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Thursday, 13 December 2012

"Codex Alimentarius Has Arrived In The Channel Islands!"

Stricter rules to guard the sale of vitamins

Islanders in Jersey and Guernsey are being asked what they think about introducing stricter rules to guard the sale of vitamins and health supplements.

Both islands have drawn up a set of draft regulations concerning food supplements and nutrition and health claims.

Val Cameron, Head of Health Protection in Jersey said: "These statutory provisions will introduce controls on the labeling and composition of food supplements and introduce specific rules on vitamins and minerals in food supplements to ensure that these products are safe and appropriately labeled so that consumers can make informed choices. The legislation will introduce controls for nutritional labeling of all food and health claims made about all food, through labeling and advertising."

Last year, a petition with more than 2000 signatures was handed to Guernsey's Health Minister in a bid to stop new food supplement legislation.

Campaigners are worried the higher costs that come with added regulation will stop some of the products they rely on, from being made and they say people want to have the right to choose the remedies they take.

Written comments about the proposals are invited until 18th January 2013.

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