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Friday, 28 December 2012

"Bailhache - The Enemy Of Democracy - Will Corruption Now Kick In?"

Plemont: ‘It’s not over yet’

THE fight to save Plémont may not be over yet, Senator Sir Philip Bailhache has said.
Senator Bailhache, who was a leading supporter of Chief Minister Ian Gorst’s bid to buy the land and proposed it in the States, has confirmed that he and several others are still trying to find a way to preserve the site. It is understood that talks have taken place about a possible route forward.

Although he would not be drawn on the specific elements of the discussions, Sir Philip said: ‘A large number of people remain very concerned about the loss of the Plémont headland and discussions are taking place between a number of interested parties to see if there’s an alternative means of saving it.’
Meanwhile, architect Paul Harding, who designed the scheme for 28 homes on the site of the former Pontins holiday camp, has said that he plans to start clearing the site and building the homes in the New Year


  1. When is this bloody Tyrant going to just sod off and leave the people of Jersey in peace?

  2. He's still grabbing that rope....

    But not quite enough yet!?

  3. What is wrong with this PRICK, he and his bunch of arselickers LOST a democratic vote on this issue, FUCKING GET OVER IT !!!!!!!!!!!!