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Thursday, 20 December 2012

"Cyril The Squirrel Celebrates With 2 Bags Of Nuts!!!"

"King Birt Pegs Back Bridget Shaw's Sentencing Policies"

On Appeal today in the Royal Court, Michael Birt allowed Cyril's appeal against the ludicrous sentencing policies of Privateer Bridget Shaw. After a very long battle, it appears that some small amount of sanity is creeping into the judicial system in Jersey. This should not however, be taken as any indication that any sort of meaningful step has been taken with regard to justice on this island. It is merely a very small degree of the fairness that people like Cyril, and the bloggers, wish for the people of Jersey.

There be Pirates out there

Shaw had originally given Cyril twice the sentence anyone else would have got for parking fines. This was no doubt in line with the vast expense that the States of Jersey has squandered in their persecution of
Le Squirrel. Which with prison cost, we estimate to be around the £40,000 mark.

The upshot of the entire saga is that vast amounts of public money were recklessly frittered for nothing. Every one's time and money has been completely wasted over a case that Cyril actually won, and his persecution has absolutely no benefit to anyone whatsoever.

Two bags of nuts

I drove Cyril home earlier and we stopped of at the CO-OP for Cyril to get some proper food. I howled with laughter, as the first items Cyril put in his shopping cart were two bags of nuts!!!

Cyril will be writing a full account of today's proceedings, and a summary of the whole case. We are also eagerly awaiting The Bailiff's judgement in this case, which was not available in Court today!


  1. Good on ya cyril

  2. Thanks Ian,
    I have got to say how bowled over by the amazing generosity,support and offers received from people,some of whom I've never met.
    You know who your are and what you've done - Thank you.


  3. Cyril.

    Good to have you back and keep up the good fight.

  4. Good to have you around again Cyril, see you tomorrow for the start of our next campaign.

  5. to ian and cyril both well done and i wish you both a happy xmas and all the very best for new year keep up the good work you are both doing warmest regards martin

  6. Well done Cyril complete respect and admiration for sticking by your guns you truly are a MAN of honour and integrity. We are both very PROUD of YOU, Now relax and have a fantastic Christmas and hopefully a very exciting new year. Best of all let's hope "shawshank shaw gets her comeuppance take care for now n stay safe mate.
    Edd & Christina

  7. Talking of pirates: YouTube video on the TV licence here

    The Beano is not the Rag

  8. Ian.

    The Nick Pollard Report into the discredited and disgraced BBC with a little FOOD FOR THOUGHT

  9. Well done! I wish both Ian and the squirrel a very happy Christmas, and strength to carry on tilting at all the windmills.
    Very best wishes.

  10. Congratulations Ian and the Squirrel, I met you in Paul`s barber shop the other day when I introduced myself to you, I would like to reiterate what I said to yo then Ian, keep up the good work, weak people like myself depend on people like yourself who are prepared to go the full course and distance, and bollocks to the consequences, if it were not for people like yourself, fuck knows where we would be.
    God bless you!!!

    1. Hello my friend, and again, thank you for your words of support.

      Realize one thing though, you are not weak, you have just as much force and effect in this war as myself or Cyril has. None Compliance with government is an option open to every man and woman.

      Think about it, then start being none compliant. Refuse to fill their forms in, just send them back writing on the envelope "Refused for cause" and "No Contract" then "return to sender".

      Take your name off the electoral register, and don't vote. When a deputy, constable, or senator is elected to serve in your area, write to them all within 30 days stating that you withdraw your consent to be re-presented or governed by them or their government.

      Remember, we are not obliged to contract with anyone, contracts need consent, revoke that and you are well on your way to freedom :)

    2. And another important point, never sign anything with all, or any of the following words on it...."Submit"...."Application"...."Registration"....Most of the power government has over us is of our doing, all they can have for us is an offer, nothing more. It is for us to decline that offer.

      If we do not sign, there is no consent, and therefore, no contract.

  11. What about when it's a submission or application for income support, sick pay, child support or rent rebate?

  12. That is an entitlement, why would you not want to sign for that? You don't have to tick the Mr or Mrs box that they have provided to tie you to the legal fiction they created for you, and without your consent.

    You can sign any document under coercion if you feel you are under duress at the time of signing, or you do not really want to sign the document, but think you have to because it says "must" on it.

    Google the phrase "how to sign under coercion" and learn about the various options open to you when signing any commercial instrument :)