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Thursday, 6 December 2012

"Child Abuse Trial Of Ralph Mauger Continues"

Mauger trial delayed this morning
Day 4


Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

The trial of a former Jersey Centenier accused of a string of child sex abuse crimes has been delayed on its fourth day because of a legal matter.

77-year-old Ralph Cyril Mauger faces seven counts of indecent assault and one of inciting an act of gross indecency.

All involve girls between the ages of six and 14, and are alleged to have happened between 1998 and 2006.

This morning the court received information that one member of the jury might have a connection with one of the witnesses in the case.

A judge-led inquiry was launched into the allegation which took nearly three hours to resolve.

In the end the judge told the court it was a complete case of mistaken identity and the case resumes this afternoon (Thursday).

It continued with the cross-examination of Witness G who is the mother of Witness B - one of three complainants.

There is then one further prosecution witness due to give evidence before the defence begin to call their witnesses.

Mauger denies all the charges and the trial continues at the Royal Court.


  1. Christmas with Christmas for ye merry old cu^t methinks...

  2. Well, according to the video he has admitted one count at least.

    "No more than a doctor would do"

    I certainly don't know any doctors who interfere with childrens private parts!!!

    1. Thank you anonymous for the "Not For Publication" comment you have just sent, I will be keeping an ear and eye open for news on that one.

      Your comment has been deleted as you asked :)

  3. thanks will keep you posted

  4. The most damage is done by very few .lets scupper this ship captain

  5. Has anyone else noticed the biased reporting on this case. CTV in particular seem to always use quotes of alleged victimes answers to cross examination. Why not use a few quotes of what they said was done to them, or even the prosecution opening arguments?

  6. ctv need to go asap they are in on it as well il prove it just try and say something on channel online jersey news they wont post any thing

  7. Anyone know the percentage of cases dealing with child abuse as opposed to any others, hitting the Royal Court in recent months?