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Monday, 31 December 2012

"12 Months Of Corruption, Lunatics, & Cover Up In Jersey" Part 9 of 12


This Month Has It All

1. What are the New World Order SPRAYING ON US?.

2. Deputy Mike Higgins on CHILD ABUSE.

3. One of our Chief Ministers is threatened with CENSURE MOTION.

4. Balihache wants Channel Island COURT OF APPEAL.

5. Would you give these people a TASER?.

6. Plum DUMB.

7. Killer only fined £750 in CORRUPT JERSEY!!!.

8. Leah McGrath Goodman & Max Keiser EXPOSE JERSEY.

9. Investigation into the SORDA SAGA.

10. Child Abuser trying to help CHILDREN?.

11. Jersey is a CORPORATION.

12. Police cover up ILLEGAL POLICE RAID.

13. John Hemming on CORRUPT JERSEY.

14. Convicted Murderer Alan Norton, this case STINKS.

15. Fourteen year old goes on the SEX OFFENDERS REGISTER.

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