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Monday, 17 December 2012

"Another Man Criminalized For Smoking A Leaf!!!"

"Cannabis User Found Growing Plants In Flat"

So What???


  1. No doubt that the supposed 540 grams the plants could have produced is a figure plucked out of thin air as usual by the Police, to make a few plants for personal use seem a lot more serious!

    And Magic Mushrooms - Class A??? That's absolutely ridiculous according to the experts!

  2. Perhaps the deluded jersey authorities should drag God into court for lacing mushrooms with giggly materials :)

    Cannabis is only illegal because it cannot be patented, this in turn stopping Big Pharma scum from cleaning up. And of course, they don't want the sick getting better from cancer when they can keep them on expensive drugs for an entire lifetime!!!

  3. Not surprised to see older Cannabis smokers growing their own. As someone in my late 30's who still likes a smoke from time to time, it's always a nightmare to get hold of unless you're happy to buy from 17/18 year old kids...which i'm certainly not!! So much for the law working eh?

  4. them selfs will all be criminalized soon

  5. Glad he wasn't sent to prison but would love to know why I get 15 months for practically the thing and am given the title "Cannabis Factory" especially as this was my first offense of any kind?!

  6. I remember your case Anon 6:04PM. They simply needed to make an example of someone and you were the unfortunate victim.

    The fact that you put so much effort into the grow and really knew your stuff was held against you too. You'd have been much better off saying you simply planted a few seeds and hoped for the best..

    Was very saddening that the medicinal aspect of your case was hardly mentioned in the media, and a disgrace you got Prison for a 1st offense of any kind!

    Hope your time in La Moye wasn't too bad!!

  7. @ Anon 9:01PM

    Tell me about it, talk about being made to feel like a scape goat! CPS said if I wasn't jailed that it would open the flood gates!

    I was 100% honest during the interview about my reasons for growing, the genetics chosen, it was all set up as an experiment. The grow-room was immaculate - something that was commented on during interview along with the condition of my plants and my OCD three things of which I am extremely proud of!

    The worst bit about it was that I was grassed up by an vindictive bitch of a neighbour, the police knew nothing about me until her little phone call to crimestoppers. I guess getting thanked for her efforts in fighting crime in the JEP and the nice little payout she received for ratting on a rat was all worth it!

    The hotel was awful! The quality of food is a joke along with the quantity all due to the continual cutbacks that took place in my short stint there.

    I was continually being penalised for my beliefs, the worst being the knock back from my Release On Temporary Licence (ROTL). I did everything that was required of me, passed all my drug tests, not one positive, kept my head down and got on with my sentence. The only thing I didn't do, which they told me they didn't want me to do due to "my strong beliefs" and the fact that "it would educate others" (their words not mine) was the Drug and Alcohol course (DAPS). This is where as a group of offenders you all sit around a table and discuss where your life went wrong to the point where you ended up in prison, and how alcohol and drugs are the devils work - it's all about ticking boxes and indoctrination. So for me it was to say sorry for my victimless crime and that Cannabis is bad - which we all know if so far removed from the truth it's ridiculous!

    Just out of interest did you manage to catch my letter to the editor in the JEP in response to Ian Le Marquand's comment's about Cannabis - if you did, it was bastardised before printing so it didn't appear too contentious!

  8. We can only hope that progressive change elsewhere in the world will eventually tip the scale in Jersey too!

    Public opinion regarding the "War On Drugs" certainly has been changing quickly over the last few years!

    If you haven't seen this already:

    Well worth a watch and supported by some very big names from around the world!!