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Monday, 31 December 2012

"12 Months Of Corruption, Lunatics, & Cover Up In Jersey" Part 11 of 12


The Month Of The Mafia

1. Mike Bowron refuses to investigate another COMPLAINT?.

2. Cyril the Squirrel goes all FUGITIVE.

3. A nautical encounter with Privateer BRIDGET SHAW.

4. Chief Minister Ian Gorst won't be hunting down CHILD ABUSERS!.

5. Deputy Patrick Ryan explains that LIES ARE JUST MISTAKES.

6. Guns & Drugs by HSBC.

7. The Channel Islands, a Paedophiles PARADISE.

8. Browse your favorite Jersey Paedophile on C.H.R.I.S..

9. Tyrant still working towards his own FIEFDOM.

10. Jersey paedophile held in Yorkshire after raping a 5 Year Old.

11. A few of our police CHUMPS.

12. Our idiot Jersey Evening Post fluff it AGAIN!!!.

13. Bent lawyer is not crooked our CHIEF JUDGE EXPLAINS?.

14. Have the Jersey police NO SHAME?.

15. Jersey Attorney General Dim Tim Le Cocq dismissed evidenced complaints of PERJURY.

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