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Sunday, 2 December 2012

"Cannabis/Hemp Plant - The Devil's Spliff - Or God's Greatest Gift?"

"What We Can Do When We Grow Hemp"

This is a great mini-documentary of one young man's search for the truth about the cannabis/hemp plant and it's illegality. From industrial hemp and medicinal cannabis use to the origins of cannabis prohibition, this is a perfect video to show those friends/family members who may still be indoctrinated by the government marijuana propaganda.
Many thanks to Eric Dubay for posting this excellent article on his site
which is at the link below :)


  1. The only reason it's illegal, is governments can't work out how to tax it. But think of the savings. Plod could do more worthwhile things and the courts could end prison overcrowding.

  2. Tax it? Well, they should look to Holland for guidance but I fear it has more to do with Big Pharma being shoved out of the medical market. Just what would they do with a plant freely available that cures virtually everything including cancer?