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Monday, 17 December 2012

"5 Years For Kicking Someone - Community Service For Stabbing Two People - How Does That Work?"

Victim ‘left with imprint of foot’

Robert Passman

A VIOLENT drunk has been jailed after beating and kicking a man so savagely he was left with a broken jaw and a shoe imprint in his face.
Robert Passman beat the man to the ground and repeatedly kicked his head and body ‘like a football’ before leaving him semi-conscious in a pool of his own blood.
And in a separate attack just a few months earlier, Passman assaulted a group of men at Les Platons car park on the north coast after downing a crate of lager and a crate of alcopops.
The 23-year-old was jailed on Friday for four years and nine months by the Royal Court for both the attacks and an unrelated charge of criminal damage. And his younger brother Paul (20), who stabbed two men during the car park brawl, was sentenced to 312 hours of community service and two years’ probation.


  1. 312 hours community service for two stabbings, WTF, what does this piece of F*****g scum have to do to be locked up.
    Compare that with the reason Cyril The Squirrel is inside, the Justice system in Jersey must be the worst in the UK, run by a bunch of f*****g amateurs.

  2. the prison is full