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Thursday, 13 December 2012

"Are The Sheeple Wising Up To The Flu Vaccine?"

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And Stay Healthy :)

Concerns islanders aren't prepared for flu

Health bosses are concerned not enough islanders are protecting themselves against the flu.

Officials say the take up of the seasonal vaccine has been lower this winter than in previous years.

They are particularly concerned about pregnant women and those with underlying health conditions, because they are at greater risk of developing health complications if they catch the virus.

Doctors therefore say the virus shouldn't be underestimated.
GPs say many people come to her complaining they have got the flu, when actually they have got a cold.

'At risk' advised to immunise against flu

Islanders who might be at greater risk of complications if they catch seasonal flu are
being reminded to get the vaccine from their GP.

Flu vaccinations traditionally start in October and the aim is to protect those considered to be 'at-clinical-risk' before winter flu starts circulating.

The period when seasonal flu can circulate lasts until about March, and Jersey's Public Health Department are reminding Islanders of the importance of getting the flu vaccine if you are in an 'at risk' group.

Speaking about the reminder, Medical Officer of Health Dr Susan Turnbull said: "It’s too early to say yet whether we will see a lot of flu circulating this winter but we would urge people who are listed in a 'clinical-at-risk' group not to put their health at risk but to contact their GP and get the flu vaccine if they have not done so already.
"Pregnant women and people with underlying health conditions are more at risk than others of suffering complications, if they catch flu.
"These include people with diabetes, chronic lung, heart, kidney, neurological or liver disease; people with asthma that requires them to have continuous or repeated use of inhalers or steroids and people whose immune systems are suppressed.
"GPs have contacted people in these groups to remind them to come in for the vaccine, and we would urge anyone who received a letter to get the flu vaccine.
"We would recommend people who are in one of the clinical 'at risk' groups to get the vaccine now, while stocks are available.”

Pregnant women should also get the vaccine from their GP or from the Hospital’s ante-natal clinic during their routine appointment.

Healthcare workers in the Health and Social Services Department continue to be offered the vaccine and those working in care homes are also encouraged to get vaccinated.

Dr Turnbull added: "We all know that life is very busy, but if you are in one of the groups at most risk of complications should you get flu, now is the time to make an appointment and get vaccinated.
"Data from the UK and other parts of the world
shows quite clearly that people who have underlying health conditions are twice or three times as likely to develop serious complications as a result of catching flu.
"Pregnant women are four to 10 times more likely to be seriously affected.
"Millions of doses of seasonal flu vaccine have been given over the years and all the data we have
indicates it is safe and is our best protection against flu.”

The Flu Vaccine

I have done some research into vaccines and I am advising only one thing....That you yourselves do the same research into vaccines, make your own minds up based on what you find out. I will leave you with a thought, the best protection against flu is a very healthy diet and plenty of Vitamin D3.

Please search YouTube for the information required to make an informed decision on the flu vaccine.



  1. dont take this s..t it will lead to other things and it will line the pockets of the drug cartels .
    just like ante depressants ,blood pressure tabs and all the crap that keeps the ripe of docs in luxury .ie rang rovers houses boats and more than likely prostitutes lol

  2. For many years I used to have a "bog standard flu injection", now that is unavaliable, the reason being is that it is now "mixed" with the "swine flu" vaccination, 9 milion was spent on this shit, swine flu never arrived, neither did "bird flu" (thankfully} they could not get rid of the warehouse full of swine flu vaccination, they could not give it away!, it contains among other things, Mercury.
    The Medical Health boss responsible for advising the States to spend 9mill. purchasing this shit was Dr. Rosemary Geller, she left some months later as she had a bad back LOL, we all have a fucking bad back!
    The drug companys made billions.
    I think the whole thing stinks to high heaven, no explanation for this unsavoury incident was ever and never explained, was Dr. Rosemary Geller pushed or did she jump!
    There is a helluva lot more to this than meets the eye, somebody knows the truth.