around facebook threatening Jon Haworth this morning and has been handed to the police I believe. So much for your new support Syvret campaigne, you and people like him deserve to be shown in public for the scum you really are. You can also dream on if you think you have done more in exposing things for the JCLA because I am yet to see it, I presume you will be called into court as witnesses then seeing as your exposing evidence is so hot? I very much doubt it, you are just talking out of your arseholes as per usual.

35. Time you and your mate Syvret gave up.Harper is a liar and you know it.

36. Journalist? You can't even spell. Fuck off back to St Clements, retard.

37. Are you that fucking idiot called Neil who spouts paranoid bullshit on the radio?

38. You go to the police. Go to Data Protection. See where it gets you. We’re going to fuck you. LOL. Night dickhead.

39. You are such a clown. Why don’t you join the circus and get a job as a juggler. Oh sorry, you only have one arm.

40. Seeing as rico sorda isn't even fucking English or half cast at best, he should fuck off out of Jersey if he cant stand the way we run things here. Bored shitless of reading this bollocks

41. Today's JEP Headline which is read buy over 40,000 people has blown your stupid arguments completely out of the water. Power was in charge of Harper and Harper is a thief, a lier and a disgrace. You and rico really are the goons no doubts about it at all. Or a real pair of thick arseholes or are they both the same thing? Sparty x

42. Don’t trust Sam Mezec, Trevor he reminds me of Stuart Syvret only with longer hair. He’s obviously a fake, a dickhead in it for himself. ( This was posted using the stolen identity of another person)

43. Im gonna stick a camera in your face one day – and a fist.

44. And they will win time and time again because you support a handful of arseholes and the biggest one will be back inside in January. You really are a pair of sad bastards.

45. Very sad to say but I think these abuse victims are being abused all over again by people like the Voice , RICO and Syvret as a means to there own agenda.

46. You, syvret and your blog are pathetic. GROW UP and do something worthwhile. WANKERS

47. Someone very close to you has had to get an STD check Will be calling soon.

48. Why did you let this comment through You are such an idiot , do you not realise that we have evidence that you and Syvret have been shagging . You stupid little Gay, we have your card marked and someone has some DNA evidence.

49. People are sick to the teeth of these 'abuse survivors'. Just get on with your lives and stop bothering everybody else with your 'poor me' stories.

50. Yes but it could be worse Neil. You might just be screwing Stuart Syvret and need to get an appointment at the Std clinic. I would say this is really bad for your Familly Health.

51. You know what Neil, your one sick fuck.

52. Ha ha , Neil Know you off the boats lol Are you still suckin cock?

53. You really get off on this don't you? Be very careful Mr Neil Mc Your a very sick individual and certain people just can't wait to exposé what you are.

54. Neil we know what a closet you are, please do not push this Down our throats.

55. I don't as a rule read or comment on blogs but I couldnt resist this time are all talking a load of shite - why dont you all go and get a life! Dont you have anything better to do with your time than sit at a computer for hours on end typing complete crap especially as most of it lies . Your a long time dead you know you Sado's so go die the lot of you

56. would not be surprised if after all your criminal disgusting rantings and spells in prison you were found to be a paedophile and a failed freemason

57. I think you are a coward myself. Just a lonely wanker who thinks Jersey is the cause of all his own failings in life and nothing ever happens to these people you attack because you have nothing on them. I already know the States of Jersey Police are recording everything you write because people have complained about you.

58. You still think you're a tough guy? Ha ha ha ha! I have watched you around, you're a fucking invalid, a man made of plastic. More like your safety would be at risk you fucking idiot. Still you dream on Ian and you don't write fact, you write bollocks period.

59. You are infatuated with paedophiles.

60. It's no wonder your health is in such a poor state after taking drugs. 

61. good old Tel must be laughing his socks off at you lot of unemployable benefit claiming thieves! 

62. Calling a magistrate corrupt. Refusing to recognise our justice system, and threatening to 'visit back on them tenfold'. Sounds like you've finally lost it mate. Being an Internet tough guy and making threats online for all to see. Is this your way of securing board and lodgings courtesy of the taxpayer over Christmas ? 

63. Imagine if you could get this troll on your side, dickhead?

64. You not sitting at the back of the Court wanking to the evidence paedo?

65. You do make us laugh sometimes.But not enough Stella to suffer a heart attack like you did!Hypocrite on so many angles Ian.

66. Why do you arseholes keep going on about Haut de la Garenne? Sad Trevor, very sad. It’s old news. No one is listening to you anymore. Sir Philip was right, the real scandal was the media stories that said children had been tortured and killed when we know thanks to Gradwell and Warcup that they hadn’t.

67. Are you sure that you and dopey will be around by 2015? I would stick the pair of you on next years Death List myself especially you Ian. You look sick mate. 

68. Who gives a flying fuck about the suspension of Graham Power? He is a PIG Ian and was in charge of everything including times you claim to have been miss treated in case you cannot see it. You're a fucking idiot writing this crap of support for this Wanker and that comes from plenty who hate the fucking police. 

69. Its not trolling its telling you the truth.Your life expectancy is fucked and thats hilarious.

70. Hows the heart feeling dickhead? I hear people who have gone through what you have regularly die within 8 years, now that would be funny :-0 Still got your simple blog to keep you all het up about your virtual world. 

71. The blogs have got nowhere and in case you've forgotton the child abuse case was closed over 2 years ago and Graham Power/Harper have gone. Besides if blogs were as great as you make out then why do you need to write so many attention seeking posts with silly pictures and RS has to post 20 posts on just one subject and still nothing happens? Your talking bollox, again, the mainstream media run the show period and blogs are just a side show.

72. Surprised you ain't beaten and fucked this woman yourself. After all you have a record of pushing women through windows. (this comment was made when Fiona Lord went missing)

73. You really are a dickhead.

74. You been touched up as a kid yourself Ian?

75. Your using old photos of yourself Ian.The last ones we saw of you it was in stiches, well had us in stiches!!!!! You and your 'man of the people'; just a fucking worm with a record of violence. No kids should go near you, or women and glass doors.

76. You're just a fucking idiot. Blaming the system except you own violent self. A fucking moron with half a brain Ian, that's you and nothing else, a loser who runs a pitiful pathetic little blog blaming everybody else for their own stupidity in life. I laugh looking at your criminal record and then reading the guff you put on here, you are a seriously deluded fool who has no power except to throw toys. 

77. A tongue up a coppers arse.....You fail to amaze after all what you 'claim' these bastards have done to you...... 

78. 51 posts, 23 that you have written.I wish I had the time but I have a wife and family to be with. Something you, Rico and Stuart are evidently lacking in your lives. 

79. Jimmy Saville RIP. 

80. I see now.You put all your reliance into the testimony of Graham Power and Lenny Harper who, to many, outside your blogging world and ironically including other coppers are just bitter and twisted people who made a pigs ear of HDLG.To me they are not credible witnesses and from all I read they are your only evidence.The Curtis Warren brigade said in court that Graham Power had lied under oath. Funny that.You not heard from the Police yet Ian? I was told you are accumulating a lot of complaints with regard to abusive and intimidating behaviour in respect of this lonely blog or yours.Don't worry though, your victims will have the last laugh, its garanteed because if they sue you lie they are doing against your mate Syvret, you will be financially crippled for life. 

81. Nice of you not to post my comment.You are total scum, if I saw you in the street you would be destroyed.

82. Anon.Ignore this arsehole.He recently had major heart surgery and isn't even 50. If he wants to spend his final years talking bollocks on a blog about other people then leave him to it.They will all have the last laugh.Just fuck off Ian, your nothing.

83. Back from my Hols:-)Well at least he doesn't have a triple by-pass and life expectancy to worry about and can just live on.This Blog seems to be the only comfort you have Ian.

84. It is all very well you having all the time in the world to look at "Black's Law" but as a "Lay" person who has no time to digest it is a waste of time.I am sure that you have a large following but these followers have not been posting.As I have said before I admire your spirit but can see that they are just running rings around you,healthwise is it worth it?

85. You got a John Hemming escape plan as well dickhead?

86. How sad Ian that you trust in this man Look back at his former acquaintances and friends, how many does he have left? I think this guy has real issues and it's only a matter of time before you fall out or should I say he falls out with you (this comment is in relation to Stuart Syvret)

87. Your the biggest tit out there Ian, how many meals or bills have you picked up for Syvret. He's treating you like a lap dog, don't shag him you know where he's been. 

88. What and you are surprised people you harrass online have started arresting you, ringing you, slanging you off elsewhere doh, hello anybody home??? God this is boring, and thats the last time I follow a link of yours through Trevor's blog if this is all its about, get out more Ian thats my best advice. 

89. Ian also failed to allow my comment last night circa 2200, pointing out mistakes in just two of the so called 'London lawyer' points (other Dita post) Ian, you will never achieve anything because you are to biased and tainted by your past, it has made you completely blinkered and now everything that happens in Jersey is a 'cover up' or 'corruption'. Real Lawyers rely on something called 'factual evidence', a basic fact that you can't seem to grasp. Ian, print the comments and let the public decide, or is that to much to ask? 

90. You silly and sad little man. What a life you have...talking to you camera every day and increasing your stress levels and getting so angry. If you hate everyone else so much, why are you still here? Do you think you are really making a difference? Do you think anyone is taking anything you are saying seriously? You're on the verge of being admitted to St Saviours mate. I was referred here from a another site mate, and just to let you know, your camera messages are giving everyone a great laugh this side of the water.I just feel sorry for you man. (how does someone from across the water know of St Saviours?)

91. Call me what you want, do I give a fuck about you? You're the one thats spending all his precious time battling people who will always fuck you and every angry post you try to do shows it. 

92. You are just a fucking idiot Evans because who gives a shit about stuff like this apart from an unemployed girl beater like yourself, wank. (this was from a damning posting I did on the Jersey police)

93. Ian, you're an arsehole and have been since you arrived in Jersey.

94. Nobody gives a fuck about the suspension story on Graham Power Ian. Surely even you with your tiny IQ can see that?!!!! 

95. Ian, why don't you concentrate on your own problems like say that poxy £1,382.25 bill from income tax? (someone from the tax office has been giving out private information to trolls Ms Martins!)

96. Happy Birthday to the States of Jersey Police! Good on them for locking up shit like you Ian  :-)

97. With your appalling criminal record I am surprised that you have never gone as far as murderAnother stupid post by a complete dickhead. I told a copper about your medical condition on Monday and he couldn't stop laughing, why is that Ian?

98. Really do you expect me to believe all this tosh of your video, you did 2.5 years and have "petty crimes" which appear okay by your standards. Your interviewer is well organised so well done on priming him up. You don't think you have to pay parking fines? any reason why? I have to.Dear me is all I can say, why on earth do you still live in this Island? and by the way I am a 50 something female who has never met you , seen you or have anything to do with the establishment. I am a regular member of the community, you poor hard done by man.Oh however I do wish you well with your poor health. (could be Hillary from St Brelaide!)

99. I think you bloggers are cowards. Ian of 5 La Breton Lane, S.H., JE2 4QP let me come and see you to discuss things. 

100. Ian I love you. I used to drink with many years ago. If you want to repeat the tape of me phoning P**** D***** over and over again, hey I should make a second! Meet up with me soon and you take care you frankenstein git.
Jon Haworth

The last two comments you can read in full on the link to my blog posting below.

I think this wretched bastard hit the nail on the head in his very first comment.

"The internet is karma for losers."

Sure is Jon, as you will find out to your cost in the not to distant future,
and the years to come.

I hope you all enjoyed our hot one hundred Haw Haw Haworth Christmas Special?
These are not exactly the top 100, as we all have between us about 4,000 of these insults.
I personally gave up finding the worst ones after page 5 of my 24 pages, and at 50 comments per page. I missed the one where you hoped I died during my heart surgery, sorry Jon! :)

Even though some of the comments cannot be attributed to this particular Troll himself, we hope you have had some small insight into the twisted warped wreck that is the Internet Troll.

As these scum bags are regarded by most decent people in Jersey as little more than turds,
it is quite fitting that we end with some festive Crap!!!

Take it away Mr Hankey the Christmas Poo....

And please sign the petition below to help rid the Isle of Jersey of these disgusting crooks.

You could just imagine Haworth as the shooter, couldn't you?

Whoops, Another fcuk up!!!


  1. Cheers for posting this Ian.

    Interesting why someone would actually take the time to make such specific accusations about me like that...

    1. There is no logic to the Trolls train of thought, hatred has no mind or direction.

    2. Just to say that I have tried to keep up with all the Jersey Blogs over the years and don't normally post much,however I will hold up my hand to no 84.Most of us who have kept up know exactly what this supposed person is like.What I don't understand is you printing all these comments that are not going to be in your favour.I would even go as far and say that you will be lucky to get any comments.What I would like to know who is paying him?

    3. We posted these comments as there always comes a time when enough is just that....Enough.

      I don't think anyone would be stupid enough to pay the halfwit, look at the embarrassment that he is causing the Oligarchy, himself, and his family!


    Could this be a relative?

    1. Thanks for the LINK anon, I am sure Stuart mentions in one of the above links on this posting that Jonny Nonsense had a brother who was a cop.

  3. I AM GOBSMACKED. Apologies for the capitals, but I am. Are all of these comments really from our good friend JH?

    Ian, I wish you all the very best for Christmas, my love to yourself & the squirrel, please keep plugging away.

    1. Through the spelling mistakes and repetitive traits of the author we can attribute most of them to the halfwit, some are not his as they clearly display some sort of balance and command of the English diction. Like I said, we have about 4,000 between us, these are just the very tip of the iceberg.

  4. Merry Christmas, Ian.

    I usually ignore trolls but this particularly unlovely man stands out because by many accounts he appears to be mentally ill and yet he has been deliberately and pathetically misused by those connected to Data Protection, the police, politicians and the courts on your island. If there weren't already enough books being written about Jersey corruption, this man's ugly and tragic story could help illustrate one more way Jersey has thrown democratic ethics aside during desperate times. The relationships he maintains with those holding positions of responsibility are a damning indictment of Jersey's formal system beyond anything he could know to say for himself. He is an alcoholic and apparent criminal stalker who has been recorded making death threats and yet he is associated with an astonishing degree of informal protection which weakens the status of the island's rule of law. More importantly, he is a disturbed and volatile man who has been encouraged to continue this aberrant behaviour by those who use him for their own ends. It's an awful story all the way around because he believes he is truly "connected" to those same people who are taking advantage of his mental problems, when no one really cares enough to get him the psychiatric help and alcoholism treatment he needs. And it is very hard to care about one who relentlessly makes himself so completely unlikeable.

  5. 40. Seeing as rico sorda isn't even fucking English or half cast at best, he should fuck off out of Jersey if he cant stand the way we run things here. Bored shitless of reading this bollocks


    Like they say: "Theres always a stella in the morning"

    Merry Christmas Ian


    1. It is a sad indictment of some indigenous Jersey folk who really do think this way.

      The Beano is not the Rag

  6. Some of these comments deserve prosecution, there are some sick fucks out there, keep up the good work Ian, expose Jersey for what it is, if there is a greedier, more corrupt place,I would like to know where it is!

    1. It's called The Vatican, it's in Italy!!!

    2. It's running mates are Washington DC and the square mile known as the Corporation of the City of London. Between the three, they are responsible for everything bad in this world.

  7. Very Many Christmas!

    - Aangirfan

  8. Boy Howdy, that was a very interesting telephone conversation!!!

    It was none other than the Halfwit, Jon Haworth. What did he want? Well, he seemed very flustered, and to coin a police phrase "he was slurring his words" he appeared to be drunk....

    He then stated that he was going to kill me!!! Then asked where I lived, I replied that he knew where I lived as he had previously posted my address on the Internet.

    He then bawled out, "No5 Le Breton Lane"...."right" he said, "I am coming to kill you now" then slammed his mobile phone on something, and hung up!!!

    He's not very festive this Chrimbo is he? :)

    1. I have now reported him to the police C619. I was then put through to a lady named WPC Bree, who was very kind and helpful. She is going to ring him and advise the halfwit that I do not, in fact, live at the address that numb nuts thinks I live at. This would put a complete innocent in danger if this pissed up arsehole does muster up the Dutch Courage to go round to No5 Le Breton Lane.

      WPC Bree has now rang me back after attempting to communicate with this slavering asswipe, she has told him to stay in his home, and not to venture out toward my home. I have explained to the officer that I will do all in my power to defend my life should this sick inadequate attempt to enter my home.

      She is confident that he will not be attempting to visit me, Oh what a releif....PHEW!!!

  9. Merry Xmas Ian.

  10. I wonder if the many in Jersey who have looked the other way when the troll threatened people they did not agree with, will feel responsible for his ever-escalating criminality and loss of control. No good can come of his unrestrained drinking and threatening of others. Do those who protected him or enabled him wish for their complicit behaviour to be known? It will be.

  11. That troll would be incarcerated if he did not have a corrupt system playing with him. Blame them, too.

  12. This guy is freakin dandy

  13. happy swissmiss jon

  14. Ian,

    Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season, with a more peaceful and just new year.


    1. Thank you Elle, though I don't think the latter half of your well wishes will come to fruition until the New World Order is fully dismantled, and imprisoned. Nonetheless, I am warmed by your sense of empathy and attrition in regard to the human race, it is always a fabulous place to start :) xxx

  15. wtf is that toshmaster